Carl's Jr. Employees Tell Elizabeth Warren What It's Like Working for Trump's Labor Department Pick

Carl's Jr. Employees Tell Elizabeth Warren What It's Like Working for Trump's Labor Department Pick
Carl's Jr. Employees Tell Elizabeth Warren What It's Like Working for Trump's Labor Department Pick

She also said she's been held up at gunpoint twice, and the company never inquired about her well-being, just whether anything had been stolen. "I mean nothing to them," she said through tears. "I'm just somebody who covers a shift that nobody wants. All they care about is protecting their money."

I'd probably testify against that motherfucker too if I had to deal with this.

If a person works full time hours and has to still get food stamps and income assistance from the government, the company is not paying enough money to its employees.

Why not set corporate tax rates based on how many employees need social assistance of some kind? Set a base rate of tax and for whatever number of employees that the government has to support anyway, the rate goes up.

No employees need government assistance? That equals really low tax. Have many employees on government assistance? Your taxed at like 75%. It is a great incentive to pay a living wage for workers and it will also fix the economy.

That is your only thought. Not that an employer should have some sort of responsibility to care about its employees.

"If you don't like it just leave."

All they care about is protecting their money

yeah, pretty much every multinational corporation based in America (aka America's leaders)

When I was younger, I used to work for gamestop. A GA in my area got held at gunpoint. She was given free psych therapy, time off, phone calls from the regional, district, and the VP for HR.

There are companies that care (though I hear from friends that gamestop has since turned to shit)

I really like this idea. Either pay your employees more or pay the government so they can pay your employees.

"Puzder is CEO of the company that owns Hardee's and Carl's Jr., franchises that the current Labor Department has found to have violated wage laws in about 60 percent of its investigations of locations."

This is just mind boggling. When you're found to be in violation of labor laws more often than you're not; that is like the biggest fucking stamp of, I'm not the person who should be overseeing the rules.

There are people who can't "just quit their job"

(1) Doesn't want to raise the minimum wage...... Check (2) Doesn't want to pay overtime....... Check (3) Repeatedly violated wage laws...... Check (4) Unconcerned about working conditions......Check (5) Knows welfare will keep his workers alive even as his party continues its jihad against welfare.....Check

Perfect! He's the archetypal Trumpian. The question is when will the low info./low curiosity/easily riled rabble, (a.k.a. the white working class voters who make up the repuiblican base)..... who chose Trump and who've been voting republican for decades catch on to The Great White Con? How can these people be so fucking gullible?

There are companies that care

about preventing lawsuits and bad publicity.

There might be some actual people working within the company that care about the wellbeing of other human beings working with in the company.

But the company itself cares only about making money.

If you don't think teaching college classes is hard work than you know nothing. A lot more hours go into it than the lectures alone. And college professors are actually doing something that benefits society in educating our young people.

You assume shitty uncaring managers aren't symptomatic of a larger problem with the corporation. If Puzder is as horrible as everything about him indicates (read the articles or the full report which polled hundreds of Carl's Jr workers), it would not matter if it was communicated up the chain.

So now Trump is paying for shit posters?

Brought to you by Carl's Jr. Carl's Jr.: Fuck you, I'm eating.

Bingo!!!! You put my rambling almost incoherent post into words that say exactly what I meant to say but much betterly! (I know betterly isn't a word) ;)

But the company itself is abstract. Only people can work for the company.

In fact, if there is psychopathy, sure the company is the source, but it's the people who implement it.

I have to imagine that working fast food is generally miserable to begin with. Chik-fil-a might be the exception to that rule.

No he's paying for piss posters

Every time I go there the food is hot and the employees seem happy and very friendly. You get excellent customer service there.

A single mother that is paid a fair wage is no more likely to get social assistance than a regular family. If people were actually paid fairly, one parent would be able to stay home with the kids and actually raise their own children.

I think they'd be the worst. It just seems off there... like a Tim Burton movie off. I wouldn't be surprised to find out managers force feed Prozac to the employees at the beginning of their shifts.

No need to call him a member of the alt right. Mainstream conservatives also have a long history of corporate boot licking.

She also said she's been held up at gunpoint twice,


Guzman said she is barely scraping by—unable to fix her car, with rent and bills eating up her paycheck. "I work almost every day and am still considered poor," she said. "I live on housing assistance, food stamps, and Medicaid just to survive. If I didn't survive on these things, I would be homeless with my kids."

And now they want to abolish healthcare and footstamps... And that's an already full time worker. She has no possibility to "just work more".

Rising the minimal wage and benefits would be necessary to allow that kind of people to, say, repay all the unpaid bill & fixing her car. Because otherwise it's obvious her boss will never pay her more to do so.

Puzder is CEO of the company that owns Hardee's and Carl's Jr., franchises that the current Labor Department has found to have violated wage laws in about 60 percent of its investigations of locations

Especially when he seem to routinely commits wage theft.

"Mr. Puzder also has a long record of cheating workers out of overtime," Warren said Tuesday. "And he has paid out millions of dollars to settle claims when he was caught cheating."

So he asks them to "work hard" but don't even pay them on top of it. Noice /S.

What type of logic is that. Just job for job to job because you don't like it? Then how does that make her work history look to the next potential employer?

Sounds like an incentive to not hire single mothers.

That is something that people have been manipulated into believing. It has only been since the late 60's that a single income started to become insufficient. There have been many things that have engineered the situation to what it is now but what you are suggesting is what people have been "educated" to believe is right. It may be factual that a single person can scrape by on minimum wage and a family can't but that does not make that right or even necessary. It is very easy for companies to squeeze impoverished workers with no power.

They can be bigots on a macro level who treat their employees well on a micro level. Aside from people's anecdotes about service, the thing that speaks most to me is that CFA has upper management come from corporate to work in stores. I've personally been served by a director of marketing. That's the kind of action that helps make sure employees stay happy and are well treated.

But the company itself is abstract.

and then we got citizen's united

Living beyond ones means is way different. Having to choose between food and rent is a real struggle for lots of people. Most do not live beyond their means. They just can't make it up to a basic standard of living on the pay they receive.

The people you are referring to likely don't qualify for many or all of the social assistance programs because if your assets or income level are at a certain level, they will not consider you for assistance. They will direct you to sell assets or to use bankruptcy proceedings to alleviate debt. Apples and oranges really.

You seem to assume she's not trying to leave. She's likely job hunting or in school.

The choice between working a terrible job or not being able to eat and pay rent is not a choice. Be realistic.

As a former GS employee, I'll correct you, but only slightly. There are PEOPLE who care. There is CULTURE that cares. But if a company doesn't adhere to a caring CULTURE, then those people won't care. And if people don't adhere to that CULTURE, then the culture doesn't matter.

I will say that GS varied wildly from both extremes on this spectrum, and everywhere in between.

Why not set corporate tax rates based on how many employees need social assistance of some kind?

Because corporations and the rich are the ones with power and our political class is more concerned with keeping them happy than doing what's best for the majority of human beings living within their country.

Who said that she would be? Nice try on the deflection though. Typical Right tactics.

Well the report published yesterday shows that it is a systemic problem. But, whatever, that's just data and facts. Don't let those get in the way of your alt right narrative.

"I mean nothing to them," she said through tears. "I'm just somebody who covers a shift that nobody wants. All they care about is protecting their money."

Correct. That's why it's called "Human Resources" and not "Department of employees who are valued as people, not just labor."


Well I mean you could continue to poke one sentence holes in his one paragraph solution or we could seek to modify it to make it work better?

Either way it's not like this is going to become law, so doesn't matter?

I think CFA largely follows business practices that align well with their Christian sense of business ethic. And it pays off.

They are a tad pricyier than other fast food places, but they are damn good quality products they offer, so I'd view that as a win.

Their employees are generally happier too I think because they are not treated like total shit like other places tend to do. They are always very well staffed it seems, and I would say the fact that they are not open super late like other places, and always have Sunday off go a LONG way towards helping employees stay mentally well, and not get super burnt out. I know when I worked at a grocery store, getting a consistent day off was a huge boon to my mental health, working totally random hours on random days all the time can wear a lot of people down I think.

You act like corporations aren't just a bunch of people and a few governing documents. The corporation might be a separate legal entity, but that's just for liability purposes. It doesn't make it actually a thinking, feeling person. In fact, the corporation is supposed to ABSORB lawsuits. What you're thinking of is a Delaware court decision that says corporations only exist for the financial benefit of the shareholders, which is one view of what corporations should be, and honestly, again, the view of a person.

Acting like they're some different thing is exactly what lets shitty people who only care about making money attain those heights of power. We should hold the people to a high standard as well.

Most people would probably start cooperating with the bandits after that.

Employees should just cooperate with the bandits regardless. You're life is worth more than the $500 in the till that's insured anyway.

I know a few Trump voters. There is no changing their mind. They still see nothing wrong with what's happening. They still say this is "better than Hillary". From one perspective you'd think speaking reasonably and logically would persuade them, but it doesn't. From the other perspective, people are angry and to them it doesn't matter how they criticize Trump supporters. Part of the aim is to shame them into realizing what they did was bad so maybe they'll think a bit more next time around. But that doesn't work because it just makes them angry and more defensive. It's gonna take a lot of people getting fucked over hard before some hard truths are realized.

You're a piece of shit. No more sugar coating for Trump monkeys.

Wow. There are some seriously stupid people in the world.

Good thing Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood. That will absolutely help with low income individuals popping out children. Oh and let's just teach abstinence-only sex education while we're at it, so that people have no idea what happens after sex (hint: children).

Well, that most likely lands on a shitty low level manager. I would certainly think (hope?) that information was not communicated up the chain as it should have been.

I've worked at Chick-Fil-A. Best part time job I ever had.

Carl's Jr: Fuck you, I'm eating!

Excellent questions. Lack of access to health care services probably answers one. A lack of education is likely the answer to the other.

By their powers combined, and all that....

Have you ever gone to a Chik-fil-a? They are the friendliest group of fast food employees I have ever seen.

Nice astroturf job, bruh.

I work for fortune 500 utility and any incident to any of our crew/employee is cascaded to the entire organization. Every year we hold All Hands Meeting where we have a guest speakers talking about job safety since we had a few fatalities. Also, by sharing this information we can learn from them. Any organization that fails to recognize who really keeps them afloat is doomed to fail.

The fast food and casual dining industry has been well aware for decades, that by putting their stores right by freeway exits, they make their stores prime candidates for armed robbery.

(Read "Fast Food Nation" about this. They've known for 20 years.)

I do power sector R&D, and I have the highest respect for the utilities. But other sectors of our economy are simply not like that.

No but the argument is that an individual living on their own can live off minimum wage.

My life example: I worked at a farm during one of my summers during University I was being paid $10.25 an hour and my coworker a single mother had 2 kids and complained to me she couldn't live off that meanwhile I was more than conformable.

A single mother that is paid a fair wage is no more likely to get social assistance than a regular family.

Except those fast food jobs are not worth much statistically at fast food places where automatic chasiers are much easier to install. San Francisco, Seattle, and LA have had fast food companies install more than 2x the projected Kiosk machines because of the projected Min-wage increase.

Minimum wage is for 1 person not a family.

Just like those prostitutes wrecked trumps suit and then bed sheets

Really? That's the best you got?

You right. Only the rich and sucessfull should get to have any say. /s

I don't think they expect anyone to stop robberies, it's just the way Carl's handled the aftermath indicates they don't give a damn about their employees.

Fast food workers aren't robots. You can't just expect someone to shrug off being held at gunpoint with absolutely zero emotional interest from their employers. They didn't even ask if she was okay!

It's incredibly demoralizing, working for a place you know doesn't even see you as human.

Does her personal choices have any factor in what was being discussed? It seems like a slippery slope to start telling someone like this that they are accountable for having a bad job because of having children. We simply do not know everything about her, and the course her life took to really back up that kind of claim in any reasonable way.

Try 'bigly'! That's a word, at least.

don't worry, the obvious self reliant conservative advice is obvious, she should get a better job/not have a job meant for highschool kids. it's so obvious.

/s i think.

edit: lol i didn't have to go far to find it

Why don't the poor simply inherit more coal?

Exactly what's wrong with her? She can always just work at an investment firm or if she doesn't like that just borrow a million from her dad and open up her own Carl's Jr and be her own boss. Gosh these people amiright?

Honestly I don't understand it myself, I was down at the local golf club and I asked my friend why don't these poor people just buy a house and move in it? What do they do with the million dollar inheritance that each American gets when their grandparents pass away?

Which explains why AmEx has an internal infirmary in their corporate buildings.

I was shocked when I worked there to see that.

A gun point robbery is not a typical thing you hear on the agenda every morning. It should've been an all hands on deck issue.

Hey why doesn't everyone just have more money amirite? /S

Not in most places. Out in the sticks maybe but 10 and change an hour will not pay rent, car, insurance and all the associated bills unless you live like a hermit and have no hobbies or outside interests.

"McJobs" are for teenagers and bored empty nesters, but that's not the reality we're living in.

If you want to talk about a plan to get able-bodied adults with children out of minimum wage work, I'm all ears, but talking about how things are 'sposed to be, isn't worth particularly much.

it's a weird mix of paid russians in the troll factory, normal russians and eurofascists that got brainwashed by rt and sputnik propaganda and one or two actual americans

Your attitude is the problem. Unless you were being sarcastic. I hope you were.

It is. Shit hours, shit pay and get treated like shit.

If anyone has had a different experience thank your lucky fucking stars.

Source: Have worked at multiple fast food places.

It's not the kind of job that comfortably support 0 kids in a lot of situations.

So... the company was right to dehumanize her?

Well, i just find it strange why people even give a shit anymore because its obvious the corporate masters dont care about us. I used to work in a field where the shrink/theft losses totaled about $1.8 Billion a year. I always wondered why the amount wasn't higher given how little people were being paid. Probably going to find out under the new American overlords.

I have heard that In-n-Out is also pretty good to employees.

Why is the right adamant that we all stay wage slaves? No one needs a job- we need food, water, healthcare, education and love. No job needed to live! Many can still work and earn, but keeping people in a serf position doesn't help them or the economy.

If you work at Carl's Jr for 20 years, you're gonna have a bad time