Can we just make this the new face of fellow kids?

Can we just make this the new face of fellow kids?

Couldn't believe this shit was real when I saw it lol

Nope. It's a video from the FCC. Not joking.

No, because this isn't him trying to appeal to kids, this is him telling you what he thinks of your opinions.

This ain't shopped??

Oh... oh god... which timeline is this

This is what bait looks like.

It’s the opposite though. He’s mocking.

This is his “I don’t give a shit about anything but money, fuck you and your opinion” face. He did a “Ajit Pai reads mean tweets” video. Which is basically “insulting me is ridiculous and none of your outrage is justified lmao”

I can’t believe the nerve of this guy.

Fuck that guy.

This is the best showcasing of fellow kids. We got the fidget spinner, some nerf gun, and a goofy outfit to be like " lol kids I don't take myself for serious I'm so random and silly, please like me"

oh god... which timeline is this

THIS IS THE REAL question, sorry, I was over-exercised for a moment.

Answer: I...don't...know...

Although, it has become apparent that he doesn't give a flying shit about being liked...


And the only insults he chose were either completely stupid or blatantly racist (not to mention probably fake). Because only idiots and bigots want a free internet!

Course not, redditors are too aware to get trolled. I think... Maybe not...

I'm pretty sure he's doing it ironically.

There’s no way any rational human being dresses up like Santa, holds a fidget spinner and a nerf gun while wearing eclipse glasses. If he’s not mocking I think that’s almost more concerning.

This is the darkest timeline.


No, he's calling everyone fucking morons for how they use the internet: taking selfies/pics their food that's making them fat, star wars/video game obsessions, game of thrones and t.v. show obsessions, viral memes.

The hatred is mutual is what he's saying.

What the fuck

He’s more the face of what your government and representatives really think of you than the face of a subreddit or meme. This is just to get you desensitized to being fucked by the people you “elect”. Your vote means nothing and you will sit down and take it. And we will get paid a lot of money for it and laugh about it as we throw it in your face. LoL.

This is the best showcasing of fellow kids.

This completely does not fit fellowkids. This isn't some adult or company naively trying to fit in and be cool and "down with the kids". This is an entirely self aware man having a laugh and a joke at our expense. This doesn't try to appeal to kids and younger people at all, this is him saying "fuck you" to them. By posting it on here it makes us all look like idiots and like we're just rolling over and letting him have his way.

It seems like he is saying “it’s childish to oppose me” to me.

The video tries to fool you into thinking net neutrality’s repeal won’t affect your internet activities. It’s called “7 things you can still do on the internet without net neutrality” and talks about posting selfies to Instagram and looking at cat pictures and stupid shit like that. It’s awful.

Well if you watch this video he makes the claim that repealing net neutrality will make for a more free Internet. Everyone (including himself) knows he's full of shit, but he says it anyway.

It was not a film, it was prophecy.

banking elites that stood on the balconies of their office buildings drinking champagne as Occupy Wall Street protesters marched beneath them.

It reminds me of the

These people are officially out of control. Their malicious arrogance and disdain for lower classes knows no bounds. They're on par with Marie Antoinette at this point.

It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife

Is it sad that I can tell you that the nerf gun is modified?

I can't help but wonder what his childhood was like, what kind of kid was he in school etc?

Likely successful, smart and charismatic. We like to think of these people as being the weedy weird and nerdy kids in school. What immediately becomes obvious with this guy is that he is confident and he's got charisma and people skills. You don't get to where he is and make the changes he's made just on money alone. You have to be able to manipulate people and you have to be pretty switched on.

darkest dankest

So infuriating the way they twist the argument. He's saying all of the powerful companies on the internet today will still be powerful tomorrow; duh. But those companies will be able to squash the next new disruptive internet innovation.

Facebook would have squashed Instagram, the media giants would have throttled Netflix into the ground (they tried), transport unions would have paid to get Uber and Lyft out of their hair. Trying new stuff is awesome for consumers, but too risky for big companies.

So yeah, everything you can do today; just don't expect any progressive risk-taking companies to ever get the scoop on the big guys ever again (until this is fixed or someone invents new internet distribution networks and doesn't sell out).

I mean he's such a fucking suckup to his masters I doubt he's ever been liked

I had a moment where I saw this and thought wow, this is prime /Fellowkids And then it became super obvious to me that they're not trying to appeal to a younger market/voter, but instead they're blatantly mocking the "kinds of people" that use the internet enough to care about NN.

Any timeline making it harder to view memes isn't dank.

Cracked had a video on this subject.

It's not a prophecy, it's a best possible outcome.

I laughed. Then cried

Rest in peace Unidan. Gone, but never forgotten.

The rapture happened November last year. If you're still here then you're not going to heaven.

Honestly, I could do without seeing his face on a daily basis.

Jesus Christ... I'm scared for life and only made it to 8 seconds. Is he just trolling or what ... I'm so confused....

Holy hell. I had just assumed it was reddit having fun with photoshop

Marie was, to a point, ignorant, not malicious. These people though...

No. He clearly made it to get memed. There's no other reason why he would stand still like that with only the fidget spinner moving. He was clearly trying to get GIFs made of him. It's just a big "fuck you" to his opposition.

I know, honestly I'm not even sure which would be worse. He seems like someone who's constantly mocking himself AND everyone else.

What about the droid attack on the wookies?

He thinks you're kids, fellows!

darkest dankest


It's like meeting the man of my dreams, and then meeting his wife

It's a big "fuck you" from them and show how much they actually care about your opinions

It's the badge on it, right? That's a mod company, IIRC.

And this fucktard wasn't even elected!

I saw it as him mocking the internet’s tendency to drive memes into the ground (and, before that, people’s obsession with posting food pics to instagram, etc) in order to seem hip and ironic. But his execution was very shitty and he exhibited a total lack of understanding of his audience so it was sort of a fellowkids thing.

You should take up bullriding.

I can't help but wonder what his childhood was like, what kind of kid was he in school etc?

Don't forget Harlem Shake

Yes. Orange Modworks. Also the kit installed is Unleashed Solid Final Stage Kit for Rampage.

yep, dude went to harvard and university of chicago. still, fuck him.

Actually I’m gonna try my hardest to forget Harlem Shake

This timeline

This is the newer version of "How do you do, Fellow Kids?"

You just explained the fear of creative destruction and why people truly in power want to stay there with a minimum amount of risk so they will use other means to advance. The result is stagnation and a lack of economic innovation. It happened a lot of time in the past and this is one element of a 21th century one.

When it happened in the past in the US, anti trust laws were used to dimantle the standard oil.

More like punchable faces :(

hit the nail on the head there. this is not just an open mocking of consumers (akin to a bully going ‘laa laa can’t touch me’ while playing teachers pet so he’ll never get in trouble himself), but yet another calculated power play at attempting to shame and ostracise those with opposing views. “hmm, my colleague says he supports net neutrality? god, how childish. i’ll be keeping my distance from that loser” etc. shitty analogy but i hope it gets my point across.

Don't worry you can still do everything you could do before.... so that's why we changed things? Like uh ok?

Not to mention probably fake

Given some of the things that I've seen people say on Reddit, I really doubt that. You could cherry pick the criticism for some pretty nasty stuff. It's really inevitable when enough people are upset about something.

The time line where a bottom tier reality tv actor who demands constant ego stroking teams up with an evil turtle bent on raising money for more neck liposuction to choose an ex Verizon lawyer to head the FCC.

But why, though? What is the point?

*beautiful wife

I'd actually vote for Terry Crews for president at this point over what's been offered lately. The dude's a pretty smart and good guy, IRL.

What about /u/unidanx?

I want to fucking die.

It's legit. It's from this video the FCC made. It's even worse than this image is.

He's not. He's making a caricature of 'millenials' for older people to mock. He gets to do this WHILE making fun of younger people openly.

Quit checking out that dude's wife you fuckin' perv.

OP ate the bait so hard.

Trolled by a man with a fidget spinner in a santa suit and my guess is a nerf gun.


Let them eat memes

We don't talk about /u/unidanx.

That line boiled my blood so quickly I couldn't even finish the video.

It’s a pathetic attempt of him trying to pretend he understands the people.

I actually can't fucking believe this. The head of a government agency which has so much power to suppress our speech is talking to the American public like they're three fucking years old. The sarcasm and contempt for everyone who opposes his plan is obvious in every single public statement he's made about it. He's not even trying to hide the corruption, he's laughing at us because we can't do anything about it. Obama would never allow anyone his administration to show such plain disrespect toward all Americans.

Not ironically. He's doing it to insult us. It's a big "fuck you" to internet users.

You have to be able to manipulate people

You have to be a psychopath

Wait, have we diverted from the 1.04 world line? Is that what you're saying?

Dude admits to hating America in that video, or many things about it.

We elected Trump, and Trump appointed this POS

Yea could we maybe instead delete this stupid fucking picture and never give this asshole the satisfaction of being remembered or “meme-ified” in any way whatsoever.

Fuck this guy, don’t give him any level of fame or notoriety

And most comments on reddit completely miss the point.

He should hold up a sign that says "Ear a bag of dicks you faggots" to clarify his position since this is obviously too nuanced.

I'd say more sociopath but I see your point

Man at this point I have a good list of things I hate about America, and he is pretty fucking high on that list.

I never thought about it from that perspective. Thank you for posting that.

I never understood the appeal of /sub/punchablefaces until I saw this man's smug "you mad bro" smile.

Well you technically will still be able to do them, Just at a slower speed/amount.

Trump made him chairman

idk wtf youre talking about he speaks well

have you seen any of these guys speak?

maybe you should actually listen to him speak before you ask that fuckface

What about /u/unidank?

He's right. It's a system we cannot afford to lose.

can confirm, cause I'm in this in timeline and a retard.

He's mocking redditors and OP took the bait.

I think we should Hahahahaha

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