Cash in transit heist in Lakefield

Cash in transit heist in Lakefield

The dumbest part is the vertical recording

So how does CIT work? Do they announce the routes and times? I seriously doubt these 8+ suspects set up randomly at this intersection with weapons, explosives and 4 vehicles to conduct this attack on the off chance a CIT van would be driving by...

This kind of set up... They planned this so they must have known that the trucks would be there, now how could they know that?

Any injuries/fatalities?

5 arrested, 2 security guards injured.

usually these guys have people on the inside letting them know of routes. No way it's random.

What a beautiful country full of so much culture.

...and then switching to horizontal while recording. Never switch!

While I appreciate being able to see footage like this, the guy filming is an idiot for hanging around. A stray AK round doesn't discriminate.


The minute I even see a bra with an assault rifle I will do my due duty and nope right the fuck out of there. You got balls son but you were driving and climbing out of their potential getaway car.

agriculture? aggroculture?

No but you're clearly an asshole...

Shoot the fuckers dead. It's war. No-one will cry.

Really? You reckon you will do better?

This was actually really upsetting and disturbing for me to watch. Funny how different it is in movies... Until now I never considered the potential for collateral damage and the risk to innocent bystanders.

For example, when the shooting started and the guy got out the car, my first thought was "why is he getting out of the car!? If a stray bullet comes his way at least if it hits the car, he's not so likely to get injured, but outside the car, he can get killed."

Well fuck me for having compassion. Jesus Christ no wonder the world's a steaming pile of shit with callous fuck holes like you being allowed to exist.