Can't believe I'm saying this, but ladies...

Can't believe I'm saying this, but ladies...

No! Definitely Do this! That way guys can ignore them

nahh. They post their wedding photos because it's the only pic of them before gaining all the post wedding weight...

It's not just the ladies

I agree. At least their they're being honest on Tinder. It's advertising that they just want a quick bang.

That guy doesn't look 29.

It might be the only pic they have where they're under 200lb.

Daaayyyymmmmmnnnn son

They may be non-monogamous and just want to be upfront about it.

a guy at my work, started a year after me.

Same age as me 29. He has grey hair.

awesome guy, I really like him. I am still a engineer and he's already moved into his second managerial role. I trained him. he almost became my manager at one point.

everyone thinks he's like this good looking ~40 yrs old george clooney but he's still a baby.

Grey hair is the shit, too bad i'll probably just go bald.

"I'm not here for hook-ups so if all you want to do is have sex don't even bother swiping right!"

But...but this is Tinder.

Ahhh yes, similar to the girls who do the whole "I'm just looking for friends! NO HOOKUPS OR RELATIONSHIPS lol. OMG my hobbies are sleeping, Netflix, and being witty! John 3:16"

"Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?"

"My goodness... well, I suppose... we would have to discuss terms, of course..."

"Would you sleep with me for five pounds?"

"What kind of woman do you think I am?!"

"Madam, we've already established that. Now we are haggling about the price”

Its just poorly developed code speak for "I'm totally DTF, but I'm going to make you work for it so I feel in control and not like a cheap lay>"

Went to high school with a kid who got a receding hairline his freshman year. By the time we were seniors, he was bald with dirty mustache and looked like he was in his mid 40's.

It's weird the amount of girls I've slept with who weren't looking for a hookup. I must be special or something!

Where'd you find this?

Not anymore. Men wanted it to be the hookup app, then, well...women got ahold of it and turned it into an attention tool and ego stroke.

If you found your SO on there, you would also be on there.

Yeah, I was in middle school with some dude who looked about 40. He was like 6'0", 250, receding hairline. I thought he was a teacher at first. Gave me my first cigarette. Fuck Manuel.

But it's the best photo of meeee!!!

Tinder was started as a straight version of Grindr, so while it has become a thing that people use to meet new people, it's really a hookup app at heart.

Pfft. Most people only know how to fuck automatic

Don't people use tinder to just find people to hang out with? Or is it strictly to date/hook up?

Also, she could be looking for a third party to join in the fun?

I mean... there's a lot of guys looking for sex with no further commitment. A hot married woman screams "fuck me and gtfo"

"looking for a hookup? SWIPE LEFT" = "Make me laugh once and I'll fuck your brains out."

Or just don't have a tinder account if your married/in a relationship

Now I can get fat

with that much fat, it aint hard to find.

Nonmonogamy would encompass all of those things as well as many others.

Every picture of you is of you when you were younger.

it's really a hookup app at heart

This is what I told every girl who wasn't single that I got matched with. If I found my SO was on tinder I'd be livid.

I think the downvotes are from your use of 'polygamous'. Polygamous means multiple marriage, which is illegal. What you probably mean is polyamorous, which means a committed romantic relationship involving more than 2 people in a variety of configurations.

OH god, made me think of Adam Carolla's golden rule. You get $200 to buy a wedding dress.. Every $100 you go over is 1 year that you have to fit in that dress.

They all want the dick, they just don't want everyone know. So yeah, we're special I guess. Fist bump


Or they could just know...nonmongamy

People in general: don't be on tinder if you are just looking for friends, strictly (eg. You are married, not in an open relationship, etc).

Practically speaking, you probably shouldn't be on Tinder if you're only looking for something serious; five photos and a paragraph at best isn't a great way to gauge relationship compatibility.

Not just ladies ... Guys too

Or lookup nonmonogamy, and realize not everyone believes in monogamy.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but...

Some people have open marriages.

I actually know people who use sites like this to arrange threesomes.


You do realise people have been saying that for over five years?

Well, you "corrected" someone with incorrect info, and people don't like that much.

Instead use it for Ashley Madison.

This is shockingly common in the midwestern US. I wish I didn't know that.

"Ugh, no hookups. If you're on here to hookup you need to reevaluate your life choices."

I shit you not, this was an 19 year old with a kid. I think I have a screen cap somewhere actually

Pretty sure your partner got fucked

I found a lesbian couple that was looking for a dude to spice their relationship up in the bedroom. It was really unique to say the least.

...and swingers.

I thought Tinder was explicitly about the hookup.

I'm not gay, but I'm pretty sure I could be temporarily gay for $8MM.

Actually, studies by OK Cupid have shown that pictures are 90% of the attraction necessary to start a conversation, and the text is really only 10%. If dating is a numbers game, then Tinder might be one of the quickest ways to determine initial attraction.

There is no wrong way to meet someone. With any relationship you have to go through common courting anyway. Tinder just simplifies the initial approach.

"How DARE you do the exact same thing I was doing!?"

This is exactly the reason, for me.

My wife and I both have OKC profiles (and were on tinder for a while). I don't think we used wedding pics as default profile pics, but they're in there for sure. And it says at the top of our profiles that we're non-monogamous.

Realistically, there are very few people who would not sleep with someone of the opposite sex (or same if they're homosexual/bisexual) for £5m/$8m with the exception of the super-rich who don't need the cash at all.

Isn't that what Tinder is for?

Do they take divorce photos?

No its worse than that. It's more like "I don't hook up on the 1st date!".... [2 beers later].... "I like you, let's go back to my place." I've hooked up with every girl who says they're not dtf on the 1st date, on the 1st date. Funny thing is, the ones who don't say shit about it are the ones who I've had sorta friendships with that we waited to have sex.

I've had the luck of meeting these gems who were in an open relationship and had pics of their gf on their Facebook and Instagram. I only found out because they wrote their full names on tinder.

No ones on tinder for friendship. That's either just a test that you failed or a cover in case their SO finds out.

Funny - i got the opposite idea out of it.

Like, they are now single but want to give the impression that are "serious" or whatever.

Dude, some people use it for three ways.

Yeah, we're cool with that. That's what I mean.

My partner told me today that she was meeting a guy for dinner. I asked where she knew him from work or if he was an old friend. She said she met him on "this new app called Tinder" (Tinder is sorta just now becoming popular in Korea). I laughed and said have fun. Not having any sense of jealousy is a blessing sometimes.

Edit: Because it seems to be unclear to some people replying- we're very open in our relationship. We both know we can see other people if we want. It's not a big deal.

I always feel the need to caution people about the complexities of polyamory every time it's mentioned. "Oh so you can just fuck whoever you want?" .........

I always feel the need to caution people about the complexities of polyamory every time it's mentioned. "Oh so you can just fuck whoever you want?"


PSA: Ladies, if you are married and went to Tinder "just for friendship" please use your wedding photo as profile pic. We guys love to know that beforehand. Thank you.

Shit, I'm a straight guy and for $8mil I would fuck Doctor Phil and like it.


OkCupid is for dating. Tinder is for finding a quick fuck. Huge difference.

Not just guys.... Koalas too

Swipe down?

At least he's the marrying kind.

My wife downloaded tindr not knowing what it is a year or so ago and put our family pic of her, our son, and me. She said, have you ever heard of this? People were talking about it. Is it just a social media thing? I said yeah, for your vagina. And you're not going to get many hits with a pic of a happy family. She deleted it shortly after.

Tinder has gone down hill with its explosion in popularity. Kinda like reddit now that I think about it...

....or a comment saying they're honest, respectful, and loyal...

Denial. He's on it, you have to authorize the app if you use any facebook extension.

He did. He would buy it for parties all the time but would never drink.

We all use to say he was the type that would land a supermodel wife.

Grindr is so easy. I'm always astounded how quickly my friends can get laid. Even the average looking ones have pretty much guaranteed dick in fifteen minutes. My experience with tinder is not that. It hasn't worked quite so efficiently.

Not exactly. Ashley Madison is for people having affairs. Generally in secret. What /u/keystothemoon seems to be talking about is ethical non monogamy. Some people are up front about trot relationships and sexual diversity.

I kinda did that on okcupid. Made actual friends too. I wouldn't use Tinder for that purpose however...

My brother would like to correct you...And he's 27

You're like someone who test drives cars for fun but never buys anything.

polygamy = multiple marriages; polyamory = a romantic relationship involving more than 2 people in a variety of different configurations.


They did -- with down votes.


And probably bought beer for all his friends, too.

Well that's just smart marketing. You don't get all the guys into a bar to attract the women. If you get pretty girls to use your dating app, then guys will use it too. The reverse isn't necessarily true.

Reuben! You want go scoo-bah?


Three finger swipe

ehhhh I swipe right on everyone though. Guys really can't be picky because every girl gets to pick who they want with 100% match potential. Every guy I know does it this way.

I agree with you, but it's probably better than meeting another tipsy single in a crowded, noisy bar.

You seem to not understand the different between cheating and nonmonogamy. Ashley Madison is for cheating.