[Charania] Sources: Clippers’ Lou Williams signed a three-year, $24 million extension, with $1.5M partial guarantee in year three. With this season included: four years, $31M.

[Charania] Sources: Clippers’ Lou Williams signed a three-year, $24 million extension, with $1.5M...


This year will be the anti 2016

So little money that there will be steal contracts everywhere

You're going to be really surprised at the money (or lack thereof) given out this summer. There seriously is none to go around. Like 5 teams have eight figures in cap room.

That being said, this is less than the non-tax MLE, which more teams will have.


fucking steal

....but why? does he love LA that much? I feel like he would've gotten a much better deal out in the market.


We might be able to re sign Fred !

what a deal holy shit

Oh shit son, that's barely above the MLE for a dude averaging 20+ a game. All hail lord West!

Jerry West is simply amazing.

Like 5 teams have eight figures in cap room.

And ironically one of those teams' front office was vilified for not spending when everyone was.

Sometimes it pays to be cheap.

Parsons hit the lotto 10 times with that max contract

Probably not because Phoenix and New York are gonna be fiending for a point guard and they have cap space


That's a fantastic deal for the Clippers.


He's going from 7M AAV to 8M AAV. Lou Will needs a better agent lmao

Probably just happy to finally have a home for a while.

This is his 6th team in the last 6 years. He's 31 now and has kids. Probably just really tired of moving, and the stability is worth more than a few million extra in some random city.

Wow it looks like the market will be completely different this summer, guys like Tyler Johnson are so lucky.

That's what assets sound like

Probably Chicago? But I don't think the national media or other fans cared if the Bulls went after free agents? Must be a local thing.

Seriously, even in this crappy market he probably would've gotten $10 mil plus per year.

Makes you wonder if the market is even worse than we thought. Not good news for the Hoods, Tyrekes, and Smarts of the world.

Marcus Smart seems like someone Phoenix will go after. Could be a great defensive heart of the team and would really help Booker.

He's making the same amount he was already making, just for 3 more years. That's a solid deal, even if he falls off a cliff next season.

It's actually less

I feel like all this does is set him up to be traded for assets later, given how cheap the contract is

There are going to be legit rotation contributors who sign for close to the minimum.

Someone like Trevor Booker for example.

That's insanely good value, wtf. Jerry does it again.

He ain't about to leave his 2 girlfriends in LA. Lou was made for that LA lifestyle

legit rotation contributors

Trevor Booker

Are we talking about our trevor booker?

Ball wasnt in his court market wise. Him and othe FA's this summer are gonna get screwed. Only 7 teams in the NBA with more than 10M in cap space (Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, Lakers, 76ers, Suns). I couldnt imagine him really fitting a rebuilding team either. I dont even imagine some of those teams offering him a contract

Maybe it was just our fans but I noticed they were getting a lot of shit for not putting players around Jimmy when teams were spending big two summers ago. I fault them for not putting players around Jimmy but I'm happy they didn't spend stupidly.

TFW Bayless signed a 27/3

I really like Smart but Booker needs defense AND shooters next to him. Warren and Jackson are both working on their outside shooting but still have a way to go. Another poor 3P shooter would kill this team. We've basically got Booker, Daniels and Bender - that's it.

I still can’t believe he got nearly 100 mil....

Dude's been a bit of a journeyman, could just want to enjoy the weather, get paid, and be the man on a tanking team putting up 20-30 shots a night. I'm happy for the guy.

Watch Jerry making a contender in 2 years. FFS why didn't we hire him


he took them to Toronto

Why does Booker need shooters next to him? He's not a passing guard like Rondo, he's not a penetrating guard like Kyrie. He does everything, but he's primarily a shooter...so obviously having shooters would benefit him, but he can probably afford to have one guy like Smart in the rotation

Which team?

having a few nonshooters is fine, but it's not ok in any offense to have only 3-4 ppl on the entire roster who can consistently hit 3s.