CHAMPS-ELYSEES SHOOTOUT - Terror in Paris megathread

CHAMPS-ELYSEES SHOOTOUT - Terror in Paris megathreadPRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP ON PARIS : ‘It Looks Like Another Terrorist Attack… It Never Ends’

Terrorist shot dead a police officer and wounded two others in AK-47 ambush on the Champs Elysees in central Paris. The fatal shooting on the world famous avenue took place as French presidential candidates debated nearby.

Police are searching the home of the shooter in east Paris and the attacker had previously mentioned on social media that he 'wanted to kill police'.

The terrorist was put down by French police responding to the attack. Police have reportedly issued a warrant for a second attacker. First round of the French election is coming up this Sunday, some campaign events are already getting canceled. France was already under a state of emergency following previous cases of radical Islamic terrorism.

The attacker was previously known to authorities.

Reuters reports ISIS "claims responsibility" for Paris terror . same from AP

BBC - One policeman dead, two wounded

Additional sources: 1 2 3

Marion Le Pen: “How long will we have to continue to cry for our policemen and suffer with their families?

I got banned from /sub/worldnews for saying: "It's awful but the attacks will keep happening. How can you expect different results if you keep doing the same things ?"

CNN: This is clearly workplace violence

Trump: This was terrorism.

CNN: It is dangerous when a foreign leader interjects his views into another country's politics.

Trump: It was terrorism.

CNN: When you say things like that you undermine our relationship with countries.

Trump: It was terrorism

CNN: You're inflaming tensions with Muslims around the world, Mr. President

France: It was terrorism

CNN: Almost 100 days and still no tax returns.

I was just over at /worldnews on their megathread. It's UNBELIEVABLE how SJWs refuse to accept the notion that mass Muslim migration is an actual problem in France. I guess they think that terrorists come out of nowhere and start killing people? The willful ignorance in an effort to be PC is fucking astounding.

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! Reddit is shadowbanning opposing comments on the world news thread. So I just commented "Please stop comparing terrorism to traffic accidents. The intent of terrorism IS to implement a political theocracy on EVERYONE through violence. If you hate western culture or are too scared to fight for it, just say so. But stop pretending please." no upvotes, downvotes or responses. Logged out and nowhere to be found. Took pics of both.

Fuck islam

I'm not really a Trump "fan" (although I fully supported him against that crook Hillary) but damn, it's scary that this subreddit is the only place that gives these heinous incidents the attention and outrage they warrent.

Everywhere else seems desperate to cover these incidents up and make excuses for them.

Ain't it funny how 10 years ago, terror attacks were so rare that the date would be etched into a country's memory (September 11th, July 7th), and now you can't even keep count of how many attacks have happened this year?

You were probably banned for 2 reasons.

/sub/worldnews is moderated by ISIS sympathizers

Your account is forever tainted by posting on The Donald. Guilty by association.

Congrats Europe on culturally appropriating your own meme so hard, everyone forgot the original was mocking the US:

Congrats Europe on culturally appropriating your own meme so hard, everyone forgot the original was mocking the US:

I propose 3 new post flairs:

"Reset the counter!"

"... aaand it's a Muslim."

"Motive still unknown!!1"

EDIT at 36 points (I'm saying that so you evaluate opinion properly):

And I propose adding this to the sidebar: Pat Condell's YouTube channel

If you don't know the videos of this guy yet, you may be suspicious of someone saying "Check out this guy's channel!", but like I posted earlier: It's really a candy store. With strong words, and well phrased, this guy throws the will at the camera that is done too little these days. Defense against Islamization, against a country's sovereignty being taken away instead of just opening the market, etc., you're really missing out if you don't know about this prime material (not just the videos, he also has many links). He's pro Trump, by the way.

(I'm not serious about adding the flairs and changing the sidebar, because officially and in these regards, this sub is entirely focused on Donald Trump, otherwise I'd have sent a PM to the mods already.)

So many Attacks this year on western countries and pretty much all Islamic terrorism. I think they're right guys, we should stop blaming Muslims, it's obviously upsetting them.

And this response from a user in worldnews shows how this is gently becoming "normalized" - this needs to NEVER happen here:

"I live in Paris and honestly it's not that big of a deal. It's nothing like the terrorist acts we have had before. It's very sad that one policeman died, but terrorist are still less dangerous than drunk drivers. I live not very far from the Champs Elysées and we have people on the street (well it's 2am so not so many but not less than usual). I just hope it won't affect the elections too much. We really don't need this."






Germany attempts to destroy Europe for the third time in 100 years

News at 11


Some of the comments in worldnews are ridiculous. "No no no it's definitely not related to our immigration system, muslims or France being quite liberal".

This is what fucking happens when you care more about refugees then your own fucking people. I sincerely hope Le Pen gets elected so she can put a stop to this shit over there.

"The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam" - Barak Obama

Naw, France don't work like that. During the nightclub shootings and after. Millions of them blamed.. Guess who? THE US!!

My girlfriends(at the time) parents went on a tirade about gun control in the US causing. blahl bhal bhlahblbhakjbsdgbkhldafgvbjhklfdabg

Point is. They went Full Cuck about 6 years ago.France is dead to me now, it was literally my second home for years. Dead to me.

I feel fucking disgusted when I come to the horrific realization that I used to part of the murderous cult that is Islam...

European history. The Islamists have waited over 1,000 years for the opportunity the EU has given them in the last 10.

Spez: there's the skinny of what happened in 1995

As terrible as this is, this moron might have just handed Le Pen the win.

Must have been some guy named Jesus. Seriously though, why are they all named Muhammad?

Called them out and they restored it. Got pics of it all. Reddit outside of the big D has become the thought crime unit of 1984.

Went back and forth with a guy on world news thread about why he should pay more attention to what Islam is about and he got red pilled by asking a post history confirmed Muslim why terrorism exists... response was...

"As a Muslim I already know that we will out breed the French anyway. These attacks are just memes. It doesn't matter what the reaction is, as long as there is a reaction."

You're under estimating leftists' hatred of their own nation.

If there is a God, please let Le Pen win. I am so sick of hearing about this shit every other fucking day

Reddit censorship.

10 minutes after I asked them not to do so...

Reddit censorship.

10 minutes after I asked them not to do so...

Me and my wife would have been in Paris right now if I hadn't told her I'm not taking my wife and daughter to a muslim country. Probably away from wherever this happened and likely already in bed but still.

"Attacker was a French national"

You mean, he was likely from Northern Africa, most likely Tunisian or Algerian - and a muslim scumfuck.

Deport the cunts back to their third world shithole, and then burn all these fuckers to a crisp.

I have a feeling that if something isn't done in France, especially in Paris, that law enforcement is just going to stop and quit. I was watching something recently on it and it was stating how over worked, underpaid, and how just dangerous the job was for them currently.

"Yeah but murders happen, plus statistically it won't happen to me or anyone I care about so it's not a big deal!" -Liberal argument for allowing tons of Muslim refugees, seriously

Impossible. AK47s are illegal in France. /s

...aaand that wraps it up for Le Pen.

Absolute mass psychological manipulation of the public at large.

Sad. France has a history dating back to the Roman Empire and before.

Now they are going to be killed and/or bred out of existance 'Prima Nocta' style to hordes of filthy savages.

I gotta say though, how did he only manage to kill ONE person in an Ak 47 AMBUSH. Like he is a failure as a person and a terrorist. At least our American born shooters like that VT guy manage to kill dozens by himself.

This attack is a dire warning to France. They can elect a Muslim apologist and these attacks will become the status quo or they can vote Le Pen and take their country back.

Le Pen has this election in the bag. She was touted as a long shot when she entered the race. They said she would never make it on the ballot. Then terrorist attack after terrorist attack. Riot after riot, and it became blatantly clear that their was truth to her words. When other politicians failed to offer answers, Le Pen offered solutions. She's gonna win folks, make no doubt about it.

They should explain that to the policeman's person.

Wow - one of the french candidates is calling for the election to be suspended.

"Allahu Ackbar!"

MSNBC: His motives were unclear.

"Kill the infidels!"

MSNBC: No one can guess as to why he committed his horrible crime.

"Death to whites!"

MSNBC: We may never untangle this mystery.

Yeah man, it's just out of control now. I considered myself a liberal until around a year ago when I actually started paying attention to what the so-called "liberals" were saying and doing.

Now I am fully in the "liberalism= mental illness" camp.

The level of intellectual dishonesty and sheer ignorance in the self-proclaimed "liberals" of today is utterly unbearable for someone that actually has a couple of brain cells to rub together.

omfg i just noticed the side image. these mods are ruthless

France isn't France. I wouldn't go to France. France isn't France.

We need to deport all of these goat fuckers back to the third world shit holes that they came from

It's just the price you pay for living in a big city

Parisienne Walkways

Sad day. France is no longer France.

If Le Pen doesn't become President, the French people are committing suicide.

Do they want Le Pen? Because this is how they get Le Pen.

Not sending their best.

There's something that bothers me? r they (ISIS) stupid? or they want Le Pen elected?

Let's imagine an Eiffel tower attack near the second round...

ISIS attacks push voters to Le Pen. I don't get it.

Apperently our new doctrine of not waiting for SWAT teams paid off and prevented something much much worse.

The guy was instantly erased.

My thoughts and prayers go to the policeman who lost his life.

The religion of peace strikes again.

How's that cultural enrichment Europe?

Anyone see the 'expert' on "The Factor" talking about how it was an 'assault style assault rifle' that shot '7.62x49mm' rounds? Jesus where do they find these morons?

Give Marine Le Pen your high energy to prevent this violence in the future she will also save France from the EU globalist shills.


No assumptions.

I mean, it's not like there is only one religion in the world that shoots people up for almost no reason, right?

I bet it was the Shinto, or the Hindus.

Well that's reddit for you. It's incredibly liberal and at this point liberalism has gone crazy. If it doesn't align with their narratives they hide it away so they don't have to deal with the moral delemma.

That's the kind of thinking that happens when people marry their first cousins for 1400 years straight.

Guys, let's not be islamophobic. Just because the last two-hundred terror attacks were committed by muslims doesn't mean this one is, too! </sarcasm> is CANCER. THE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE IS STRONG WITH THAT LOT. AS IF THEY ARE PROGRAMMED TO NOT COME TO THE LOGICAL CONCLUSION ie RADICAL ISLAM

Was there any word on whether we will ever know their true intentions?

in b4 red white and blue filters is all anyone does.

Deport kebab

World news is the North Korea of editt

ambush on the Champs Elysees

Holy shit. I've strolled that road a few times.

It's pretty much the "mecca" of tourist France.

This is the make or break time for France now.

They either unfuck their immigration policy starting immediately or Le Pens wins, period.





Listening to the news about this on my drive home from work and one of the hosts said the attacked used "a machine gun" - and I'm rolling my eyes like, was it belt fed, moron?!

"Keep killing us! We don't care." -Fucking Europe

I was in Paris last week. Someone drove a car onto a sidewalk full of pedestrians across from Notre Dame, right in front of me. (see my post history if interested.) The police were chasing him. Wonder if it's the same guy?

I'm wondering why this is not on the front page. Have it become indifferent that it's not worth news?

its time the West brought back the Crusades and drove this cancer back to the Arabian/African desert lands

is ISIS trying to get Le Pen elected ??? wtf

It was another wild Irish gypsy that perpetrated this tragic gun accident, am I right guys?

I'm glad you were able to leave my friend.

What made you change? Was your family supportive if you don't mind me asking?

Fiché S => Well known to have ties to terrorist organisation.

Say he want to kill cops and gets weapons to kill cops when he was arrested=> Still in france and free because our justice is a joke.

Welcome in France.

I fail to see how that is ban-worthy. Simple common sense statement. What you allow, will continue.

The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam

Devout Muslim

You forgot #3 /u/spez is a cuck

There is one thing I learned from there:


There were cops shot at in Seattle too

If Le Pen loses, France is done for.

Vive Le Pen and Deus Vult

Just got banned from /sub/worldnews for dropping truth bombs.

Let's not jump to con... and they're Muslim.

The French just keep on losing.

RIP to the heroes who passed and a speedy recovery to the hero injured

Fake news alert! Guns aren't allowed in France!

Lady on Tucker is a fucking savage.

go to to learn about the motives.


I see ISIS is campaigning for le pen

My wife is currently in London, and will be in Paris the day of the election. I specifically told her that she needs to be out of the city on that day... Thank the Lord she's going to visit Versailles that day... Just in case.

Was he shouting "god is great" in Arabic?

All Muslims should have a curfew imposed on them.

Don't care if you are 'peaceful' or 'moderate' or 'law-abiding', blame the black sheep in your community.

Think of the scene in Full Metal Jacket: everybody else in the bunk gets punished when Private Pyle smuggled in a jelly donut.

If you can't get the black sheep to toe the line, YOU will be punished on their behalf. Leave if you're not happy.

That's some unadulterated cuckoldry right there.

Its just another manic Muslim.

Congrats u/mivvan for the excellent, comprehensive post, much better the shitty ones from /sub/europe (BBC lol) and /sub/worldnews (CNN lololololol).

Tomorrow in the cuck media: Did Drumpf's Russia connection fake attack to help Le Pen?

Thankfully, there are elements of the French Intellectual class who are actually waking the fuck up.

This is a long read, but well worth it, about The Battle for France. This has been almost 30 years in the making, but France might be headed toward an actual civil war.

This is horrible for the police and people of France. At the end of the day, this is only helping Le Pen get elected. She will save them.

Crusade time...


Supposedly ISIS actually want a war with the West. They have the same (false) belief that the West is weak and doesn't have the stomach for war. They think they can rally the billion Muslims around the world and beat us down. A reverse Crusade if you will.

Peaceful western politicians who stave off war and simply rape their lands for resources slowly strangle them in poverty. So if you look at it that way, their strategy makes sense.

I'm just surprised given the carnage of the American Civil War, French Revolution, WWI, WWII, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, firebombing of Tokyo, utter destruction of the Iraqi armed forces in the first Gulf War, and the constant threat of global nuclear apocalypse during the Cold War, people exist who still think war with the West is a good idea.

Umm. Yep. Since 63% are inbred, yeah. All Mohammad.

Reset the clock!

They should just destroy a mosque and deport a thousand muslims every time a terror attack happens and see how long it keeps up.

You'd think they live in Afghanistan or Syria

They were upset about climate change.


Le Pen slides right into first place

What they are saying is that this terrorism was created not by immigration today. It was created as a result of Muslim immigration 40 or more years ago. What they are saying is that the Muslim immigration of today might create terrorism 40 years into the future or more. They actually think this argument works in their favor.

Islamic state of France

HAHA omg the sidebar!

Viva Le Pen. Viva France.

AK-47 ambush

muh gun control