Canned landscape

Canned landscape



The artist, Heidi Annalise, makes all these paintings at the actual site of the landscapes that inspired them.

Can it buddy

Put a lid on it

Curiously strong

Bob Ross would be proud with those happy little trees!

Really! What a swing and a miss, up there, OP!

edit: Looks like an Altoids tin cannedscape.

That’s a really cool idea! I love it.

You're giving me tinnitus.

For a second I thought it was painted onto the tin, but it’s painted onto paper and placed inside the tin

I came here to say this! Have a nebulous internet point.

She sells some of them on her Etsy account as well!


I just took a dump on the floor.

I think the paper was placed in the tin and then it was painted. The tin has paint on the edges where it's the same color in the cannedscape.

I like that, it really catches the feeling of a conifer forest on a warm day.

That winding dusty path just begs to be explored.

Have never seen something like this before, it's awesome!

Good painting, great concept.

Pocket-sized Narnia.