Champion Teaser - Ornn, the Mountainsmith

Champion Teaser - Ornn, the Mountainsmith

As a Ornn main, I think his w should be buffed already.


Can't wait for the unforgettable duo of Ornn and Smouu from Dark Souls to come to League

Dwarf? Sounds like a Dwarf. Lives under a mountain, rivers of fire, making weapons. Sounds super dwarvish to me.

Edit: after a rewatch, it sounds like he's huge and they call him a god. So I'm leaning away from dwarf.

The actual fuck. Not only is an Ornn-sub up, they also have a Discord-server going.

The Elder Scrolls VI: Freljord


5'6 Dwarf confirmed


please stop you just triggered my ptsd

Wow already. Pumping out champs and reworks like nothing.

Passive: Mountainforger: all attacks deal true damage to Malphite, Krugs, and Blue Sentinal.

The Path to Hearth-Home:


Dark smoke exhales, from the mountain half And wind blows through hollow dells Skies clear as day, shall soon turn gray And you'll know, you're nearing Ornn


Barring your path is a chasm wide Howls rise from fathomless pits But close stands a bridge, frozen by time And across, you'll soon find Ornn


River of fire, that scorches the earth Belies his kingdom of stone And steel sings its tone, as a god stands alone The shaping hand, we know as Ornn


Sparks leap and fly from the star-fallen ore Forging his works, divine Bellows erupt, with unbridled force No longer lost - THe Mountainsmith, Ornn

Does he row for UC Davis?

gotta go fast

What if each verse describes one of his abilities?

Stole that from youtube comments lol

Do we have a proper dwarf in League yet? This would be super sick.


I'm Norwegian and i understood it, but it sounds... old fashioned.

I mean, they've been doing a really good job. Xayah, Rakan, Kayn, and Urgot all have really defined strengths and weakness. They've been incredibly balanced and fun to play.


Freljord belongs to the Nords.

he smiths for UC Davis


I LOVE TEASERS! Glad Riot is back to doing this since we didn't really get any big ones for the last few champs to come out.

He could have made the door.

That baby had a horn in that live action fan made short about graves. :thinking:

you probably level dex scrub

They've had to suffer trough Dark Souls and they're on the League subreddit

Do you expect them to not already be dead inside?

In which language is she singing?

I feel like I solved a great lore mystery all of a sudden.

"Dark smoke exhales"

"Wind blows"

"Skies... turn gray"

We get it, he vapes.

That would actually be such a dope game


Braum's shield was a door made with dark ice magic AFAIK.

I'd guess it's an Old West Norse dialect. Norwegian myself, and I recognised a lot of the words, but you could hear it was some sort of an old norwegian dialect that no longer exist. Loved the music!

Freljordan mountainsmith? Would be cool if he was the one responsible for Braums shield


Champion Mains function like this now, they have people that are already on hand waiting for the next champion and have the correct staff to moderate and setup the discords. Its pretty normal to see Official Champion Mains Servers to pop up so quick these days.

My Sources: I used to work for Xayah Mains

His title "The Mountainsmith" makes it seem likes he's going to be huge

They should give the skin to Heimerdinger, since both of them have a deformed head

Towers, inhibitors, and nexus.

Biggie and Smalls

Pikachu and Snorlax

Orn-slam and Jam-ough

Chewie and Fuckface

Hit 'em high and Hit 'em low

Merry and Pippin

Stabby and Flabby

Thunder and Lightning

The Dynamic Duo

Fatman and Robin

Drake and Josh

Oreos and Smores

Penn and Teller

Pinky and The Brain

Occupational Health and Safety

Timon and Pumbaa

Ben and Jerry

Bert and Ernie

Fatboy and Slim

And my personal favorite, the IRS

No, basically its just a central organization that promotes subreddits and discords and assists them with things like CSS, bots, advice, etc. Our current version of our css and our Flair bot is on /sub/talonmains

Source: Im the head of Championmains and the creator of original mains subreddit talonmains.

Please kill me

Ashe is Empire, Sejuani is Stormcloaks, Lissandra is the Thalmor.


actually he is only the 4th champ this year (excluding reworks) 7th including reworks

"Work" okay dude cool

God and Satan can be the same size

Please stop following me

Ancient Freljordian

Is he smithing mountains or is he a smith from a mountain?

Yea I agree. Its not necessarily bad its just weird seeing how many they are putting out.

Can't figure out Q. I think Q could be a janna like wind skill shot/point and click.

W seems like a gapcloser (bridge across a chasm)

E is probably like a rumble/corki type fire path.

R could be some kind of nuke ability. Or it could be a team-wide buff. He slams his pickaxe onto an ore and buffs allies in an area around him.

I'm just spitballing here. I'm sure other people can come up with much better interpretations.

I think it's just the reworks all feeling like completely new champs, plus xayah/rakan being a double release

Yes ! Riot is pumping out champs again. All Hail.

As an Ornn main for half a day now, I think I should be moderator of the sub due to seniority

E: Realtime updates of how long I've been maining my favorite champion, Ornn.

Braums mother!

Which faction will YOU fight for--Ashe, or Sejuani? (Or Lissandra I guess?)

Fuck Ornn's point and click 3-way-passive dash mobility global knock-up/execute tank shit.


and Daisy

Same, I still feel like Kayn is brand spanking new and now boom.

They call him a god, but we call faker a god. So he may not be divine, just extremely skilled. But in league there are star making dragons, and the embodiment of death, so again, yeah, probably a giant stone god.

I'm thinking he makes a huge chasm that functions like an Anivia wall, but with a bridge in the middle so force a bottleneck.

Semen stir to you too, buddy.

thats insane you monster

I guess you can say, they're hollow now

Wait... Already? Didn't Kayn just come out?

Riot should release a Tyler1 skin for him. It'll sell like hotcakes! And T1 can cosplay perfectly as him since they would both be the same height!

I mean the poem kinda mentions he's a god, so I guess he will be bigger than teemo?

New Redmercy video in 3..2..1

Nah, there'd probably be too much Overlap with Yordles.

Besides, Riot hasn't gone for any generic fantasy races yet (Elf, Dwarf, etc) so I doubt they'd start now

Aurelion Sol throws galaxies


I'd hammer her small body.

Man it feels like there's been more. Maybe the end of last year is just blending.

Please stop you're killing each other

I found daddy in a reddit thread! omg

You did it reddit

Well that was fast

Kayn came out at 7.14, ornn is coming out at 7.17 or 7.18 nothing strange

Oh he does, every Aurelian on my team throws really hard and I've only noticed it in this galaxy


another naked male champ :)

New [insert generic click baiting Youtuber] video in 3..2..1

Don't lose!

We got teasers but not to this extent for xayah and rakan

Oh yeah, the baby had it around its neck

Overused meme.

I imagine "chasm" more like anivia wall

braums brother?

or is it

braums god

Blown away by the music, once again. Riot's music-department really is something else.

The chasm is a reference to the Howling Abyss map, I don't think it's an ability reference.


And Malphite is a mountain..

Nej fan jag har en vecka kvar pƄ semestern

New Jeremy 'Gaming Curios' video in 3..2..1


Needs to be at least 6'4

The last one similar to this was Jhin, right?

I don't think so, it sounds more old fashioned than a dialect

worlds is 7.18,evelynn is after words,they said there will be new champ before worlds...Which is why we are getting such low time between reworks and champs lately,because they dont want to do that shit around world's patch so they bust out new champ in 7.16,some more changes 7.17 and then the most important patch of the year

EDIT: New champ in 7.17* (most likely,tho im obviously not riot so yeah)

What about Kled's? I know it isn't really like Jhin's but it was still great.


With Karma, the ancient ionian dialect she uses on mantra has a lot of overlap with hindi words.

They probably incorporate just enough to make the language sound both foreign and familiar to native speakers. It seems that's what they like to do.

I thought the baby was Graves...

Wait... the new Champion is a horn! /s