Changing "I'm" to "in" for example. Makes typing anything a chore.

Changing "I'm" to "in" for example. Makes typing anything a chore.

Duck that shot.

Also annoying is when a word is changed to a word that you've never used not fits in any way with the context of the sentence. I slightly misspelled "about" once and autocorrect changed it to "abiogenesis". When will I ever use that word outside the context of this anecdote?

My phone has been auto-capitilizing Words that aren't pronouns and That I have never capatilized Before. It's driving me fucking Nuts, no idea why it's doing it all of a sudden.

You had a golden opportunity to misspell something in the meme or title. You have falied.

My favorites as of late:

"and" changes to "abdominal" "and" changes to "abs" "and" changes to "adx" (seriously wtf?) changes conjugations (ex. "changes" --> "change") "I'm" --> "ibx" (THIS IS NOT A FUCKING WORD, WTF!)

This drove me crazy just last night. I was trying to make a simple shopping list on my phone and auto correct kept changing "vidalia" to "Visalia's". Vidalia is a type of onion! It's a real word! Even now Chrome wants to change it to "Vidal"! What the hell does technology have against onions?

For some reason I feel like swiftkey isn't as good as it used to be. When I first got it a few years ago you could just smash all the keys as fast as you could and it was dead accurate. Now it just seems like it's trying to hard and makes tons of stupid little mistakes.

Android 7 has xhanged autocorrect amd now it barely works.

I kinda like auto-correct - it gives me an excuse for when I screw up.

It is kinda like having a dog you can blame it on when you fart.

People in this thread need swiftkey.

Best part is, it's free.

What drives me insane is that hitting the number/symbol key is an autocorrect "event." So say I'm typing a post in /sub/brandonsanderson, and I want to say, "Mistborn's character development is better than what you get in Elantris." I will know that I of course need to tap the word before hitting space on the two fantasy proper nouns. But when I hit the button that switches the keyboard to symbols and gives me access to the apostrophe, it goes ahead and changes "Mistborn" to "Most born," so I have to remember to tap "Mistborn" before I add the apostrophe-s to the end of it. The same applies to hyphenated words and words with numbers in them.

I really, really wish I could turn that feature off and make it only correct when I hit space or a terminal punctuation mark like a period or semicolon.

Wtf, mate! SwiftKey does this too!

Delete some of those words from your 'learned word list' by pressing and holding them when they come up as an option. Even if their real words, if not used often isn't an issue.

Depends. Are you debating any creationists this weekend?

I freakin hate when I go to type "put" and it changes it to "out".

For some reason apostrophe S things get corrected. Most times to a space and apostrophe, but the S is gone.

Autocorrect must hav got him