Can't believe this is the battery they ship with the Wii U Gamepad. (Separate extended battery underneath)

Can't believe this is the battery they ship with the Wii U Gamepad. (Separate extended battery underneath)

Dear Nintendo, Why would you ship your flagship item with a reduced capacity for usage?

Dear Valued Customer, $$$$

They talked about this many times.

The answer is weight, more people are concerned about weight than battery life ( apparently. )

Weight became one of the biggest limiting factors acting upon the design of the gamepad, and most features are catered to it.

If you feel unsatisfied with the battery life of the stock gamepad, and hear somebody complaining about how tired their arms get holding the thing, smack them upside the head. Its their fault.

... there's a fucking screen and speakers in it.

And it's wirelessly connected to the console. I agree, 4 hours isn't terrible.

Bonus points for using the "heavy" gamepad to smack them.

One reason I hate wireless things. Batteries do not last forever. I for one do not mind having to plug in to play.

The battery life is terrible, it lasts 4 hours or less. The Wii U Pro controller however has an 80 hour battery life. 80. It's ridiculous.

Thought experiment:

Would you still have made this post if the battery bay was a snug fit and the extended battery was the same size?

The Wii U has a pretty damn long charge cable that comes with the system.

This injures the gamepad

Well, believe it.

Rare earth metals are getting rarer and more expensive all the time. Batteries are not cheap to produce and it makes perfect business sense if it brings down the base price of the console itself.

When it dies, plug in a cord.

Problem solved forever.


That's usually followed by my favorite response of "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT ISN'T COVERED BY YOUR WARRANTY?!!!?"

I work at a GameStop. Since Christmas I've had 3 plus fathers/mothers come in saying "oh the screen broke on their controller because they got angry."

.. fucking really?

Have you used it? The battery life is great, better than many other controllers despite the touch screen. They just left extra room for extended batteries. They could've doubled the screen resolution too, are they supposed to lose hundreds on every controller or something?

Isn't this the opposite of that though, instead of making just one big battery they are essentially making 1 and a half? Of which the majority of the larger ones might not sell and when someone buys one they just do what with the old one?

Yeah we know, but Dakagoo claims that:

The battery life is great, better than many other controllers

Which is demonstrably false.

"Excuse me, ma'am, if I could direct your attention to Paragraph 4, Line 6 of the Nintendo Wii U warranty statement: 'Warranty shall be considered null and void in cases of fire, flood, or shitty parenting'. Thank you, next customer!"

Nah, my dog caught the charging cord and flung the game pad across the room from a coffee table to hardwood, not a single issue with it. You could crack skulls before you damage it.

The battery life is terrible, it lasts 4 hours or less.

Oh how I long for the days when I could play video games for more than 4 hours at once... Since getting the Wii U 2 years ago the gamepad died on my playing exactly once. Good thing you can plug it in and play while it's charging.

No, but thats why products arent usually sold in half empty containers. If the container is full the consumer feels they are getting more. This obviously does not apply for chips or candy, because lying to children with big boxes is easy.

Yeah having a Game Gear meant using a wall adapter or changing out SIX AA batteries every 3-5 hours

Dear "Valued" Customer, why do you never actually play any of our games because if you did you would actually realize they all have their own unique gameplay details and quirks? Dear Nintendo, $$$$, I have none. Like really. Please complain about games you've owned, and not just read the title of.

Good news everyone! The Wii U comes with a really long adapter chord. You can plug it in and use it all day long.

Because fuck you, that's why.

Because when you're using a device that's running a screen, speakers while constantly streaming video, polling sensors and transmitting controller data on pretty much a cell phone battery, that's kind of to be expected? Most mid-low end phones and tablets have <6 hours of battery life when put through the same usage as well.

The PS4 controller is just a controller.. and is running <12 hours of battery life when it's predecessor and it's competitors are running 20+ hours. The complaints kind of make sense in that context.

Then you can have a wired device and everyone is happy.

Oh, if only it could be plugged in or something...

How soon they forget. I went through 25 years of controllers with wires, hell I remember the days when you avoided buying wireless at all costs because they were heavy and didn't work most of the time.

It's pretty small, but it hasn't been an issue for me yet. I prefer playing with the Pro controller most of the time and that has amazing battery life. I appreciate that they made it an option to upgrade to a larger battery for those who use the gamepad as their primary controller, but if you leave it in the dock or plugged in all the time and only take it out when you're playing it, it's not really an issue, or it isn't for me at least. I've only had to plug it in while playing a few times due to low battery and I've had it for about 9 months.

4-5 hours is more than most casual gamers need most of the time and if you need more, there's the extended battery. I really don't think it's anything to be upset about.

Honestly, when I first got my Wii U the weight of the gamepad really shocked me. I thought I was going to hate playing with it for extended periods of time, really hate it, but it was just so light. Like, eerie light.

I grew to not mind it at all and then enjoy it. It reminds me of the old Xbox Duke days.

Switched a single battery with the remote battery just to get some juice out of it.

Now a days that is my ritual with the vibrator. I've evolved from the game gear to an 8speed rabbit.

Especially with a, what 7 inch screen, and a 1500mah battery? That's pretty impressive in my book.

That's true but it lasts way longer than 2 hours.

I'm tempted to scroll through and see how many times you needed to say this.

Because batteries have limited numbers of charge cycles? Batteries work that way.

But the claim was:

The battery life is great, better than many other controllers

Which is just not true.

Opening controller settings pauses the show. Exiting the controller settings after turning off the display automatically turns the display back on, since you need the display to unpause the show.

I just plug it in and keep playing when I do anyway.

That's the nice thing about it. With a console that's TV reliant I'd have to move somewhere either too close or too far from the screen to charge. With the gamepad I just keep looking at the controller as always.

Be proactive and run packing tape along it. It'll look like dogshit but it'll be the effort you put in it right?

You're not going to tear it by accident unless you're using it for jump rope maybe.

ITT Nintendo Defense Squad on full alert.

the vita alone also costs the same price as the WiiU console...

What chord does it come with? E minor?

Paid $20 for an extended battery charger. Basically an extra battery that plugs in the outside of the wiiu gamepad and can be turned on to charge it. Almost tripled the battery life. I'd recommend

Then when you were desperate you would switch around the batteries hoping that one of the batteries still held enough to keep playing.

If only it were so easy. I work for a warranty company and deal with people like the one described daily, but for appliances and TVs. As soon as you tell them it's not covered the first thing out of their mouth is, "But when I bought it the representative told me it covers EVERYTHING."

Everything does not include when your kid doesn't have a strap on his Wii-mote and it cracks the panel of your TV. If the warranty covered every yahoo who threw a rock at their TV they would never make any money.

But also as thin and dainty as a sliver of string cheese. I wish that was a bit thicker. I'm worried I'll tear it by accident.

On the other hand, the Pro Controller's battery life feels like it lasts forever.

And the standard battery lasts 3-4 hours... That's a long enough gaming marathon for most gamers, recharging the Gamepad is a good natural intermission.

yeah, most phones wouldn't get that much screen on time

Rarer, yes, more expensive for sure, but don't get fooled by the name "rare earth metals"

E.g. Are rare earth metals rare?

It's probably a cost-cutting measure. Nintendo's business strategy has seemingly always been to price cheaper than their competitors.

You're right that the cellular radio requires way more energy than Bluetooth, but the cellular radio gets to be idle the majority of the time. The controller is constantly streaming/decoding video...

I'm sure quite a bit of engineering time went into getting that kind of battery life.

This is the company that still ships the 3ds without a charger, I'm surprised they included a battery at all.

Sounds like you had a faulty battery.

Meh.. I've never played with it long enough once to justify a bigger battery..

Do you... own a wii u? It lasts 4 hours tops...

I had a customer at Walmart demand a replacement TV after his son stabbed it with a screw driver because he didn't have the service plan we sell. His logic was when his wife bought the TV she asked if she should get the the service plan and claims the associate told her it wasn't worth it. That meant it was Walmart's fault he didn't have the plan and we needed to replace the TV, regardless of the fact the the plan didn't cover his brat plunging a screwdriver into the TV. He tried this bullshit on every level of management in the store as well as home office. After being shoot down by corporate he called regional ( a step down) who made us give him a better TV then be bought.

Edit: it bears mentioning that in later conversions with management the TV fail over magically all on its own rather than been stabbed. I was the 2nd person he talked to before it fell but it had fallen by time my store manager tasked to him.

Not while watching Netflix, unless they've changed it very recently.

It ate AA batteries, and it was stupid, and the "rechargeable" packs were just cheap repackaged NiMH batteries.

Lots of products come in half-empty containers. It sucks, but is super common.

Might be something to do with the fact it has no screen.

The rarity of rare earth metals isn't an issue. Extracting and processing them is highly polluting, China is the only country with the industry and lax enough regulation to do it in significant quantity. Supposedly Toyota is making progress through

The battery life is great

In what universe ? PS4 is ridiculed for having controller that holds only 8-10 hours, but some nintendo fanboys will makes claims like this about less that 4 hour battery life...

Phones also connect to a wireless cellular network, not just bluetoothed to a console.

Potato chips.. but to be fair that's so the chips aren't turned to crumbs or so they say

The point is that raising the price point of the console means less consoles sold, which also translates to less accessories sold. By keeping the console itself down, they can sell more, which means they will also sell more of the extra batteries and any other parts people need.

Plus, not everyone needs the larger battery. I play with my gamepad plugged in half the time anyways, and only killed the battery once in the time I've owned it because I forgot to plug it in from the day before.

It offers unique gameplay functionality (e.g. hide and seek) and also allows you to play the Wii U without a TV or in another room (range depending).

It is a trade-off to be sure, but it isn't automatically bad like you're implying.