Carrie Fisher promoting “Return of the Jedi” at a Rolling Stone Magazine beach shoot, 1983.

Carrie Fisher promoting “Return of the Jedi” at a Rolling Stone Magazine beach shoot, 1983.

It’s worth more if the pages stick.

She was really happy when she was on coke.

I have this magazine in good quality. Was thinking of gifting it to a family member who is into Star Wars. Is it worth a lot now?

As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.


I love this photo. She looks sexy and natural.

Because that's an entire generation put to halt

[Insert Carrie Fisher witty remark on photoshoots being anything but sexy and water cold as balls]

I believe it is "I hope I slept with George to get the role, because if not… who the hell was that guy?"

Wouldn't you ?

Not just the semen, but the sewomen and sechildren too.

Didn’t she say something along the lines of “I can’t remember who I slept with to get the role, but I did”

Drug abuse aside, considering that the life expectancy of an average woman in the USA is 80, 60 is indeed too early.

She was gorgeous. It's a pity she had to leave us at such an early age.

She literally died from doing drugs. And Michael J Fox has Parkinson's disease. 2 completely different situations.

She didn't "age well" at all. She's literally dead now, and she died earlier than she normally would have, because she was still doing drugs at the time of her death.

really i like her very much

George Lucas made her strap down her boobs for ROTJ. Apparently he thought they were too big. Blasphemy.....

Define lucky? She was known for having a pretty rough life.

nah the coke made cold water feel like liquid hugs

I've committed genocide to this multiple times

She did drugs?

I'm simply not intelligent enough to give a definitive answer on this, but if I remember correctly there is not a clear link between Parkinsons and drug /alcohol abuse

While I agree it really sucks that she's gone, 60 years old isn't exactly an early age...especially for someone with such highly publicized substance-abuse issues.

Did he also say that John Williams was making the music too awesome, or that the food from craft services tasted too good?

George ruins everything!

I hate semen. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

She did drugs?

Like she was competing in the coke olympics.

She did so many drugs, that on the set of The Blues Brothers, they had to ask John Belushi to have a word with her.

Try and fathom taking so many drugs that John fucking Belushi comes up to you and goes "I think you should dial it back a bit..."

She's beautiful, but I remember her saying in some interview how upset she was that her character was remembered most for this costume, and a scene where she was a slave. She described how she was pressured to unhealthily restrict her diet and lose weight to fit into the bikini, and she never liked seeing pictures of it.

Followed by, "Some geek, I hope it was George".

"They say that religion is the opiate for the masses. Well, I took massive amounts of opiates, religiously!" - Carrie Fisher RIP

"Modern values" aside, Ridley doesn't play a character for whom promotional material like this would make sense. She plays a tough girl who the writers didn't want to rely on male characters for even a moment. There's no traditional femininity to Rey. No intentional sex appeal. A sexy photoshoot would come across as incredibly forced.

Her and Linda Carter as Wonder Woman were my first childhood crushes. Was born in '71 and, like other children back then, life revolved around the Star Wars Trilogy.

This is surprising to hear. When I lived in Germany 20 years ago it was not uncommon for a topless woman to appear in a billboard ad for pretty much anything. One I specifically remember was for cigarettes.

Imagine this today.

Here in Germany we have billboards advertising bras where the model wears a sweater because someone thought it could be sexism to show the woman in a bra.

Time for Daisy Ridley to do the same then?

Not sure what you're talking about, there are still lots of almost naked Women on billboards.

Hi its me your family member

They'd cry sexism and objectification because it would be sexist and objectifying

Damn. It's a lot easier for it to seem early when you consider this, the fact she missed out on potentially 1/4th of her entire life

Little bit

I was literally a sperm travelling for an egg at this time and won!

I wish we could go back in time....

"Reeeeee, muh good ol' days, reeeee"

Nah... Wouldn't be the same. Different appeal, different context. Fear everywhere to do the slightest sexy thing and everybody would cry of sexysm and objectification.

I bet that gave her a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Nah, 60 is a hella short life expectancy for modern times.

I've got the weirdest boner right now...

Bull fucking shit. She looked like (and walked like) an 80 year old when she was 57.

Can't tell if troll or stupid.

I guess shes lucky compared to other actors who did drugs too. She aged pretty good.

You could always try listing it on eBay for $500 or so and see if anyone takes it. I think they would. I wouldn’t, but I’m sure there is a collector out there somewhere, or even just someone that really really likes those photos. I think $500 might even be a bit low.

60 is SUPER YOUNG to die.

Really? I thought she didn't age well at all.

I fundamentally disagree that doing a beach shoot is either sexist or objectifying

Isn't it more of a fashion thing ? Bra over sweat-shirt design was a thing in Tokyo last time I went there

Yeah I don’t think it was because she was particularly happy...

My cousin (a trans midget) told me he had sex with her...

It was some very hot...Micro trans action...

I'll see myself out.

Because then she died at 60 ?

Narcotics were found in her blood during her autopsy, I’m not that knowledgeable on drugs so I’m not sure if they were illicit or not. It sucks though she was taken too soon but considering her hardships and vices it wasn’t that surprising. Edit: Spelling.

I'm more interested in how a bra might look under clothes than its potential sex appeal.

Heh. It is in almost brand new condition actually. If given as a gift am hoping it not a cheap gift. Didn't see any for sale though.

Not really. 20 is super young. 60 is young yes but not that unusual.

Every time this is reposted it loses a total of 20 pixels.

When it dries, yeah.


No, just no. There are bra ads without sweaters everywhere.

Lynda Carter... classy lady, and still looks great today.

I met Carrie Fisher a few years ago working in NYC. Pretty sure she didn’t even know who she was anymore. Such a shame. Nice lady though. Bought me a slice of pizza


Me too! Sperm buddies!


In the US we even have ads sexualizing food. Have you seen the "Food you want to Fork" ad where the guy is talking dirty to his lunch?

Nobody is afraid to be sexy, unless they are the type of person who can’t tell the difference between consentual behavior and harassment.

It was less than 3 minutes old when you commented. Give it some time.

That’s actually the life expectancy at birth. It gets longer the older you get, assuming you stay healthy. According to the calculator on, the average 60-year-old woman has a life expectancy of 86 years.

but make sure you cant see a nipple! it will ruin the children!

Note: life expectancy may change with heavy drug use.

This picture again?

Did you just complete D.A.R.E.?

Um, you know she died right? Of a heart attack? With coke in her system...

She plays a tough girl who the writers didn't want to rely on male characters for even a moment.

aka Leia...

Physically, not particularly. She literally died from it. Mentally, she was a smart lady, which is more than you can say for most long term drug users.

I would look sexy and natural too if Neptune shot a jet of ice cold water up my bungholio.

She had traces of both cocaine and heroin in her body a t the autopsy; but she didn't OD, it was a fairly ordinary heart attack, admittedly her system had been weakened by the drugs.

Don't forget MDMA. Leia partied.

I used to do coke two or three times a year (as opposed to Carrie's several times a day but still) , and I've found that I don't like it anymore. I get paranoid and unpleasantly anxious and would actually rather be alone than out partying. So I stopped doing it. Not sure why, but apparently a lot of people just stop liking it.

Oh I totally agree with that. I miss her, especially since I didn't know about the final scene in Rogue One and watched it a couple days after her death. I cried pretty hard in the movie theatre.

By that logic, you must consider this picture and this whole thread to be "sexist and objectifying".

Why not both?

Uhhh, no, you are missing the point. It is always wrong. The entire reason why people who have their careers skyrocket, and are afraid of speaking out, is the wrong part about it. These are people who will become Corey Feldman if they speak out and they know it.

And it is unavoidable. These actors and actresses are contractually obligated to be in very close quarters with really awful people. And those awful people take advantage.

I'm going to call bullshit on that, because at the Hansaring station in Koln, there's a billboard advert for cigarettes which show two girls in their underwear in a suggestive play-fight pose with eachother.

I mean it's the same with a lot of things. I used to be an avid drinker for several years. Like 5. And when I was doing it, it seemed fine. Quit for a while just cause, went to go back and realized I don't like anything about drinking.

No. God damn it, just... no. I still can't deal with this yet.

But..but...but... Erin Gray?

welcome to the club

I don’t find it that strange...the appeal of certain bras is that they do not show through your shirts/sweaters.

Sexy bras are great but sometimes leave lumps and bumps when worn under clothing. Most women like to wear sensible, comfortable bras for work and school.

An ad like this, with the model wearing a regular shirt and the human-less bra, might grab the attention of a woman because it appeals to her actual daily needs for a supportive and inconspicuous bra.

An ad with a hot lady with massive cleavage and an embellished brassiere will grab the attention of men and women- but may in fact alienate certain women who do not identify with the ad or feel like they can not compete with the ad’s model so much that the potential consumer “shuts down” the product because they see the ad as a threat to their own perceived femininity.

Perhaps what is peculiar is the idea that the advertising is geared towards women and functionality rather than overt sexuality as a selling point.

I do not feel that it is so much because of sexism but because the marketing is looking at reflecting the actual consumer’s needs instead of creating an ideal that should be aspired to and purchased.

Back to the_donald, your kind isn't welcomed here.

Cocaine is a hellova drug

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This is so painfully cringe that all I can do is give a sensible chuckle.

Edit: Yep, that post history. Sigh.

Isn’t she ded

Really? I thought everywhere but the US was all open to human sexuality and didn't get all uncomfortable at the thought of nudity. I can become a sex offender for peeing in public over here... I think it's the religious foundation of the government that makes sexual stuff all weird, and now people just are comfortable with it, but we definitely show bras on ads. Victoria's Secret ads are basically soft core porn, or at least one can treat them as such. They're really PC with their ads too, at least recently, so you get all your favorite porn genres in one catalog! Who said some guilt-forced diversity was bad?!

Dick goes here.

That includes some midgets. Or dwarfs. Whoever did the Ewoks.

16th Annual Bukkake Festival