Cats are strange

Cat Decision Tree [x] Show your asshole [ ] Be an asshole

He's doing yoga. Hands too.

From the Cat's perspective, you're upside down. So who's the strange one now?

Poor guy on the left looks so worried for his buddy

Okay this is great but is this cat wearing a dress?

Agreed, sept this cat seems to be doing an excellent job of covering.

Every guy has tried this once.

From my view the Jedi are upside down...


his face says "somebody PLEASE help my friend"

Right. Cats are weird, but not humans who put dresses on cats.

Watch the paws, human. Okay now give me food.

Then you are lost!!

It's the cooldown part where they raise the right hand, palm facing out, and hold the left palm facing up. It represents giving to and receiving from the universe.

Lionel Meowssi

I think people who dress their cats are far stranger...

"I don't know what's wrong with Tony, but won't somebody help him?"

I love when the cat watching turns to its owner with the camera with a look of "are you seeing this?".

I take yoga regularly and I still hate these explanations.

No, they are cute and happy and immortal.

Source: I'm very optimistic.

Probably trying to loosen up its stiff back.

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Whiskers the Wise? I thought not, it's not a story kitties would tell you.

Keeper gif.

Manuel Meower

Is he broken?

Folds always seem to have a look of concern.

Just clear your mind completely, focus your chi, feel the entirety of the universe, make sure that your breathing correctly, don't think about any of these things, ensure that your posture is correct, flex your perineum while extending your toes, be conscious of all of your meridians and ensure that your kundalini is flowing to each chakra. What could be difficult to understand about those completely mutually inclusive things? /s


we 9gag now

Sorry, its true. I used to work at a University with someone who studied Scottish Fold genetics. The breeders will try and tell you that only the homozygotes for the fold trait have the disease (therefore they can avoid it with careful breeding), but actually all the heterozygotes have the disease as well (X-rays show this). Some of them can get to old age before they start showing signs, but others have to be put down only months into their lives because they can't run or jump due to the disease. Breeding of Scottish Folds is banned in many countries because of this.

Serious answer: I've had to put cats in cut-off baby clothes before for post-op, instead of the cone of shame.

He accidentally fell backwards off the headrest and now he's playing it off as intentional.

This needs Eye of the Tiger

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

Don't feel bad. Reddit can be extremely temperamental with things like that.

Out of curiosity, I've heard these cats have a genetic abnormality which affects the development of cartilage in their body.That this is the reason for their iconic ears, but also gives them severe arthritis; that they spend most of their latter life in severe to crippling chronic pain.

Is that true?

It's kinda funny. Reddit is like that uncle that you never know how he's gonna respond because he's always drunk.

It actually looks like something I would have done while stoned as a teenager. Like wow guys have you noticed how weird it is when my fingers move? Wait wait check it out!

Only once? If at first you don't succeed...

Those explanations just make yoga harder for me. I have ADD so it's hard as fuck for me to focus and relax, so those 'breathe and like a tree reach for the sky and feel the energy enter your roots and expand up out out through your branches' explanations just stress me out and have me trying my damnedest to imagine I have a million tiny roots and branches with energy flowing throughout them.

Let's make this the to Google result for "upskirt pussy".

Iker Catsillas

Not to mention all the squashed face cats that people think are so cute - they are essentially early downs syndrome equivalent. A healthy cat has a muzzle and a protruding nose.

His name is suckadong6969...

Normally I'd agree but his name gives some validity to his purported search.

Cat: It's called yoga. What do you want?

Kittens pose into purrasana

What I hate more are the types of people who buy into this kind of shit and make their whole lives revolve around it

Why not both?

This isn't multiple choice here, this is check all that apply.

Nah, he's just confused about the mysterious pulsating box in his room.

It's a Cat legend. Darth Whiskers was a Dark Lord of the Cat, so powerful and so wise he could use his urine spray to create life...

So this is an upskirt video?

Allow me to demonstrate what causes downvotes 😂😂😂😂

Can we stop making these types of lame, effortless comments?

"strict breeding guidelines to prevent/extremely lessen..." basically means we try our best but at the end of the day they're still worse off than not inbreeding animals to get specific traits. It's the same with bulldogs and pugs and whatever other weird looking breed of whatever animal you're thinking of. They try to make it not as bad, but it's still bad and only gets worse over time.

Work in ER and holistic veterinary hospitals in affluent area. From what I've seen, purebred cats just don't last.

Yup. He is "making biscuits" with his paws, which kittens do to stimulate the flow of milk from their mother's teat. It is the same reason why children suck their thumbs, but cats don't have social stigmas the way we do so they do it their whole life.

I was just about to say the same thing! It's those funny ears.

It's treason then

I don't know why prequel memes are suddenly popular... but it pleases me.

Even if at first you succeed, you keep trying

katsper schmeichel

When I come home and my bottom boyfriend gives me this look

Yes, all body language points to a very contented silly goose.

shit, what do we do now?

If the cat is fine with it, I don't care.

I thought he was riding an imaginary upside down motorbike?

Blow it up again!

When two dudes do it, they cant both be on top can they? Glad I cleared that up for you.

They can have something similar to arthritis, but there are strict breeding guidelines to prevent/extremely lessen the severity of the issue.

You can read more here.

I bet he's in the way home from vet drugged.

That face


My cousin Walter broke his neck trying to do that.

The paws are hypnotic aren't they?

Im shy.

Cat Decision Tree [x] Show your asshole [x] Be an asshole

I think might also be accurate..

If it makes you happy then fuck it, you could be imagining squeezing Hitler's balls for all I care.

Apparently a lot have suceeded lmfao /sub/autofellatio [NSFW]

That's why I love them