Can we please go back to the drawing board with Ember Deluxe?

Can we please go back to the drawing board with Ember Deluxe?

Can we just go back to the old design that was already awesome? My wallet was so ready for that (the old one), but it shrivelled up when I saw this.


This one?

If yes, oh my god, this one would have been amazing.

Ember is associated with FIRE, not... birds...


This one?

If yes, oh my god, this one would have been amazing.

Ember is associated with FIRE, not... birds...

Firing IgnusDei was a terrible mistake.

This skin actually looks like shit. It's like it came straight out of Ben 10

Coming from someone who loves ember and owns almost all the delux skins, I would never buy this. It looks like a boring tennogen concept that I skip over in the workshop after briefly hovering over the "I don't want this in the game" button.

She kind of is. Her head and feet are very rooster like. She's the Warframe equivolent to a bottle of Sriracha hot sauce.

Looks like they were working on the Zephyr deluxe and someone accidentally slapped it on Ember for no reason at all :( i loved the old Concept. Ember is the Fire Warframe and no Bird D:<

Haha, there must be a lot of workshop content I've seen that you haven't.

So, they did ditch that concept art of that guy who was making the old deluxe skins?

I really like his designs. :(

To be quite honest to me it looked bad with the changes DE made. Whats their obsession with the chicken features on Ember i can't really understand.

They changed some of the things on his design (and it looked so bad) and he tried to argue against the changes. Things got heated and they let him go.

The 8 million excal skins that we don't need

excal recolors


Yea, looks to me Ignus wasn't the one they needed to let go

I honestly don't understand it either. They're just so stuck on it and it doesn't look good to anyone. They either hate it or are indifferent. Baffling to me that this singular chicken head idea is what lost us one of the best skin designers and in turn gave us this horrible joke of a skin.

This deluxe skin is definitely on the "never buying in a million years" list for me. It was the same for nova's. The only DE designed deluxe skins I liked were Mag and Chroma.

I thought her head was like that because it was supposed to be a punk mohawk haircut, not because it's a chicken warframe.

Yup, look how badass and sexy that one looks. Instead we're getting Chicken Prime.

I mean, not really. If you are hired by someone, you need to do your job as it is laid out for you. Ignus did not do this and went so far as to call out DE in a public forum, which you should never do if you want to keep your job.

I butted heads with the art team over some decisions it made to Ember Deluxe's design, and it but...

Yeah he was fired, but still, they could carry on with his theme instead of making some of them look great then suddenly making the rest look terrible.

edit: a word

This is the ugliest skin I have ever seen... Maybe if you make a chicken frame, this might be good. Please don't release this eyesore. There is nothing "deluxe" about it.

i like the body but the helmet is so ugly and disgusting

This is ugly.

Goddamit DE, the man was obviously better than whoever designed this shitty skin, ffs reading that it seems they might not change it since it's now a battle of egos between the two artist....

Oh please, the community better looking designs then DE 75% percent of the time.

The old design was a thing of beauty. This is a chicken.

Somewhere Ignis is laughing his ass off. From his concept to this.

Hahaha really ? This is Ember deluxe ?

edit : There are ayatan star holsters on the shoulders :D

edit 2 : First time I laughed out loud in this sub.

You also have to realize that the consumer doesn't care about that. They do not-- except for the massive swell of people who said they liked the UNCHANGED design better, and that Ignus was right-- care about the process so much as the result. Ignus's skin was better, hands-down. His work as a whole was top-tier quality, and so the loss of that quality of work means that the result, the only part the consumer cares about, has been impacted negatively.

Ergo, "firing IgnusDei was a terrible mistake." Respect, disrespect, they don't matter to us. We just want cool skins and good RNG.

Zephyr if you look at it more closely

This is going to sound (actually) unpopular and very childish.

But I've come to detest IgnusDei because of the stunt he pulled - and even if it's not true in the least, I blame him for Mynki's departure from DE.

I respect Ignus' work, but I don't like the way he called DE out, and I certainly never liked the implication that he got into a bitter face-to-face argument with the art team.

The worst part is that the whole situation reminds me of a scene from (that mediocre) 101 Dalmatians sequel where Cruella De Vil's manically redesigning her dalmatian dress. She just changes the head piece and nothing else.

So, now we're stuck with Big Bird, because someone decided to be bigger than their breeches and insist, with big-boy words, on 'purity of concept' - even though it would cause trouble for the people who had to rig and model the skin.

So, I don't give Ignus props. He was being a diva and he got fired for it, that's what I think. We're never going to actually know what happened, though.

This is something the majority of the player base will not understand until a couple of years, because well... the age I guess?

It's like... they have never had a job, or had a job where they managed people. Just wait until they get into the workforce with the "i do whatever i want and you can't fire me because i'm a special snowflake" attitude. And it doesn't even apply to working as a hire, even on freelancing, if you are not professional, expect to not go anywhere in whatever it is you are trying to do.

Being good at your job is no excuse for being unprofessional about your job. Anyone would be fired in this situation, no matter how good they were.

I get the feeling this skin will suffer the same way Nova's delux suffers: It needs colors that aren't those

That’s not the IgnisDei one (see revised in the name), the original is far left.

As for the bird, it’s a Chinese Phoenix  (fenghuang)

That’s not the IgnisDei one (see revised in the name), the original is .

As for the bird, it’s a Chinese Phoenix (fenghuang)

Lmao that looks fucking awful

Bring back IgnusDei.

I'm hundred percent with you on that, but she doesn't even look like a bird or remotely original. She looks she's trying to cosplay Hydroid.

Both designed by IgnusDei 🤔Both aesthetically pleasing to me.

Doesn't really feel like Ember. It's like they stitched together Chroma's limbs Titania's razorflies, and added a very bland helmet with an ugly spine hawk.

Wait what?? What about the concept that was shown a long time ago? This looks like a pile of shit, no disrespect but it does.

Well... It seems that Ember GRAXX still is, and probably will ever be the most aesthetically pleasing skin to my tastes lol

This right here. Doesn't matter if Ignis was unprofessional, the ways they insisted on changing his design were shit.

I could understand them not wanting to work with him in the future, but the fact that they both changed the design for the worse and then eventually threw it out makes me believe some designer at DE is be petty about this shit.

Didn't Ignus design the Mag one as well, or am I wrong on that?

Instead of a Phoenix we got a chicken

What does it say about the design of most people associate her with rooster, rather than punk rocker?

Because Punk was an 80's thing.

That was 30 years ago, so most kids only know chickens.

Also because it looks like a chicken.

Zephyr so neglected others frames are even getting her design. </3

Sadly they fired the artist so I guess theyre avoiding using his concepts now...

It may have looked bad, but the artist was too full of himself to let it go. As much as the changes weren't that good, any professional would never publicly call out the person who hires them in a public forum. He was fired for being unprofessional and talking down to the people that hired him.

as i said in the other thread, sea green, snow white, sea blue, mustard yellow, puke orange, and grey scream EMBER to me!

wait, no they don't.

Whoever made this is an objectively bad artist. I really don't know how this god awful color scheme and theme got past the art director, unless the art director is the hack fraud who came up with these ideas.

Saw the same shit happen in planetside 2, bad art director ruined the visuals of the game. Only improved after they left, but the damage was mostly done.

So whoever came up with this, if you're reading this, please go find work as a janitor somewhere or at least cede that some people may have better ideas than you, if the stories are true about how that guy was fired. Just compare this to Valkyr's skin, or banshee's. Night and day when it comes to the talent of whoever designed them.

I feel bad that modelers and texture artists had to waste time on this tragedy. Whoever okay'd this flushed a giant smelly turd down the pipeline that everyone had to endure.

I miss Ignus.....

Yeah but Ben 10 has amazing alien design though.

Dude I don't even know what the he'll nova was supposed to be. Like you have a warframe based around portals and dark matter so of course the only design worth of it is a weird ads hindu doll thing

You're right. Mag's deluxe is Ignus'.

Unpopular opinion but I actually think this skin is fine. The helmet looks like a recolored Stalker's head with Sentient mohawk, but the rest actually looks cool.

How good it is will depend on what parts are colorable but it's not terrible like everyone else in this thread is saying.

If DE is anything they are incredibly stubborn/prideful.

ORRR they're likely following a contract. If Dei isn't getting paid by them anymore, why would he allow them to use the design when they hadn't actually gotten past the concept art phase when he was fired. He was likely still working on it in some fashion, so it may have not been theirs to use yet.

Yeah. First time I saw it I thought it's a Zephyr skin. And ugly one I wouldn't want to own.

Let's be real here. Any Ember skin that doesn't have the fire animations from the Prime skin will not be used. At least I wouldn't want to make the switch and lose the fire.

With Graxx you could say assthetically pleasing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dei's version is better, but either would be better than the lovechild of Ember and Zephyr.

To be fair, Nova's skin is actually pretty cool with the right colors + the Prime helmet.

Ember's skin is pretty bad overall.

Skins like that were made by IgnusDei who was fired, that's why Mag's deluxe skin looks amazing, while Nova's and Ember's look absolutely terrible.

Whoever designed this should be fucking embarrassed.

I know people joke about Chicken Ember, but this is ridiculous and turns her into a literal chicken / hen / rooster.

It looks Loki Knave levels of unappealing and nor is it interestingly edgy like Rhino Palatine.