Chael Sonnen won't retire with Bellator tournament win, will leave MMA 'face down and embarrassed'

Chael Sonnen won't retire with Bellator tournament win, will leave MMA 'face down and embarrassed'
Chael Sonnen won't retire with Bellator tournament win, will leave MMA 'face down and embarrassed'

face down and embarrassed is The only way MMA legends tend to go out, so that sounds about right.

He left on a 32 fight streak with every male belt over 155 lbs just what in the Hell are you talking about? He only left the UFC to give the others a chance. Noble of him.

I don’t feel anybody should go out on top ... We all – all our careers end the same: Face down and embarrassed. And I think I’m going to follow suit on that. I don’t want to leave anything on the table.

The way this man commands the mic is incredible.

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Chael has never lost in his career and I’ll be damned if he loses at the tournament

Adventureson Filma you absolutely suck

never ran

nah, there's a few different ones in UFC 2. the big ones I remember:

if you make a custom fighter named Brock Lesnar and parry a punch and strike as Cain, he does the break dance thing

if you make a custom fighter named Brendan Schaub and ground and pound him as Ben Rothwell, he does the invisible wrestling thing

if you land a Showtime kick as Pettis on Bendo in rd.2 you get a knockdown

if you land an inside leg kick and right hand combo as Hendo on Bisping in rd.2 you get a knockdown

if you punch Anderson Silva while he's taunting as Chris Weidman, you get a knockdown (not sure if there's a round thing for this one)

if you land a front kick as the first strike of the fight as Travis Browne against Overeem you get a knockdown

if you land a flying knee as the first strike of the fight as Jose Aldo against Cub Swanson you get a knockdown

there's also a few I can't remember with Barao vs Wineland and Silva


might be missing some

I was playing EA UFC 2 and had no idea he was on the roster, let alone on the LHW roster and KO'd rumble in the first round which makes me believe him when he says this


He left the UFC pretty disgracefully. Pretty funny after all that shit he talked about Wanderlei running from USADA.

Fun fact: if you play as Anderson Silva and slip a spinning backfist from Chael Sonnen, Chael will just fall over.


What the fuck, I thought you were making it all up!

51-0 if you count the time he beat Mayweather for beating his wife.

Chael always has the best exit strategies.

Not retired

Say what you will about Chael but he at least never ran from USADA.

"Chael Sonnen is confident winning the Bellator heavyweight grand prix tournament would represent the most significant achievement of his storied career"

I legit read 'storied career' as 'steroid career' works either way?

that schaub one though, phew

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So he’s gunna retire after this tournament??

Realistically dont see any way he wins.

never ran

Yeah, he just pissed hot several times and constantly lied.

Chael will retire after Wrestlemania 36, when he puts over DA BIG DAWG!

Thanks for the list! I'll add taunting with Holloway in the last 10 seconds of the final round. If your opponent taunts back you both get unlimited stamina to throw down for a final exchange.

Leave mma face down and embarrassed, leave public office in handcuffs. Chael knows how to make an exit.

Plus to be fair to Chael nothing embarrassing about losing the HW tournament

that is my fav. Chael line of all time because of how true it is

No Tito definitely tapped

"Fedor Emelianenko, you're taking everything I worked for motherfucker!"

Never tapped

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Hell no he doesn’t! It takes balls just to fight in your own weight class. It takes borderline insanity to go up two weight classes and potentially fight guys who are 80 lbs over your normal weight class.

Except no man is strong enough to embarass a gangster from the mean streets of West Linn, Oregon

chael sonnen is truly one of the last of the mohicans. this is some pure old school mma mentality, that no new fans understand. it's not about a perfect legacy, the fame, the money, the tv shows, the movies. it's about testing your skills on a particular night against another game opponent. the real tournaments are long gone now. but its cool knowing that he'd still like to do one. i wish rizin would have a true one night tournament, like the old school days.

Translation: if I win the title I’m squeezing one final big ass payday out of it.

I’m an avid player, couple thousand matches. Never knew this.

he really only pissed warm

In related news, half of Bellators roster moves into the new year face down and embarrassed

Yeah, Bader does everything Chael does, but better. Except maybe a double leg, but that won’t win a tournament against 235-265 lb guys.

It's tough

He did kick ass in the first Anderson Silva fight

That happened

This is the hero we need, and deserve.

Yeah but he never hid under the octogon.

"I actually held public office and I left the only way a person should, in handcuffs."- Chael P. Sonnen

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. /sub/mma not the best venue for political discussion.

Chael Sonnen is an extremely intelligent guy and perfectly capable of consent. If he consents, and the athletic commission gives him the blessing, he should fight whoever the fuck he wants.

Should've gone to WWE

nah haha, these are some of my favourite things to do in the game at this point

That's what's up. Gotta love Chael.

I don't get it - Chael fought prime Jones, prime Silva, Stann, Shogun, Rashad, Marquardt, Babalu and a bunch of other killers. Chael is a lot of things, but afraid of taking a fight I don't think is one.

I might have just missed your joke?