Champs Elysées in Paris closed, reports of 2 police officers shot.

Champs Elysées in Paris closed, reports of 2 police officers shot.
Champs Elysées in Paris closed, reports of 2 police officers shot.

The attacker was being followed by French anti-terror police. Said he wanted to kill cops on Telegram


Reports have shifted back to 1 officer dead, 2 wounded (per BBC). One seriously and one less so. A tourist is also lightly wounded.

ISIS claims attack quickly and has the name so its probably legit.

Twitter reports suggest 2 officers shot and one other man. Major police operation seems to be occurring.

1 officer dead, 1 officer injured per Reuters.

French police recommend that people STAY AWAY

CNN reporter who was on scene believed she heard fireworks, but those clearly seem to have been gunshots.

Worth noting that it is possible that the police may have been the only ones to fire weapons, as has been the case in recent past events targeting police/military in Paris.

Officers are still pushing people back but the situation looks fairly calm. Earlier there were reports that another man was shot, I'd infer that the shooter/attacker was that man. No confirmation of this other then speculation.


Reports suggest:

1 officer dead

1 seriously injured

1 attacker killed

Police are reportedly talking about the event as if it was a terrorist attack, can't be confirmed that it was yet.


Police, through Reuters and Sky News, suggest there may be two attackers involved. Stay alert if you are in the area, and don't post police movements


1 dead officer, 1 injured officer, 1 dead attacker.

Twitter reports suggest the attacker emerged from a car, and that their may only be the one attacker. Situation obviously still confused regarding # of attackers.


Reuters reporting that three police sources suggest this may have been an armed robbery attempt. Motive unclear at this time.


"Our condolences from our country to the people of France... It's happening again... It looks like another terrorist attack. What can you say? It just never ends. You have to be strong and vigilant."

The demining of a vehicle comment in the live thread probably means they are clearing a vehicle. This supports the tweets that suggested an attacker drove up to the officers and began firing.

Stealing from the live thread:

LiFigaro - Pierre Henry Brandet, Ministry of Interior spokesman (TRANSLATED):

"A man came out of a vehicle and shot the police officers right away with an automatic weapon. He killed a police officer, then tried to flee while shooting other officers. He wounded 2 of them before getting shot and killed by police officers on site."


The live thread is doing a better job then me, I'll update this as well but please follow them:

Police already searching the home of the suspect. I've seen names thrown around but I'm not going to give a name right now.

2nd officer has passed away.

Confirmed Story via CNN

A car pulled up on the officers and fired on officers. Both officers and the attacker seem to have passed away.

Police seem to know of the perp, said he wanted to kill police on messaging app Telegram.

I think I'm done here, thanks guys.

on Telegram

The IM app? The one that's supposed to be end-to-end encrypted? Right now isn't the time for that topic, but I'm interested to see how exactly they got the information.

I really fucking hate getting used to this.

They have a large group of discontent young Muslims. That's the reality of the situation. France has taken action on ISIS with the U.S. and that makes it a target as well.

Military are all huge dudes with machine guns and I have to admit seeing them in the subways and train stations or patrolling the streets is comforting.

Comforting? I am an Indian, was in Mumbai during 26-11 and trust me seeing heavily armed security forces in your town in places which are part of ur daily life is not comforting. It is sad and depressing. I do not want such heavy security in my normal life. This is not the society we deserve, anybody deserves. This shows we are vulnerable.

Edit: thanks to whoever gilded my comment. Armed Security forces on streets are need of the hour, but it should not be seen as normal.

"Hey man, you ready for tomorrow's test?"

"I'm totally gunna bomb it"

Its E2E if you use the secret conversations, but not by default. Same as Facebook Messenger.

Edit: Lots of people disagreeing with me, check with the EFF,

Yep. "secret mode" or something similar.

But both are largely moot if you're a target of active surveillance, as the intelligence services will just hack your phone, and screencap it.

Apparently the second policeman is alive, despite being reported dead earlier.

They're having elections in just a few days, and they've already stopped a big terror attack.

That's most likely the reason why they did it. What better time to try and destabilise a country shortly before an election?

Commenting here for visibility as this is the top comment.

Please, do not post police movements online,(Twitter, facebook, etc) if perpetrator/s are still active thia can help them as it will reveal police's location and plans.

edit: nevermind, attacker is dead now, it's over.

I'll just keep my big mouth shut, thanks u/ShineMcshine.

edit2: so apparently this comment has got me banned from /sub/latestagecapitalism , in fact, the mod who most likely banned me u/(edit:removed mod name) , made a disgusting post celebrating the death of the French police officer/s here (edit: post is now deleted), what a shame.

I'm adding this just in case other people got PM'd bans and were wondering why it happened.

Okay, so for all the people inevitably claiming that it's like terrorists want Le Pen to win, I have a hard time believing that. I get it, people fear that her aggressive stance against terrorism might turn into a recruiting scapegoat. But it's still true that policies like hers becoming commonplace would certainly narrow the possibilities for terrorist operations in the future. Also, most importantly, I don't think terrorists care in the end about who is in charge in the West... they fight Western countries, they fight Western culture, they commit Jihad, and some of them are simply mentally ill. They don't see themselves fighting against individual leaders.

For them Le Pen, Macron, Mélenchon and Fillon all represent the same.

It will get worse from here mate.

From Gizmodo:

One major problem Telegram has is that it doesn’t encrypt chats by default, something the FBI has advocated for. “There are many Telegram users who think they are communicating in an encrypted way, when they’re not because they don’t realize that they have to turn on an additional setting,” Christopher Soghoian, Principal Technologist and Senior Policy Analyst at the American Civil Liberties Union, told Gizmodo.

Largely the attackers have been French born, IIRC. Many have Moroccan/Algerian origins, not really Syrian or Iraqi, as many previous Muslim immigrants to France came from French Africa.

I love how some people are immediately jumping on the "don't fall for the Putin/ISIS/Trump/Hydra propaganda going on here!" train.

Real actual people are getting shot up, run over and more in France, but no, we must be sure that the people blame "the designated bad guys."

The police in Paris do not fuck around. They and the army there are armed to the teeth. It's extremely intimidating. Whoever perpetrated this will not last long, if they are not already eliminated.

The police in Paris do not fuck around. They and there are armed to the teeth. It's extremely intimidating. Whoever perpetrated this will not last long, if they are not already eliminated.

Lol "armed robbery"

As they shoot using Kalashnikovs and were openly firing in the street, not a store.

The ones that try to fight it are often called "bigoted" "racist" "Islamophobic" and other shit like that.

"He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. He was then taken to a better hospital where his condition was upgraded to 'alive.'"

Yeah this kind of event is the worst thing that can happen politically speaking before the election.

Le Pen is going to get a hell of a boost based off the last few days

SkyTG News (Italy), say that the shooter was known to the french secret services as a "radicalized person"

"What building is it in again man?"

"Wheeler Chem Building"

Is there a reason that France seems to be targeted more frequently now? It seems like they have had several sorts of incidents like this recently.

"cool bro, and r we still on for drinks tonight?"

"i'm actually joining a jihadist movement"

Can you encrypt Messenger?

I was on holiday in Brussels just last week and honestly the military presence wasn't unsettling, despite how unusual it was to me. The soldiers were friendly and happy to help. We had a great moment where a group of 3 soldiers stopped by us to listen to the trio of street performers doing classical pieces. I think the attitude and demeanour of the armed forces is essential in projecting a feeling of safety.

It's the same situation here in Brussels. Military are all huge dudes with machine guns and I have to admit seeing them in the subways and train stations or patrolling the streets is comforting.

Although a couple of them make you feel safe, when there's thirty of them all in one area my immediate reaction is uh oh. There's a reason why thirty officers are here right now

because you're coming dangerously close to the "thoughtcrime" line.

We as a society do not criminalize any belief as long as it remains a belief.

They have to do something actionable before they can be charged.

When people are dying and I hear commenters saying 'oh no, now LePen might win', you make me sick.

"What do you want to get for lunch after the test?"

"I've already killed 4 and I swear I'll kill the next cop I see outside Wheeler unless I get some Peanut Chicken from Panda after class"

Do you renember the 11M? It was the worst islamic terror attack in europe

So, that attack was 3 days before of elections and it changed the entire result, kicking out the current president in charge.

So yeah, this isn't something new.

The thing is, being "radicalized" could mean a lot of things. Having shitty opinions isn't a crime, so they can't justifiably deport you until you commit a crime or the authorities have actual evidence that you're about to

Most of them are former delinquents who have a beef with the police, there are some facepalm-worthy articles here and there in the French press that claim French ISIS fighters have a terrible reputation in Syria because they act there like they act in their suburb (they're not zealots, they're more like thugs who act like they own the place) so I wouldn't be surprised that they'd target representatives of the State.

Some of them do target civilians and I'm not talking about the most well-known attacks like the Bataclan or the Nice truck attack, they attacked a Jewish supermarket, they even attacked a Jewish elementary school a few years ago and one of the men who fled the Bataclan was planning to blow himself up in a kindergarten, there's no limit to how sick they are.

It is a part of al quedas strategy and has always been a part of it.

Come on man how do you hate these people so much but not know this. The invasion of Iraq was probably the most successful outcome to stem from 9/11 I don't even think they thought they would get that lucky.

"The Awakening." This phase was supposed to last from 2001 to 2003. The goal of the phase is to provoke the United States to attack a Muslim country by executing an attack on US soil that kills many civilians. 2."Opening Eyes." This phase was supposed to last from 2003 to 2006. The goal of this phase was to recruit young men to the cause and to transform the al-Qaeda group into a movement. Iraq was supposed to become the center of all operations with financial and military support for bases in other states. "Arising and Standing up", was supposed to last from 2007 to 2010. In this phase, al-Qaeda wanted to execute additional attacks and focus their attention on Syria. Hussein believed that other countries in the Arabian Peninsula were also in danger. Al-Qaeda expected a steady growth among their ranks and territories due to the declining power of the regimes in the Arabian Peninsula. The main focus of attack in this phase was supposed to be on oil suppliers and Cyberterrorism, targeting the US economy and military infrastructure. 5.The declaration of an Islamic Caliphate, which was projected between 2013 and 2016. In this phase, al-Qaeda expected the resistance from Israel to be heavily reduced. The declaration of an "Islamic Army" and a "fight between believers and non-believers", also called "total confrontation". "Definitive Victory", projected to be completed by 2020. The world will be "beaten down" by the Islamic Army.

They would and do benefit from anti-Islamic western leaders. Turn Muslims into second class citizens, get western leaders to say they're at war with Islam, and you got yourself a huge new recruiting pool.

I'd bet they hack keyboards too, it won't give you the other side of the conversation but I'm sure there are cases where you don't need it

dont get used to it, fight it.

CNN reported that he attacker was previously known to authorities.

Robbery gone wrong my ass.

France has a large population of Muslims, a lot leftover from their colonial days. These citizens are often not integrated very well and all live bunched together in their own neighbourhoods of Paris.

Because for every madman that actually do the stuff, there are ten edgelords who say the same stuff on telegram but will never act and it is hard to make the difference.

Therefore, their surveillance is spead thin and mistakes are made, not because of incompetence but the new terrorists can be impulsive so there is little time to react when a profile move from the category "little shit among the other little shits" to terrorist.

In the French twittosphere people are talking about a man holding a kalashnikov who has been killed but injured 2 officers.

edit: an officer was shot dead

Le Pen getting a boost is the "worst thing"??

I would have thought the policeman getting killed would have been worse.

For a small fee, he can access the premium content "alive and well."

Sky news reports one of the police officers are dead.

Right now isn't the time for that topic

Right now is especially the time for this topic. Otherwise people will keep stripping our right to privacy out of fear.

Wait until Summer.

edit: "What's going to happen then?"

Tourist season. Americans flock to these European places. Americans are often targets. Touristy spots are often targets.


Say what you want about Trump, Le Pen, etc..., but it's time to get our heads out of the sand and deal with this.

Them "being in our prayers" won't stop them.

Enough of this. Let's grow up and ACT.

Unfortunately, I don't think the French people will care much about what they think if things keep going the way they are. If politicians aren't willing to address the problems with Islamic immigration, people like Le Pen and Hofer will be elected as an eventuality.

holding a kalashnikov

I'm on mobile, someone get me the "media perceptions of guns" that's just picture of a bunch of different guns all labeled "Kalashnikov"

Found it:

Edit: For the record, I support gun control, but I support good journalism even more, so I that was more the spirit of this post.

holding a kalashnikov

I'm on mobile, someone get me the "media perceptions of guns" that's just picture of a bunch of different guns all labeled "Kalashnikov"

Found it:

Edit: For the record, I support gun control, but I support good journalism even more, so I that was more the spirit of this post.

Yeah it's crazy. Like going to the Eiffel Tower and there are policemen armed with FAMAS rifles just walking around. One of my favourite scenes from there is Nigerian immigrants trying to illegally sell souvenirs and you can tell the cops walk toward them for fun and they star to scatter.

This is most likely only part of the problem, but one thing I've learned about French culture from my A-level French classes is that France's suburbs (called banlieues, a word which carries very negative connotations, similar to "inner city" in the US) are minority-populated hotbeds of poverty, ennui, and particularly racial tension.

After the Second World War, large soviet-esque apartment blocks were constructed throughout the country (particularly around Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and other large cities) mainly to accommodate those made refugees by the war, but also because of the rapidly increasing population. However, as reconstruction efforts went on and cities were made liveable again, the upper and middle classes left the banlieues to move back where conditions were more liveable. Only the lower class remained in the banlieues, which obviously made them very undesirable places to live. Then through the 1950s -70s, decolonisation began, which meant that many migrants from North and West Africa - France's former colonies - started flooding in. The only place they could go was to the banlieues, so more and more social tension developed.

In modern France, the banlieues have a very sizeable Muslim population and are still incredibly poor and unstable. Police tensions are crazy. Racially and ethnically motivated violence is extremely common. So when a susceptible young impoverished Muslim "banlieusard" sees some IS propaganda about how the West hates them and is working to keep their situation so terrible, he has a much higher chance of agreeing and becoming radicalised than someone in another country might.

Of course, I'm sure there are many other factors as well, but the impoverished banlieues are certainly a major factor in French youths becoming radicalised.

But France doesn't have a radical islam problem. And neither does Sweden. And neither does Germany.

Immediately after the bombing, leaders of the PP claimed evidence indicating the Basque separatist organization ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) was responsible for the bombings.[13][14] Islamist responsibility would have had the opposite political effect, as it would have been seen as a consequence of the PP government taking Spain into the Iraq War, a policy extremely unpopular with Spanish people.[15]

The predominant view among political analysts is that the Aznar administration lost the general elections as a result of the handling and representation of the terrorist attacks, rather than because of the bombings per se.[17][18][19][20]

The bombings didn't help. But lying about the perpetrators' identities to your own people for political gain is awful and it's completely reasonable that they got voted out.

When you have an agenda, politics is more important.

They're gendarmes, military police with civil authority-not just regular cops.

Could you please not try to make this about America?

Have a look at this list of terror attacks in France. There's no pattern to suggest it's focused on Summer or Americans.

The biggest attack in Paris in recent times was in November 2015. One of the main targets was a football match between France and Germany.

November is not Summer, and the match had nothing to do with America or Americans.

That's the goal yes. But not too long ago, those solders carried weapons without the magazine. Where was it? In a sealed package in their vest. But that's changed now, even the parking cops carry flashballs

Clearly the passive do-nothing approach isn't working out for France!!

We are virtually bombing every source imaginable of terrorist. We have lead attacks on more different soil the past 10 years than the US. yeah that worked out well for us. Mali, Lybia, Afganistan, Irak (ISIS) Syria ("ISIS"). We also are in jordania for whatever reason.

Sounds like the police were targeted, not an attack on the general public but still probably terror related. Horrible for all.

Edit: witness reports gunman got out of car and opened fire upon police officers. If this was against general public they would have targeted more crowded softer targets.

If it turns out to be Muslims, I win 10 points.

EDIT: Oh look, I was right. Who would have thought?

This just might make Le Pen win

You know, lots of typical robbers carry AKs in Paris, they're just so easy to get with Paris's complete and utter lack of gun control!

I'm not sure which narrative they'll sooner through under the bus!? "It's not terrorism!" or "Gun control works!"

Bonus exp weekend

*fully semi-automatic

That white Christian male ffs.

No idea why the police are shouting Allah Akbar at him. /s

As of two years ago you needed a military escort for most trips through the Algerian desert. And the nineties have left a very, very deep cut.

There are many hypotheses as for why most French terrorists are of North Africans descent - in general arguing that most French Muslims are from former colonies, second or third generation immigrants with little actual ties to their roots and lots of reasons to feel vilified and alienated. In a number of cases, the people going through with terror attacks had gone radical in prison and / or were seduced by the dream of a golden age "historical califate". This includes a number of kids who left Europe to fight in Syria at a time when the media reported regime retaliation against the country's attempt at a local Arab Spring, and no military intervention in the face of the slaughter. Some were swiftly enrolled with IS, which had the means to get them there and train them.

Be safe in your travels.

I just want to give a shoutout to the police and military who endlessly patrol the street in case of terror attacks, and step up to protect us when an attacker does appear. No one seems to remember that they are people too, just like any other victim downed by these attacks

France and Belgium both have a large amount of French-speaking North Africans (or second/third generation North Africans). There is a history of basically herding these people into certain areas and Paris and Brussels both have areas with high concentrations of these Muslim communities. This allows for tensions and potentially radicalization.

This is two days after they foiled another terror attack. There's a fair chance that was intended to be part of the attack we're seeing now.

I would say this will have an effect on the election but frankly France seen so many terrorist attacks recently that this is becoming routine. I doubt it will sway anyone who isn't already swayed.

Yes, one of the goals of ISIS is to instigate a religious war. They WANT Muslims in other countries to feel maligned. That's how they radicalize more people. So it greatly benefits them to get someone like LaPen elected.

Yet nothing was done, but the police have time to raid Le Pen's office.

To be fair, Le Pen is engaging in dangerous activities such as claiming radical Islam is a threat to France.

As always, please do not post police movements to Reddit or social media. People love to say X police/troops are here at X place. That is counter productive.

Forget telegram, he was interrogated by the police because someone tipped them that he was trying to buy weapons to kill the police.

He was then released because he didn't fit the profile of the terrorist.

That's fucked up.

I was at Sacre Coeur last weekend and the police started chasing all souvenir sellers that were escaping, but these three gendarmes with their FAMAS just let them escape between them without any concern or reaction at all. That was the moment I realized that they were clearly there for something else.

And somehow in 2017 pointing out that there may be a problem with Islam makes you a "racist"

You're not you when you're hungry.

It sucks but with so many terror attacks recently it's understandable.

This will be an interesting year. Now that ISIS has been pretty much beaten in the Middle East, thousands of potential terrorists will return to Europe.

I was in france a couple weeks ago. I had the trip planned for a long time, but unfortunately I had complications with my wisdom teeth surgery and had to go under again less than 24hrs before my flight. I was at Montmartre completely cooked off of my pain meds, and I got lost from my group. A man tried to mug me in the middle of the street, and loopy me just walked away from him. When he kept pestering me, a few of the army dudes came over to get him away from me. Very comforting in my one experience with them.

Turns out some shit went down in the Netherlands as well.

To be fair, that "plan" wasn't circulated until 2005, well after the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. There's no evidence that this was their actual plan prior to 9/11.

Huh, I was there two weeks ago, and Amsterdam, and I didn't find the soldiers particularly approachable. The vibe I got was they were not at all hostile, but were terrifically all business. I remarked to my gilrlfriend that, in this context, these guys are not playing even one little bit.

Edit - I guess I didn't see them in Amsterdam. I must just be thinking of Brussels.

ISIS claims the attack and states the gunman's name. Shit.

That needs to be updated for AR-15 high caliber semi-auto assault rifles.

What countries are a majority of the attackers from?

France really has a problem with Islamic terror. So many attacks so often.

We know one gunman is dead, but it's too soon to say there's no more gunmen.

what the f*ck is going on with Paris?


Haven't been in ~3 years but from the few cops I saw they looked like video game or movie cops. Just armed to the max and looked intimidating. Definitely not the Chief Wiggums you'll see sometimes here in the US.

"you've been a good friend, maybe you should skip the test tomorrow"

Anyone whose followed the ISIS war in Iraq and Syria should know how much more the US has done in the fight against ISIS. They would've steamrolled the Iraqi government and Kurdish forces without overwhelming aerial US support and would've then been able to turn their full force onto the Syrian Government, who would have had a very bad time being the sole focus of ISIS.

I'm not one to defend US policy, but the truth is they were the ones who put the stop and then the reversal on ISIS rampant expansion. The Syrians wouldn't have stood a chance if the US let ISIS sweep aside the Iraqis and Kurds.

And yes, I'm aware of the role of the US in creating the conditions for ISIS to exist in the first place. But purely from a military standpoint and ignoring the politics they've done a great job at containing and neutralising the military threat.

Yet nothing was done, but the police have time to raid Le Pen's office.


Telegram hasn't been reliably secure for quite some time. If you're relying on it for such, you might wanna migrate elsewhere.

Islamic State claims responsibility for Paris shooting - Amaq news agency.

Could just as well have been an attack on the general public prevented by police officers. French police has been remarkably effective in recent weeks in that regard.

Reuters is updating more quickly. Sounds like one policeman is dead, and a person firing on police has also been killed..

Also hearing something about a photographer being shot (in addition to the two police officers).

It's black, it's menacing, it's got numbers in its name.

so apparently this comment has got me banned from /sub/latestagecapitalism


some of u are ok

Most islamic terrorism happens in muslim countries against other muslims, it's not them feeling maligned because of 'islamophobia'.

Maybe they should just ban terrorism. Crime in general even.

It's comforting because if shit goes down, there are actually people around you to handle things. It sucks that that's the case, but seeing heavily armed police in central areas (i.e. Subway stations, airports, and the Eiffel Tower) gives a feeling that you will be safe.