Chair of Michigan Republican party resigns saying he ‘can no longer remain silent’ about Trump

Chair of Michigan Republican party resigns saying he ‘can no longer remain silent’ about Trump
Chair of Michigan Republican party resigns saying he ‘can no longer remain silent’ about Trump

Why were you silent about him at all? Why is there this culture of silence in the first place, and how do you answer for the damage it's doing?

"I have not seen a leader, I've only seen more of the same," said Brandon DeFrain in a Facebook post.

I've not seen a leader, I've only seen the man we elected.

I care about every human on this earth

Okay, definitely the Republican Party is not for you.

Yeah thats my question. Why now? Really the only things that will make the difference in 18 and 2020 is voter turnout and the GOP being so old they die/lose their numbers.

I am from MI and work in local politics for our MEA political arm. This is kind of a shock. This guy was a wild animal MAGA type mother fucker for the past few years.

And gerrymandering, of course. And unfair voter ID laws. And voter intimidation.

The GOP has quite a few tricks to make sure their minority continues to rally against oblivion.

Don't forget the misanthropes that advocate for the failure and destruction of humanity! They're on the Trump train too!

They're on the Trump train too!

Not all of us.

I've been reading all day about my fellow Michigander. Sad that one person who puts country before party makes national news.

T won Michigan by only 0.2%

This guy was instrumental in handing control of our country over to T45. Any sane person that cared about our nation would have seen what Trump was long before the election. His contrition is too little, too late. It's going to take more than a "whoops, I fucked up" to redeem himself from this.

I think there is some self-reflection that has to happen for a Trump voter to admit he was a bad choice that many people are unwilling to partake in. I have an uncle who is a staunch conservative, and he didn't even like Trump up until he won the Republican nomination. Nevertheless, he absolutely refuses to assign any blame to Trump on any issue - including non-political things like the pornstar fiasco that should be easy to admit is bad. I think it's because subconsciously he feels guilty for enabling this kind of person to be in the White House and feels that an admission of Trump's incompetence and debauchery is a direct reflection of himself, or even worse, that liberals may have been right about Trump.

I have mixed feelings about the issue, because on the one hand, I truly feel like these people are to blame for doing Trump to the rest of Americans, and that they ought to feel like shit about it. On the other hand, if allowing them to think about this in a more positive way (where they can say to themselves "admitting Trump is bad doesn't mean I am bad") would potentially result in some actual consequences and accountability for Trump, that would be worth it.

I'd guess that the answer to "why now" is that some of these people are beginning to be unable to maintain the compartmentalization necessary to rationalize Trump's presidency.

"I have not seen a leader, I've only seen more of the same," More of the same? So... to be clear... you saw this stuff when you decided to help him win an election... and you didn't stop to think that this is what you'd end up with?

This all but acknowledges that it’s not the fat old idiot who is the problem but the entire GOP. Or these people would fight for their party.

And ignoring the Russian attacks on our democracy.

Shout-out to the 70,000+ dumbass voters in this state who decided to not fill out the presidential ballot.

More Republicans seem to be waking up to the reality that Trumpism is a feature, not a bug, of the contemporary GOP. Like Tom Nichols:

I'm still a Republican, but my party needs to be fumigated: One day we'll be needed to recreate t...

But for now, I really am a Republican In Name Only, because I actively want to see the Republicans defeated — soundly — in 2018 (and in 2020, if the president is not primaried out of his seat). Where I was once unaffiliated but quietly cheering on conservatives, I am now a member of a party I want to see cast into the political wilderness for a few years — or longer, if that’s what it takes to break the fever.

I have a hard time imagining what the Democrats would have to turn into for me to say, "I hope the Republicans win this time." Stalinists, probably.

I can no longer remain silent about this entirely predictable catastrophe I've knowingly helped bring about.

"I thought he'd become Presidential!" -- 50% of GOP voters

Yeah, don't vote for the person who is qualified; vote for the person who might, despite all evidence to the contrary, become presidential.

Man, GOP voters have done so much damage to this country.

Okay, definitely the Republican Party is not for you.

You probably think brown and/or poor people are real people.

dang username checks the fuck out

You forgot sheer ignorance. Not bigotry type ignorance, but uninformed type ignorance.

You have to understand, a large chunk of the public ONLY gets their news from Fox News. They literally DO NOT HEAR about most of the stuff Trump does or the fallout from it. If you turn it on right now, odds are they are still talking about the FBI texts and how there is a deep state movement in our security agencies against Trump and how unfair Left-wing media is. They don't mention Russia, they don't mention slashed budgets, they don't mention regulatory capture, or Trumps insane tweets. They do not hear about ANY of it.

So when people start getting upset and saying that Trump is awful, they think its just being exaggerated because after all, if he did something REALLY bad, certainly they would hear about it, wouldn't they?

I mean, dude is ok with him being racist or at least saying racist things, admitting to sexually assaulting women, lying over 1000 times in his first year, etc. etc. etc. being an all around horrible person for around 2 years now. Each of these isnt a straw, its a 100 pound cinder block.

I was OK with you punching me in the face 100 times, but number 101 is too much!

Jill Stein

"Oh, you know, we just wanted to see what would happen if we elected a conspiracy theorist, misogynist, racist, ignorant, Russia-connected, money laundering, con-artist. How could we have known it'd be a bad idea if we hadn't tried it out?"


See they were both exactly the same so I couldn’t fill out my ballot in good conscience /s

He wasn't silent. He endorsed Trump.

Headline should be: Michigan GOP Chair realizes he made a mistake but is too cowardly to admit it fully.

Yeah I'm not about to pat these fuckers on the back because they're 2 and half years late on what everyone else in the world say would be the obvious outcome of this election. If trump had higher approval ratings they'd remain silent no matter what he did. Not a single thing trump has done has been surprising or out of character.

I think he realized that the party has no desire to change and he’s realized he can’t be the one to lead change. He can, in his opinion, go along and be complicit or refuse to compromise his integrity any longer by walking away.

Definitely not on the Trump train here. I'm a cheerful misanthropist, not a sociopath.

Then this is probably a cynical move and not a courageous one.

Well that's just a liberal conspiracy, that is.

This is so true. During the 2016 elections a conservative friend of mine piped up on the "firebombing" of the N Carolina RNC HQ. He said something snide about democrats. When I showed him what Hillary had said (immediately, by the way) and contrasted with Trump blasting liberals for it, my friend literally had no idea that Hillary had such an appropriate response. Fox News didn't cover that. Fox News also glossed over the Democrat fundraiser posting $13k to help get the GOP back on its feet after that incident. They filter out anything good that a liberal or democrat would do to make sure their viewers have the most hateful view possible. It's as if their viewers literally live in a box with one window of the world. All they know is what they see from that window...Fox News. Such bullshit, but honestly it's on them given the availability of information in our free society. At this point they choose to be misinformed because it makes them feel good about the hate inside of them.

It's all they want to see. My father recently visited me and had a little shit-fit when he couldn't get Fox News on my tv (I'm a cord-cutter). I told him it wasn't a problem and just entered some other news channel. He got up and walked away. He simply could not watch anything that was not Fox News. The problem is that I thought he wanted to learn what news was happening around the country and the world. All he really wanted was to know what he was supposed to be outraged about on that day.

Edit: cord, not cable.

"'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party."

Your party propped Trump up. You enabled him. You fed his base and the entire political right absolute horseshit for the better party of four decades. You don't get to step into the ballot box every November, vote for the magical "R", then cry foul when these piles of shit are exactly what everyone's been telling you they are.

If you state "I'm a Republican and I regret voting for Trump" you need to stop right at "I'm a Republican..." are reconsider your entire stance on EVERYTHING. They're a destructive and malignant force against all Americans who aren't their absurdly wealthy donors.

If you vote Republican and then suffer from their policies, you deserve it. I'm so done with playing nice over this. You aggressively fight cancer and inevitably cut it out if necessary. You don't debate with it and hope it comes around to your way of thinking.

Or you know.. The other HALF of Michigan voters that voted for the shitgibbon.

That’s because they are deeply, fatally cynical. They are so used to their representatives saying whackadoodle shit to pander to the crazies and then pivoting to something slightly more sane that they thought Trump was doing the same thing

Oh he wasn’t silent at the beginning. He was very vocal, IN FAVOR OF Trump. He led a “In Trump We Trust” on NBC News, and campaigned for Trump, converting a historically democratic Bay County to vote Trump.

It takes courage to come out like that.

Oh you mean "the help"?

Misanthropy can be a little more nuanced than people give it credit for.

It's Saint Ronnie's Eleventh Commandment:

The Eleventh Commandment was a phrase used by President Ronald Reagan during his 1966 campaign for Governor of California. The Commandment reads:

Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.

Also a Michigander. You can’t help affect change if you quit. It only guarantees the next person to take that job will be a yes man for trump.

These fuckers need to stop resigning and fight.

Oh yeah she would make me abandon ship so fast. Fuck that self serving traitor.

That's unfair with the misanthropes. They hate humanity because they see humans as stupid, hateful and despicable creatures. The fact Trump won the election proves they have a point.

1 down 70 million to go

This describes my neighbors perfectly. They're truly kind, considerate, generous people, and devout Catholics who spend all their time in church or helping with church charity programs. They really care about the neighborhood and the community, and I'm glad they're my neighbors.

But they're about 80 years old and get their news exclusively from Fox News.

The couple times I talked politics with the husband during the 2016 election (when we were both mowing our yards or whatever), he was like a completely different person who regurgitated Fox News talking points verbatim. Absolutely hated Hillary because of vague accusations of corruption or "selling out our country" that he clearly didn't fully understand, but liked Trump because "he tells it like it is" and was a "great businessman". If I brought up any of the GLARING, OBVIOUS, HUGE RED FLAG concerns about Trump, it's like his eyes would glaze over and he'd scratch his head in confusion.

Fox News is ruining good people's minds.

Accelerationism never works, because it doesn't actually create a revolution against the far right, it just takes far right ideas and normalizes them and moves the Overton window to the right Hitler getting elected didn't move Germany to the left.

"Just give him a chance, it's just politics. Just different political opinions. Why won't you just be quiet and give him a chance?"

Yep - that hits home, too... my parents wanted to follow my lead and cut the cord. I gave them all the tools they needed to cut free but they held out for almost two years because they "needed" a source for Fox News before they could do it. JFC. I'm like, just YouTube search live news, it's practically all they have is Fox News on a million streams (that's a problem, btw) My dad finally got a Fox News feed he trusted so then they dropped their cable. Life Pro-Tip: if your news station means that much to you - you've got a problem.

You know what they call a conservative who's against 99% of what trump is for? A Democrat.

You forgot the /s

Hey, hey, wait up. I'm a misanthrope that advocates for the failure and destruction of humanity.

But not like this... not like this.

While I am always happy to hear people being rational and objective, I think that headline is WILDLY misleading. He is the chair of a county GOP, not the state GOP. And a small county at that.

I'm not attacking you, I'm telling you your efforts are wasted and should be applied elsewhere. The RNC is now the party of Trump. It is the party of Roy Moore, Joe Arpaio, David Clarke, and Paul Nehlen. There is no recovering from that. Every republican candidate will carry that baggage regardless of anything else they may do or say.

Damn, that's a pretty good answer lol

democratic party's reaction to Trump: rally and challenge the administration across the board.

GOP reaction to Trump: Quit

fucking cowards

Sorry to say this, but that guy's a dummy. He thinks that Trumpism is a strain that arose recently.

This shit has its roots in Reagan's presidency, and I doubt that this guy is converted enough to break from reflexive Reagan worship.

Or Nazi. He's #1 with Nazis.

The thing is, Trump won't destroy everything. He'll just bring out more of the worst. Unfettered greed, tribalism, ruined ecosystems and infrastructure, imbalances of all sorts - economic, racial, etc. All of that can persist essentially forever.

That's not failure and it's not cessation - it's the perfection, the completion of what the misanthrope hates in humanity. We actually like some of the strides that've been made recently, even if we believe humanity is still mostly shit.

Maybe, but you'd be surprised (or not if you're a Republican) at the hate the average GOP person gets in such situations. I've mentioned here several times before that I consider myself a Republican, and that my participation in the party is more important than ever because I can't change it from the outside. Even then, people will ask "why are you in the party of evil" or "you're ruining this country" despite the fact I disagree with 99% of the Trump administration and what the Leadership in Congress is trying to do.

I live here in DC and was planning to attend a DC Young Republicans event tonight that had (fucking sleazy ass) Sebastian Gorka as the guest speaker. I had some non-hostile, but not-so-friendly questions lined up for him if given the chance. Then I very sadly found out that the event was yesterday. Practically broke my heart.

Confronting the rot in my own party can't be done by - as you mentioned - giving up essentially. I don't fit in the Democratic Party, and there is no viable alternative 3rd party at the moment. So I'm stuck trying to change things from the inside. I've been anti-Trump from the beginning and was a firm Rubio supporter. He caved on a lot, but I won't cave on my beliefs. The only way the Republican Party survives and becomes genuinely better is if we remove the rot within our party. Trying to be more proactive about it now, but you're absolutely right that resigning doesn't do much.

edit: *disagree is what I meant, lol

One of the great missed opportunities in American politics was the neutering and short-shifting of reconstruction.

Japan and Germany, in the aftermath of the war, completely rearranged their society based around the idea of penitence and acknowledgement (*partial, anyway in Japan's case) of their crimes against humanity.

The defeated South, however, was given a pass. Is it any wonder why and how the Jim Crow South came to be?

Trump made me realize that I'm not a true accelerationist

"Kill all humans"

So you're campaigning for equality then. Good.

Ever heard of the straw that broke the camel's back?

There is no redeeming the republican party. It's dead man, let it go.

You're like the last engineer at the Chernobyl plant trying to sort the place out. You're not going to fix it, it will only give you cancer.

Exactly. I hate people, intend to eventually run for president on the platform of "Kill all humans".... and I'm still nowhere close to being on the trump train

If they have the means to subscribe to cable news, they have the means to explore other news sources many of which are free. "In the age of information, ignorance is a choice."

Nazi: see "idiot"

Synonyms: children of the confederacy

I'm not sure who's worse, them or the eligible voters that didn't show up to vote at all.

He probably got his 50/year tax reform raise and it finally dawned on him how much of an idiot he was

Good human.

What accelerationists don't get is that people don't become more liberal when they're hurting. That's exactly the time when right wing demogogues will have their most influence.

Mr DeFrain had served in the position in Bay County, Michigan, since 2014 and Vice Chairman David Scholl said his colleague was “instrumental” in getting Mr Trump votes in the state.

Bay County had voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, but it and the entire state went to Mr Trump in 2016. He won the county with 53 per cent of the vote.

Fuck this guy

But it is not just Trump. He is a symptom or manifestation of the rot at the core of the Republican Party. The rot has made it a party without any sense of decancy, humanity or compassion. The only currency is hypocrisy, corruption where anything can be bought, lust for power and soullessness.

Where is the compassion and caring for the widow, orphans and the poor? Why provide succor for those already comfortable, why feed the overfed and leave children to starve by cutting fundings? Why destroy God's handiwork by opening it up to drilling because you donor asked you to? You, who claimed to be a believer was asked to tend to the garden not exploit it

Tax cuts>racism, negligence, lying, treason

Tax cuts=racism, negligence, lying, treason, sexual assault, money laundering

Tax cuts<racism, negligence, treason, sexual assault, money laundering, parking ticket

Yes you can... This is dumb. He doesn't support the organization so rather than immaturely try to sabotage it in secret from within, he did what any normal adult would do and resigned.

Don't forget the stay-at-homers and "both sides are the same" people

They've lost all credibility

Voting for Stein and "What is Aleppo?" isn't going to help us stop Trump

Tax cuts are great on the middle and lower classes, but the bill failed to raise rates on wealthier Americans.

Why would you expect that tax bill to raise rates on wealthier Americans? Has that ever been a part of the GOP platform in recent history? If anything, they've fought against this very thing.

Much of what the GOP preaches is good in theory, but they practice hardly none of that. They spend when they get in power. They keep the wars going. They care about rhetoric and votes, not avoiding rampant hypocrisy.

Rampant hypocrisy has been a core tenet of the GOP for at least the last 20 years, and recently they've add rampant projection and outright, unashamed lying to that list. All of this leaves me baffled how anyone can continue to call themselves a Republican with a straight face in 2018. If it were just a handful of members from your party that embodied these warped principles, I might understand. But when almost the entire party moves in lockstep alignment with this mess,...well then it might be time to move on from that party.

You have to understand, a large chunk of the public ONLY gets their news from Fox News.

They are fanatics. They have being brainwashed by the extremists and are now incapabble of independent thought.

If you disagree with 99% of what the leadership of the party is doing, what do you believe in? Why do you think there's no place for you in the democratic party? Because all of the things republicans are doing now, such as harming the poor, have been crucial platform planks for three decades now.


TIL I'm a misanthrope

So true, if Trump has taught me anything it's that he isn't the one we should be worried about but rather the entire GOP.

TLDR; We should be more worried about the parents who enable the behavior of the child.

Most of the right wingers that were against Trump during the election were afraid he'd be some sort of populist. Now that it turns out he's just a moron who will sign whatever they're completely back on board.

Why did you stay silent for so long to begin with asshole? I’m happy some people are coming around but get out of here with your holier than thou bullshit like you should be applauded because you broke your silence. You should have come out as soon as you disagreed.

This is what I don't understand, what difference between candidate Trump and President Trump has these Republicans, who busted their asses to get him elected, jumping ship all of a sudden? Trump was just buffoonish and stupid then as he is now. Did they really think it was all an act during the campaign? Did they really think a reality TV star, who has filed bankruptcy god knows how many times, would magically turn into presidential material the day of the inauguration?

I'm somewhat relieved to see them finally come around to reason, but how fucking stupid do they have to be to think Trump was ever meant to be anywhere near the White House?

Nah, who am I kidding? It's more likely they see the house of cards tumbling down, and in a last ditch effort to save face, the little right wing rats are running for safety.

With such brutal honesty, you have my vote.

Even misanthropes have standards...

Eh.... It didn't die, it won the election. That's frightening.

Too late, motherfucker. You're forever tied to him.

As a former republican - you realize that all the small government, responsible spending stuff is bullshit right? It's always been bullshit.

Sounds like you realized that the party is full of shit, which is good. But you know you're nothing but a RINO now. The GOP is built on groupthink, and while I admire your dedication to wanting to fix your party, you gotta know that they'll discard you like a 64 oz polar pop full of coke. You need to able to realize when it's dead man.

The loonies took over. The GOP as you know it is gone. Now they can't hide behind lies like small government and eliminating deficits - it's clear that they care only about money, power, and whiteness.

You're better than they are man. Get out and show them you're pisses by voting against them. You'll be surprised - there are a lot of right-leaning people that feel the same way as you. They realized that the battle will not be won internally. The GOP dug their hole willingly. They won't get out of it, it has to be filled.

He may have also been taking advantage of his relevant username.

Look up "The Brainwashing Of My Dad".

It's not "thankless", it's "hopeless".

In fact it's people like you, that refuse to face the reality of the cesspool that the GOP has become, that have allowed it to maintain a thin veneer of credibility. It cannot be reformed.

The leadership of the GOP had engaged in a decades long subversive operation against the United States to gain and maintain the levers of power. It started with Nixon recruiting the Dixiecrats via the Southern Strategy, to Reagan jumping in bed with the "moral majority", to the Kochs bankrolling the tea partiers.

The Republican Party has been facade for racism and authoritarianism since the 1960s, and it will continue to be, as long as they can maintain support from people like you.

You have invested yourself in a fantasy, created by miscreants. But instead of facing that reality, you are inventing another one...that you can "change it from the inside". Your fantasies are corroding our country and planet, please stop deluding yourself.

I used to wonder who the fuck was dumb enough to fall for those emails about the Nigerian prince transferring money.

I don't wonder anymore. 30% of America is functionally brain dead.

It goes against the common logic you have been told, but it is "effect change."

I understand your point but unless you're willing to publicly speak out every time the President does something you don't feel represents your values your silence will be taken as condoning it.

That would get really old, really quick

They also call Republicans who go against 1% of what Trump wants Democrats, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯