Can't cage the fluff

Despite all my cage I'm still just a fluff in a rage

I love the bulldog looking out that window like "Run man!"

Billy Corgi?

How are dogs so cute??

the smashing pupkins

Jeff Goldblum- "He did it! The son of a bitch did it!"

Yea because if it kept going you'd see the guy grab the cage but the dog kept running forward. Unfortunately the cage bars were sharp so it cut the dog up into slices. Horrified people everywhere

It's the Top Priority for the International Dog Community to be cute, good boys, and lick the heck outta your face when you come home.


Melon Collie and the Infurnite Sadness

Bulldog With Butterfly Wings

You can't lock up the darkness...

To shreds you say


Came here to say that...he's totally cheering him on lol


Here is a story about a corgi named Billy.

You’re walking in the woods, on a normal Tuesday evening. Strangely enough, the birds aren’t singing. You get bored and start to sing Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira. Your hips shaking violently when suddenly you see a torn-up piece of paper nailed to a large bush. You’re not sure why someone chose to nail a piece of paper to a bush when there are plenty of optimal paper-nailing trees around. Regardless, you walk up to the paper, and at first it looks like a lost dog poster. Once you get a closer look, however, you conclude that it’s nothing important. In fact, it is a lost dog poster after all, but you’re too focused on your interpretive dancing to realize this. By now the song has switched to Stayin’ Alive by Bees Gees. You continue your trek along the path, but there is no one around to appreciate how groovy you are.

Out of nowhere, a dapper corgi appears. It lets out a single woof and trots out of sight. You follow its footsteps. You are led to a small cave with countless bottles of champagne lying around that the dog must have stolen. You are speechless, but then remember that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. You fill your backpack with as many bottles as you can while the corgi viciously licks your right shoe. You name him Tuesday, because today is Tuesday. You aren’t very creative. You pick up Tuesday. You finish your walk and come out on the other side of the forest. Standing there, waiting, is Richard Nixon. He lets out a soft chuckle that exposes a heavy Canadian accent. He thanks you for finding his corgi, whose real name is Billy. He offers to buy you a beer as a sign of his gratitude, and you gladly accept, offering him a bottle of champagne in return. You realize right after that this is not how it works. You hand him a bottle anyways.

A few hours later, you meet in an Irish pub. He orders something you’ve never heard of before. When the bartender asks what you’d like, you slowly turn your head towards Nixon, and you lock eyes. After exactly two seconds, you say, “I would like a nice glass of water.” Nixon is stunned. His jaw drops approximately half of an inch and he looks at the ceiling with his arms spread wide. He shouts something incoherent in Shakespearean English and falls to his knees. He looks you directly in the eye as a single tear rolls down his cheek. He graciously falls, in slow motion, to the floor. You look at the bartender and he looks at you. You just now realize that the bartender is a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is now stroking Billy’s luscious fur. Billy says but two words: “bork bork.” You are overwhelmed with emotion at the deeper meaning in this message and are too busy crying to notice him ascend into heaven. Sleep tight pupper.

I'ma hafta stop you right there, because you disrespecting me without the "uh"

What's the IDC's stance on the proper tricks to treat ratio? Sources tell me some dogs have to perform 5 to 6 tricks for a single treat. Any comment?

Life finds a way.

1970 Canine.

To bite, To bite

Its ruff.

Because for thousands of years we only let the cute ones breed.

To shreds you say?

Ava Labrador.

Starring Dog : Nic Cage Owner: Nick Fury

How's the wife holding up?

Border Collie* and the Infurnite Sadness

Chowrub Rock

The little piece of fluff on the camera lens is driving me batty.

I keep trying to wipe it off my screen.

People like yourself make Reddit a beautiful place.

Or just living vicariously through him

Hmm. My dog told me it's 5 to 6 treats per trick. I may be getting bamboozled.

What did I just read

I see it says 멍스터! I find this hilarious. Little 멍스터 running away.

Edit: Also: 'mung mungy' which is Hangul for puppy. Thank you for explaining it better than I can!

man, same title and everything


Totally thought they were in a laundry mat and I was confused as all Hell until you mad me look deeper.

This is what happens when you take Ambien but you go on reddit instead of sleeping.

I'm pawsitive the ratio is set at 1:6 [Trick:Treat]

That's how you get a heckin' fat doggo.

I'm outta here. Chow!


Then someone will say what is lost can never be fetched


In case anyone is wondering, that is a play on the word "monster" written in Korean Hangul and the Korean equivalent of woof, which is "mung".

Edit: Corrected.

Yep! "Mong" is the Korean equivalent of "woof," so 멍스터 basically means woof + (mon)ster = woofster.

Homer Simpson - smiling politely.

Survival of the cutest.

Think about all the weird dog breeds that exist today, then imagine what dogs will look like in another 20,000 years.


Typical Chow Chow: "How can I be a pain in your ass today?"

if it makes you feel better, it was the top post the last time this was posted

Wow look, a reposted top comment on a reposted post.

What did you just say?

People like yourself make Reddit a beautiful place.

As per the 2017 standard, the IDC holds the ratio of one treat per second as ideal.

"Tricks" are deprecated since the Doge Convention of 1999, when manipulation of humans through specific, stereotyped behavior was recognized as bad form overall, having the Council voted for the positive, scientific approach of being generally cute and a good boye as tools of persuasion.

Can't cage the repost


Nature... Um, uh, mmm... nature, uh, finds, uh, a way, mmm.

Nick Furry

Like this.

(For context, that's a science fiction series in which interplanetary communication and travel broke down, leading to a new dark age on a distant planet. Because there were no horses on the planet at the time of the fall, they instead bred giant dogs for their weird technobarbarian cavalry)


(For context, that's a science fiction series in which interplanetary communication and travel broke down, leading to a new dark age on a distant planet. Because there were no horses on the planet at the time of the fall, they instead bred giant dogs for their weird technobarbarian cavalry)

Reposts are one thing, but reposting with the original title? That's just a tad too whorey.

Needs more jpeg

10/10 better title than the original.

Do what now

bork bork

i cri evrytiem

YEah I was at a bed and breakfast in Cuba where they had two chows - one was literally about 80lbs (I know they dont get that big. It got that big). They basically dictated whether or not I was allowed to leave the room to go pee in the middle of the night. Occasionally they allowed it.

Can confirm: am owned by a Chow.

"Can't cuff the fluff"

"Run m8!"

We prefer to call them husky

To me, you've been dog for centuries

Okay, that's how you get a heckin' fat husky.

The Razor at its best. I salute you.

Ah yes, like momma used to read me.

He's the Andy Dufresne of dogs; get busy living, or get busy being a good doggo.

No cage can hold the fluff

Yea that too. He looks pretty well locked up haha

I came here to say this. I was like, wow, only the thousandth time I've seen this... wait, what bulldog... holy shit that's not a laundry mat. Mind fucking blown.

Isn't it actually mongster?


That bulldog is essentially the Randal Patrick McMurphy to the other doggo's Chief Bromden.

I am disgusted.

Pomeranian what is lost can never be saved.

Sleep tight.

I'm glad he did because I haven't seen it yet and I loved it.

The series started publishing 26 years ago in '91. That's like 2600 years in internet time. Let's see how good you look after 2600 years.

Alpha indeed

To shreds you say?

I thought the pup dropped a deuce for a second there...

Holy shit

To shreds you say!?

Can confirm, have Chow fur all over me as we speak.

I was reading this with the music to murderous Shia LaBeouf song in my head and was disappointed that didn't end with more excitement.

This one got out

My sweet child, it's because they were forged by the evil sorcerer Zlatan Ibrahimovic himself - only swedish/bosnian magic can be this cute

Technically I'm still in the cage. I've done nothing wrong.

A good boy for centuries. Yes you are!

Chow Chow. Have one. They're the most loveable asshole you'll ever meet.

yeah, i think it's a combo of monster and 멍멍 (barking sound)

James Shiba Inu