Canceled and missing, nobody has seen him.

Canceled and missing, nobody has seen him.

Again, I say that something is not right with this individual. Why were armed private security guarding his residence? Why has he changed his testimony to local and federal officials? Why have we not seen his face? Why was he working for an unlicensed security business? Why is he not listed in the Nevada private security database?

Wait he was being guarded and now whereabouts unknown? This is fucked up...

This is a serious game changer if true. Why isn’t it being reported anywhere else ?

There's speculation he's Filipino, just like Marilou Daney. Don't let the name fool you, lots of Filipinos have Spanish names.

No one as significant as the fucking security guard that allegedly stopped the shooter (per accounts from police accounts the day after). Mother fucker is like one of the central figures. You'd think he would have been caught by the paparazzi, but nope. Nowhere to be seen. And apparently his home is now guarded by armed private security which belong to a business that lost its license in January. I mean what the fuck is going on here?

meh, he'll turn up soon enough. Probably wearing a suit and washed up on the beach.

See your first sentence. Something is seriously messed up here. I mean, have we even seen a photo of this guy yet? There has to have been something, a drivers license / state ID, cuckbook / twatter page, just something!

This whole thing is fucked up.

I neither want to disparage this guy, or call him a hero until we know more.

Somethings fucky...