[Charania] Sources: Brooklyn will receive the Knicks‘ 2019 second-round pick in deal, and release guard Sean Kilpatrick to create roster space for Okafor and Nik Stauskas.

[Charania] Sources: Brooklyn will receive the Knicks‘ 2019 second-round pick in deal, and release guard Sean Kilpatrick to create roster space for Okafor and Nik Stauskas.
[Charania] Sources: Brooklyn will receive the Knicks‘ 2019 second-round pick in deal, and release...

Poor Kilpatrick, he balled out for the nets last year

Balled out so hard that there was nothing left for this year.

A nets fan was arguing with me 2 months ago Kilpatrick has all star potential

D'Lo and Jah

Ghosts of the 2015 draft coming to haunt the league

Lmao what. He was arguably the worst player on the team.

Kilpatrick seems like a great guy but it's been tough watching him this year.

He did but man he is just soooo bad his defense is trash and he just doesn't know how to play team basketball he is the 1 player that comes in and just ruins the ball movement I wish him luck somewhere else but I'm glad he isn't on the team anymore

I actually like Kilpatrick, hope he latches on somewhere that could use a scorer. Charlotte maybe? Or Minnesota for wing depth?

His Defense is trash? Wouldn't be surprised if my kings pick him up that seems to be a theme this year.


Wtf when did we trade our 2019 second lmao

careful what you wish for lol

And he turns 27 in a month. So much "potential."

Impressive, really

As soon as Sir'Dominic Pointer makes it to Brooklyn it's over for these hos

JAH IS FREE. Can't wait to watch DLo and Okafor together.

He dropped a lot of weight this off-season. You don't accomplish that without some discipline ... or work ethic.

you actually bring no positive value to this sub and I find that actually alarming

threw a lob to his boy zach lowe

He will be picked up quick

That's weird, a guy on twitter was arguing with me a few days ago about how Okafor is one of the Sixers' best scorers

one of life's greatest mysteries, i guess

Is Woj washed up?

All you have to do is stay in /sub/new when you're bored and shitpost

3 years ago hahaha

tbf 2 years ago that’s not a hot take

He was low key putting up nice garbage time stats in fantasy a few seasons ago

after losing all their picks the brooklyn nets will somehow get a ahold of the #2 and #3 picks of the 2015 draft.

I hope the Bucks grab Kilpatrick

looks at stats

Maybe not

My former friend dropped a ton of weight without discipline/work ethic. He had a bunch of drugs though.


I'd argue the nets have the most realistic fanbase in the league, and I'm very impressed by the fans sticking through this

I could see that. If you give him enough minutes to get into a rhythm then he could really help you guys

lol this guy has a twin sister called Miz'Unique

We once gave him a 10-day contract because we didn't have enough players for a roster, and he was the closest available player to the stadium (this was like right before a game @ MSG, lol)

IDK is it that stupid? Lin has been out for the season, D'Lo has been out for 10 games. That's arguably your two top players and you're only technically like 3 or 4 games out of the playoff discussion.

Its weird he seems to have pretty good work ethic, but is lazy ON the court. Kind of hard to read, he also hasnt improved in many skills over the last few years.

It'd easy to get karma. Just comment something slightly controversial regarding how good or bad a player is in the right thread and boom. No matter how dumb or untrue it is what you said of you say it in the right thread you'll get up votes easy

he's been spreading the love

Woj/Zach often tag each other when breaking stories as of late

you're lying mr strawman

Kilpatrick about to sign with the Spurs and turn into the next Danny green

Booker was a beast for Brooklyn off the bench. Had an expiring deal, 76ers really shot themselves in the foot with decreasing value

I was just thinking that dude must play fantasy basketball lol. IIRC it was toward the end of the fantasy season too so it was a big deal.

The darkest timeline for LA.

We could've gotten better for him tbh. He was a good expiring contract and hes still a really good player.

I rather have him than j holiday


Atkinson's gonna reclaim the shit out of him

I try to be optimistic in all things Nets

What... Booker for Okafor, Stauskas, and an early 2nd? That's an impressive deal

Who was it, I'm bout to block that fool

It really isn't, people say all kinds of dumb shit for karma

The decreasing value part started when they let him play.