Can't wait for the new Ubisoft game this year!

Can't wait for the new Ubisoft game this year!

Someone at Ubisoft is grumbling while scratching this off their notepad.

"You didn't see the movie, now play the game!"

More like scratching off "add remaining content in form of DLC chunks"

A 3 hour cut scene with one quick time event somewhere near the middle.

Right under "Add more towers - people love those!"

Which you are thrown into without warning. You obviously fail it and are forced to watch the first hour and a half over again.

I wonder if there will be a pop up before the movie that forces everyone to sign up for uplay to watch the movie.

"More towers! I saw 'more towers', GUYS I WAS RIGHT!"

"A playstation, Xbox & PC EXCLUSIVE title!"

No no don't post this! Someone at Ubisoft is going to see it and think you're serious!

The problem with the movie is we don't stick with Spanish McSpainface long enough to care about him or his romances. Frankly, the Spanish Inquisition would have made a better game.

And each time the QTE is put at a different part of the movie.

It was a solid 6/10. Pacing was weird at times. And the bleeding effect makes 100% more sense with how the animus works in the movie.

Is it actually?

Yeah you could really tell they knew what fans of the games wanted to see on the big screen

I know my favourite parts of the games are the Modern era bits I remember playing Black Flag and thinking when can I skip all this Pirate Bullshit and start walking around with my fancy tablet again

That would be unexpected.

i would actually LOVE an assassins creed set during the Spanish inquisition.

Fassbender is the best part IMO. The rest is just kind of there.

then it crashes halfway through

Get 60 on a test and call it solid.

"Bug Free"

"I SAW TOWERS AGAIN GUYS! Stop working on those climbing controls! MORE TOWERS!"

It's like Ratchet And Clank! Oh wait.

Not towers fuck that, but with the improved climbing controls I wouldn't mind some cathedrals/catacombs climbing puzzles where I don't accidentally jump to my death. They were always beautiful just way too frustrating.

The movie was 85% modern scenes. The Ancient stuff was alright but the modern stuff was terrible. Rather like the games imo.

And the volume slowly raises until you mash the buttons.

Movie was okay (needed another half-hour for character development), game was fantastic.

if they do that there should be no trailers or announcement, the game would simply be out, because nobody expects the Spanish inquisition

exclusive to ubisofts new systen the xstation. powerfull enough to run most modern games at 480p

It is a little ironic how the film lacks blood for a movie about assassin's.

Assassins creed the movie: the game: the musical: Telltale game: the TV show: the game.

"Feature Free"



This is the problem with the whole x/10 rating system for games. We get so in the whole school bullshit grading nonsense that it skews our perception of how to rate things.

5 should be purely average. A 7 should NOT be average. I mean, if 7 is average, there's only 3 steps above and 7 steps below for possible ratings.

It's not a bug, it's a feature!

Jeremy Irons and Marion Cotillard were legit I thought

"servers are unavailable at this time...try again later"

I always saw it as:

10/10 Best thing ever made

9/10 My favorite

8/10 Really Good

7/10 Good

6/10 Okay

5/10 Meh

4/10 Bad


2/10 How did this get made?

1/10 WOW (or The worst thing ever made)

I never give out 10/10, and I never give out 1/10

I just hope we get some good looking and varied environments, and not just "generic sandy city #1".

Guys I'm seeing a lot of the word "towers"

I personally go by:

10/10: Best ever made

9/10: Masterpiece

8/10: Amazing

7/10: Great

6/10: Good

5/10: Okay

4/10: Meh

3/10: Bad

2/10: I pirated this and I still feel ripped off

1/10: How was this published anywhere?

I don't give 10s, but I have given 1s before.

Been done...

Why not? Movie is great

Wow I regret voicing my opinion that's not approved by the PROFESSIONAL CRITICSTM

I think they said the next one will be set in Egypt? That's pretty cool.


Why play a straight forward Pirate Game when you can play a pirate simulation within a game.

And locked behind a smartphone companion app.

Hey man, curves save lives

I thought it was not a good movie. The best parts of the game were not very evident. There was no character development whatsoever. The acting was good, but that's about it.

2/10: I pirated this and I still feel ripped off

Time spent that you will never get back.

pre order for only $100 to recieve early access to the server beta

Or because most VG adaptations are shit films. The only one I've REALLY enjoyed was the first Silent Hill and even that had a lot of problems.

So we're set right? We're going with towers?


Write that down, one giant nose on dolph lun- on a giant tower!!!

(I picture the developers of these games being as qualified as the writers of "the fifth sense")

More like adding the bullet point "ensure all content is additional, paid DLC"

Rockin that sweet 17% RT score

assassin's what?

Then you have to restart the section because there's no way in hell Ezio didn't hug da Vinci.

I want ninjas. Or vikings.

Towers would be fun if there were more creative approaches and less 'solve this one way.' I liked in Far Cry 3 you could circumvent some towers. You get to skip the 20 min climbing puzzle and all you have to do is solve the 40 min 'which mountain can I wingsuit onto this tower from' puzzle.


Even though the games aren't really stealth games, I usually play them like they are (I really like stealth games), so the struggle to the top and then the map unveiling are a pretty decent pay-off.

Dude, that's some third world level torture right there...

And of course who could forget the upcoming musical of the game of the movie?

I understand the circle jerk but honestly I've never had a problem with uPlay or launching Black Flag for that matter...

Yeah Jeremy Irons was awesome.

Only now they use a different button input to throw you off and because the developers like to eat a bag of dicks (looking at you resident evil 4, you beautiful bitch.

Someone at Ubisoft is grumbling while scratching this off their notepad.

Or going "Dammit, someone figured out our plans!"

It was pretty awful

"Not repetitive"

The "really cool historic action" probably totaled 10 minutes in a two hour movie about ancient assassins. It was a horrid adaptation of a game that would actually lends itself really well film.

Hey, Ratchet and Clank 2016 was a game based on a shit movie based on a game, and that turned out great!

Wait -- am I really the only guy who actually likes the damn towers?

I heard falling through the ground in new and interesting ways.


I found it very bland. The thing about trying to take two full-length stories and fit both of them into a movie with a normal runtime is that neither one is going to have enough time to be given justice. Not enough time is spent with most of the characters to even remember their names, let alone really care about them, which makes most scenes feel like they've got no weight to them. And like everyone else said, it makes the pacing really wonky.

That, and the fact that the protagonist goes from "unfamiliar with assassins and templars, just a regular guy who committed multiple felonies and draws a lot" to literally killing the Abstergo CEO with perfect stealth & speed, taking the Apple of Eden, and forming & leading a group of modern assassins in the course of a single movie makes the Assassin's Creed universe look a lot weaker than it actually is.

EDIT: the one thing I will praise the film for is how it handled the Animus desync (usually a standard Game Over in the games). They did a great job of depicting it true to the game series while also making it fit properly in the movie.

I'm so sick of people hopping on the bandwagon against Ubisoft. The sales for the franchise have dropped since Unity and Syndicate and yet I see more people complaining than ever before. It's almost like no one comes up with an opinion of their own anymore but rather they just make fun of whatever the internet tells them. I recently started playing The Last of Us (the holy grail of gaming according to most) and that game is full of glitches and repetitive gameplay but it gets a pass because it's not cool to make fun of Naughty Dog. I'm not saying TLOU is a bad game but rather the opposite. Just because a game has a few bugs and gameplay that doesn't appeal to everyone doesn't mean it's a bad game. I have friends that like No Man's Sky but you would never believe it's possible for someone to like that game of you lived in the vacuum that is the internet. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean no one else does.

"no season pass"

Cs get degrees.

The second scene in the cafeteria summed it up quite well "What the fuck is going on?"

I liked having the outside storyline when it felt like there was stakes or a purpose, like with Desmond.

The visuals are amazing, and the action is pretty good. And the movie does a great job accurately depicting the lore of the games and preserving canon.

/u/wolverhollow is the guy who originally posted this, I remember because it wasn't too long ago. I remember laughing my ass off that he felt the need to watermark a Reddit post, like chill my guy.

Heh, reminded me of Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game...

I'm not saying it's wrong but critics ALWAYS give VG movies bad scores JUST because they're VG adaptations.

Your mom never passes up a D!

Could be during the era when Rome or Alexander's generals ruled it? Not sure how much they changed the architecture, but it could make interesting events

An accurate description of the AC franchise.

Towers would be fun if there were more creative approaches and less 'solve this one way.'

I liked in Far Cry 3 you could circumvent some towers. You get to skip the 20 min climbing puzzle and all you have to do is solve the 40 min 'which mountain can I wingsuit onto this tower from' puzzle.

It was in the first one... R&C2 had the ryno 2

I always just jumped on the race track and used whatever weapon broke boxes to get infinite bolts to afford it though

Towers be fun

New pirate theme game confirmed.

I can't even get Black Flag to start thanks to the damn thing.

Really? It should be that you give a 10/10 out once and a 1/10 out once--at least the way you described it. If not, there's absolutely no point for them to exist.

"Season Pass 1"

"Season Pass 2"

"Season Pass 3"

Followed by the new "All-Access Pass"

As an assassin's creed game, black flag was alright. However, it is the best pirate game ever made imo

Same great storyline, but better graphics and mechanics. I hate collecting hollocards for the ryno though. Was that in the first one?

You can run the games at 1080p for only an additional $10.00!!

*Regional rates and standard fees may apply to this micro transaction.

Ohh, i cant wait for the book adaptation of the movie of the musical of the game of the movie! Heard it is the best of them, they might even turn it into a cartoon series.

The ryno was in the future series. It was just a fun easy weapon to get after beating the game that made it easy mode.

And the movie of the musical of the game of the movie?

Well, black flag had cool boat stuff.

You have never played dark souls 1 my friend. There is a part where you are in the rafters of a catheral. The rafter are just like 2-3 ft wide beams and attacks can knock you back. Your attacks can also lunge you forward a little if you are melee

not just melee. Magic & throwables also make you take a step forward