'Canada has just detonated a bomb': Trade relations with U.S. plummet after WTO complaint

'Canada has just detonated a bomb': Trade relations with U.S. plummet after WTO complaint
'Canada has just detonated a bomb': Trade relations with U.S. plummet after WTO complaint

The title: "Canada has just detonated a bomb"

The article: "Canada lodged a World Trade Organization complaint"

My trust in the media these days is lower than whale shit.

"How dare Canada expect us to follow the law?!"

Because the US is the one currently fucking up?

Lol fuck no Canadians thank their lucky stars every day that we aren’t American

And these guys claim to be our allies.

Says someone from the country not following rules they helped set and fucking over their "allies" because of it.

I think it'd be geopolitical suicide for the US. Invading a country cause they dared to hold you to the trade agreement you signed with them is generally regarded as a dick move.

And I doubt most Canadians want to be American anyway.

Your mistake is to think some shitty internet rehosted content factory constitutes "the media" just because the website looks vaguely professional.

Because if you did, you'd be commiting diplomatic and political suicide. This isnt Afghanistan, nor Iraq.

Why are you pissed over us complaining to the WTO?

We helped the US during 9/11, followed you into afghanistan, etc. So why exactly are mad about a complaint to the WTO?

This attitude is exactly why we won’t capitulate to moronic bullies like America. Go fuck yourself

It sounds like their reasoning is "why should Canada proceed with this when it won't benefit them? "They can't understand fighting for others or the common good.

Because these folks are ultra nationalist, and therefore, expect other nations to bend to our will at every turn.

As a canuk, I can call complete bs on this statement of most Canadian's wanting to be us citizens. When your choice is shillarly or p#ss¥ graber, even our pretty-boy pm looks good.

Blame Canada!

Lol all you have to do is read for 2 minutes to realize they've been saving this move for when we elect a moron and everybody hates us more than usual.

You did. Back in 1812.

Irony intensifies

I doubt it, they enjoy free health care too much

Who isn't.

Politicalally it would probably be the messiest thing rammed thru Congress (if not started by a illegal executive order) ever. Would probably spend the political capital of whoever's in charge

Diplomatically it would be the greatest pr disaster in US history. Who'd trust the unstable superpower that'd declare war on one of its closest allies because of a relatively minor trade dispute brought on by a leader who's really just a bully in a suit

Militarily I'm sure there'd be alot of people in all ranks who'd disagree and whoever's in charge might have to settle on a political general instead of a proper one.

Geopolitically it'd force our government away from the US and into China's bed. No one wants that

At least they didn't slam or blast something.

You didn't ruffle any feathers. By now, Reddit is used to race-baiting bigots like you.

No, no we don't bud.

They're using the phrase terribly because they're awful fearmongering bastards. Why not post the actual news as headline? Cause that isnt exciting enough.

We absolutely do not want to be Americans you troll

Perhaps if you didn't cut off the first six words you would understand the issue with the headline. A non-clickbait title could have been: "Trade relations with U.S. plummet after WTO complaint from Canada." No need for the sensational bomb threat.

Right, I'm posting the "bullshit" - this from a paranoid, conspiracy theorist who is clearly on the spectrum.

You're going to have quite the wake up call when you get out into the real world and need to support yourself.

Hey listen bud. Me and Bob and Steve and Jim and Rich and ole Mike from Canmore will kick your ass!

The title: "Canada has just detonated a bomb" Trade relations with U.S. plummet after WTO complaint

Perhaps if you read more than the first 6 words you would find your anger at "the media" is unfounded. They lead in with a direct quote, and then explained it.

And in return the Canucks burned down our WhiteHouse. They didn't screw around with the ThankYous.

The day of reckoning fast approaches

I got a chuckle out of that - thanks! I bet you write fan fiction.

Damn Canadians with their floppy heads and hockey sticks!