Casino Royale - Chris Cornell - You Know My Name

Casino Royale - Chris Cornell - You Know My Name

One of my favorites in the whole series. Craig really got some solid music numbers and intro visuals

The craig Bonds have their flaws but their opening songs are not part of them. You know my name is arguably the best Bond song IMO, Alicia Keys & Jack White - Another Way To Die is another fantastic song, and Skyfall speaks for itself.

I am still pretending Spectre doesnt exist

Best theme song, and arguably one of the best Bond films in general. Might have to re-watch tonight

What a shame we lost him so soon. He had such a remarkable voice.

Im not sure why, but i think its also one of the most rewatchable movies of all time. There has never been a night where i wasnt at least "okay" with watching casino royal again

Except Casino Royale. That movie had no flaws.

Soundgarden and Audioslave are 100x better due to his voice

Fuck this was Chris Cornell? Heavy Sigh

Those bands don't exist without him

I remember when Spectre came out and Sam Smith was sort of bragging about writing the song in 15 minutes. Like, you're not supposed to do that when it's glaringly obvious you didn't put any thought into it, my guy.

They will splash the pot whenever the fuck they please.

Alicia Keys & Jack White - Another Way To Die is another fantastic song

Finally! Thank you! Not many people mention this song and it's amazing imo.

Chris Cornell died? What the fuck.

Dude, Eva Green in Casino Royale?

Casino Royale had the best opening scene and theme of all Bond movies easily.

flawed for REALITY, but not flawed drama. Have you watched professional poker? It's not exactly visually exciting. People didn't pay their tickets to watch Bond rest his chin on his fist and shuffle his chips silently.

The poker etiquette and actual playing was flawed.

The splashing of the pot was ridiculous.

Edit: Am aware that this was a movie and not the WSOP.

Bond should've gone full Helmuthe and just bitch and whined until credits.

This song and opening sequence were so refreshing to the Bond movies. I'd really like to hear more rock Bond themes.

Last night after playing a show. Details aren't clear but their are rumblings that it was a suicide.

I sometimes play games with the soundtrack from the airport sequence on. It's some of the best action music ever created.

I really wish they would've used Radiohead's Spectre instead, it has more of a Bond essence to it and I feel it's just a better song overall.

Depression is a hell of a thing. Everything can seem normal and suddenly they're gone. Chances are Chris woke up that morning and knew that was the night.

Reports are confirmed that it was suicide by hanging. It's such a terrible shame and a big loss to music.

Bond should have worn his hoodie up, big shades, and a baseball hat.

It ended. That's the only flaw. It's the perfect Bond film.

I'm still shocked he's gone. Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana were/are my shit. Eddie Vedder is the last singer standing. Damn.

Quite literally Audioslave would never have even come into being - at least not on any national stage.

Didn't deserve the Oscar either. Lady Gaga's song was better, she performed it better, and it had a better message.

to me it feels like a bond movie out of time. If it was made in the 70's there probably wouldnt be any problem with it, but it was made today in a bond series that was a lot more grounded. I really checked out when he is chasing bad guys in a plane, snaps the wings off the plane, and starts sledding in said plane. It was Die Another Day silly, but taking itself seriously, where as Die Another Day kind of knew how stupid it was and leaned into it, for better or for worse

I absolutely hated that song and I honestly thought it was considered the worst Bond song of the modern era. The movie is the weakest of the Craig Bond films too.

Radiohead was supposed to make a song for spectre, they got ditched but released the song anyways, I thought it was pretty good

You said "In no specific order" and then listed them in chronological order.

could not disagree more. Quantum has issues but it is much better than Spectre. QoS also has the best Bond girl IMO

After so many years, it has just occurred to me that the lyrics are from M's perspective and are a menacing warning to a young Bond who has entered an institution he doesn't understand.

"Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you, the odds will betray you and I will replace you." "I've seen these diamonds cut through harder men." "I've seen angels fall from blinding heights, but you yourself are nothing so divine, just next in line."

In this context, "You know my name" is a threat. You know my real name, so there's no getting out of this.

Was this obvious to everyone else?


One of the best IMO here's my top couple. In no specific order.

Diamonds are forever ok maybe I just have a Shirley Bassey thing? Also the video is a beauty.

View to a kill ahhh because Duran Duran

Living dalylights because IMHO Dalton was best Bond.

GoldenEye arguably the best bond song.

Obviously the song that brought us here

Finally Skyfall

Honorable mention

The world is not enough mostly cause i was obsessed with Shirley Manson

Edit. Thanks for the call outs holy crap I missed one of the best. Live and let die

You are correct. Hands down the best Bond movie ever.

Because it's a damn great film. Who would have thought one of the better love stories this side of 2000 would be in a Bond film?

I love the bit where the guy parkours through the vent and Bond just charges through the drywall

Easily my favorite Bond theme. The music, the lyrics and, of course, Cornell's voice are all fantastic.

I think I'm going to pull out my Casino Royale blu-ray tonight.

I doubt people mean it as an insult to the other members, just heavy praise for Cornell. Everyone knows that the other three guys in Audioslave are talented musicians but it's like saying Queen wouldn't be half the band they were without Freddie Mercury. It doesn't mean you think Brian May is worthless.

I love Chris Cornell but I don't think it's right or even fair to compare what success he brought to those bands, especially so soon after his suicide. To say that Soundgarden is nothing without Chris? Yeah, bet they're feeling that as we speak. Just that feeling of nothingness is a bit different than what you guys are saying. They don't need to be told they're nothing by others as well.

If you liked those bands, why spit on the rest of them just because your favorite member died?

Grew up listening to Soundgarden. All the favorite rockers from my childhood are gone. Cobain, Staley, Weiland and now Cornell. RIP.

QoS isn't much as a stand alone, but watch it immediately after Casino Royale and it's actually a great sequel.

They could have gotten someone else and there's no way to know how much more/less successful they would have been, but it's impossible to imagine "Like a Stone" hitting without his vocals, to say nothing of the songwriting.

Here's my time to shine!

Casino Royal was my "falling asleep" movie for over a year. Except I rarely fell asleep while watching it. I think I've watched it over 200 times. Still think about watching again it often.

My favorite would be Casino Royale's opening. It told us all we need to know about the new Bond. He was cold, brutal and still cool as fuck after all these years.

The entire poker game is fabulous.

What a film - having a card game as a massive part of it. Brill.

She was definitely great and was my favorite at the time. I like the journey that Camille goes on and how she is the only Bond girl to not sleep with Bond. The speech Bond gives when he is telling her how to work with her training to kill better is such a great moment. A lesser movie would have had Bond trying to talk Camille out of killing, when that is the last thing Bond should be telling people

David Arnold is a national treasure. The guy wrote some of my all-time favorite scores. Shame he's more or less retired from film scoring these days - here's hoping they ask him back for the next Bond.

Same director, Martin Campbell, for both films.

Yeah man. Sadly it was when this movie came out that I was even introduced to Chris. But at least there was a heck of a lot of stuff to listen to, and a good lot since, too. RIP

Now that you mention it...damn.

Cobain, Staley, Cornell, and Vedder is all that remains. Well that just made Cornell's death have a bit more impact.

Absolutely. I've probably seen it six or seven times, and I don't think I've seen any other Bond film more than once, even Goldeneye.

To me, it's the best Theme Song, Best Bond, Best Bond Girl (Eva Green), Best re-set of the franchise, and Best intro visual.

Sam Smith is a twat.

Morning radio talk show Lex + Terry said something about someone finding him with a rope (?) around his neck.

The composer David Arnold also composed the music to one of my favorite films (Hot Fuzz, Fun Fact: Robert Rodriguez also worked on the score, he did the music for the 'tooling up' sequence)

Skyfall is the most "Bond" style song in decades.

There are rumors that he called or contacted his wife to say goodbye. Which is why she had a friend go over to check on him, but it was too late. I can't imagine much worse than that, as a spouse.

There are countless "damn great films" that I can only watch a handful of times before I set them aside though. There Will Be Blood comes to mind, among many others. For me, that movie is a "watch 3-5 times" then shelf it kinda movie. Not so with Casino Royale. I could watch CR before going to sleep every night for weeks, and never really get all that bored. Long story short, I don't think that great movies=rewatchable movies. Casino Royale is both

The African chase was badass.

I just can't fathom how a guy can do a major tour and then kill himself after a big show. RIP Cornell

I feel like Casino Royale and The Dark Knight sit in the same space when talking this type of movie.

I completely agree.

Our number one rule is you have to put the title of the film in the title of your post, which is why it was removed.

Seems like you could have given that some leeway. 11k+ upvotes and it had "bond" in the post title.

This was literally my first song I ever bought on iTunes. I listened to it on repeat so many times before I bought another one

While this is true, it's very likely he had been thinking about this for a long time. Depression has the effect of taking its toll gradually and playing havoc with a person over months and years, slowly wearing down their spirit.

So although you're probably correct in saying he had decided that that was the night, the thoughts had probably been with him for quite some time now and he simply hadn't told anybody (or if he had, it hadn't helped change his mind.)

Plus if anyone out there thinking the same thoughts, please please please talk to a suicide helpline and try do something, anything, to get out of your own head. A walk, a phone call, a trip to the cinema... I guarantee, even if it's for a few hours, your mood can be lifted from that fog of despair. Being caught up in the past and future can be so toxic so doing things to just be present can be therapuetic if done right.

You are 100% correct. If QoS had been called Casino Royale part 2, it would have been properly appreciated.

Eh, I like Goldeneye better.

I know I'm the only person on Reddit who thinks this, but I really liked the Sam Smith song to be honest. The rest of the movie is crap however

Are you kidding me? The Spectre theme song is one of Radiohead's most beautiful arrangements. We truly are in the best timeline to have gotten their song picked over someone awful like Sam Smith.

I've gone months feeling better and thinking it's behind me and then suddenly it rears its head in the middle of the day and by the end of it I want to die. It could have come from anywhere, at any time.

Agreed. They even did it in black and white.

Nothing beats the first chase scene in CR. I screamed "fuck yeah" when Craig ran through the wall.

Yes! What a great song. It fits so much better with the feel of the movie overall.

I mean, you'd go on listening to his old stuff, which is probably what you mostly do now.

Wait... What happened to the other thread?

Then go watch a Roger Moore Bond movie

The way they integrated the classic Bond horn section into it was genius. You knew you were listening to a Bond song and Cornell fed off it.

I still Nobody Does It Better is the all time best, but this was the best to that point since then. Garbage comes close.

I totally agree. I love Quantum. It's paced badly and the airplane scene is bad but otherwise it's great.

I just love how it starts with the villain not really giving a shit about Bond and by the end of the movie he is fucking terrified. He practically shits himself when Bond drops the body on his car.

For me it was the total misuse of Christoph Waltz. I was hoping for Hans Landa, and instead got whatever he played in Green Hornet.

Funny story, I was also hoping for Hans Landa in Green Hornet and got... whatever he played in Green Hornet.

Goldeneye is my favorite, by CR may be the best.

He obviously wrote it so quickly that he didn't have time to realise that he'd set it too high for his voice. He sounds like the dude from Wheatus being Mena Suvari.

Hateful song.

Pyay dat man hyis mahnney

Yes, completely. Now come on, keep up please!

Edit: I am lying by the way, hope that was clear?!

I love the Spectre song but I totally get why they didn't choose it.

RIP in peace, Chris Cornell.

Yeah, that foot chase was great!

I thought Mads Mikkelsen was a great Bond villain too! He was distinctive with the eye deformity and wasn't completely over the top.

It's a close second to "Live and Let Die" for me, but "You Know My Name" definitely deserves to go down as one of the greatest of the franchise.

"Motherfucker, do I look skinny enough for that?"

I wish more people knew this. Bond is exceptionally brutal in the film which doesn't make a lot of sense unless you put it into the context of him literally just going through the events of the first film. I mean for crying out loud in the car chase at the beginning of the movie he has the guy who he shot in the last scene of the previous movie in his trunk.

Also LOVE the opening song.

I really dont get all the hate towards Spectre.

it's definitely a little barebones but its still on the better side of Bond movies. I really loathed Spectre and that is easily the worst Bond IMO

ugh I was so confused when that Sam Smith song came on in the theaters, never got any better from there sadly

Pretty sure he's referring to the Day of the Dead cold open.

Honestly, that's what I liked about it. As someone born in the mid 80s I missed out on the 70s Bond movies when they were new and I found it to be rather exciting to get something like that now. As much as I love Casino Royale and Skyfall, I'm kinda getting tired of the super serious, more realistic stuff and I could use a break.

I just watched this about six months ago. easily one of my favorite movies, it's not just a good bond movie, it's a good movie in general. I had watched skyfall/spectre etc and found this to be easily the best of DC's bond and much better than any before it. IMO.

I didn't like was a little too floaty, like a mild acid trip for me. Don't get me wrong, really artistic...just wasn't into it.

Easily the best Bond theme. EASILY.

RIP Chris Cornell

I'd say it's very close between this and Live and Let Die for best theme song.

I guess my music taste dont fall in line with those doing the criticizing.

And are you saying that academy award winning Skyfall was heavily criticized?

Yeah honestly I put QoS leagues above Spectre

CR is what got me following Mads. He was a perfect villain!

"You are a funny man, Mr. Bond."

"Give our guests 5 minutes to leave...or throw them overboard."

Ehh, with millionaire criminals maybe they get a bit of a pass.

Definitely some similarities, but Cornell's vocals and the writing set it apart from RATM. It's so different that Morello's work is the only obvious link to anyone who doesn't know any better.

Vesper bringing him a fresh diaper during breaks, still dressed all classy and hot.

the whole end climax couldn't be more perfect. I actually like the airplane scene aside from the parachuting. Hollywood always forgets you need more than 10 feet for your chute to work