Can we get this guy some help? Groundskeeper works alone while 8 refs stand around and watch.

Can we get this guy some help? Groundskeeper works alone while 8 refs stand around and watch.

I can understand the refs standing around, they would probably just make things worse by not knowing what they're doing. I didn't understand why there weren't more grounds crew out there helping him.

I felt so bad for him. It really seemed like he felt the pressure of the 100k eyes at the stadium and millions at home just waiting on him

I did too. When he was done, and the crowd cheered, you could see the relief on his face when he grinned.

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I feel like telling refs to help the groundskeeper is like telling hospital security help the doctor stitch a patient up.

Big play on the goal line. Defensive line was trying to hold back a rush, and in the scrum one of the defensive tackles' feet slid from the green part to the red -- can't imagine how much force he was exerting at the time -- and it dislodged the corner of the turf there. The red end-zone turf was installed specially for this game, and reportedly there were some mismatch in the height of the fake grass that may have contributed.

The refs tried just stuffing the pills under the turf and patting it down, but that did no good. The black pills are fill between the fake grass fibers, and shouldn't be under the turf because they get stuck in the super-velcro and prevents it from connecting the turf to the ground. So they stopped the game and the guy with the bucket was there after the commercial break, knitting a stadium.

Yer. One dude with a dustbuster helping him would have made it work the first time he tamped it down.

Maybe because he has a system and it’s something he’s learned to do correctly/efficiently that the refs have no training in?

Turf got ripped up. Here is a video:

I don't understand. What is he doing?

the fake turf came up

They were giving him all the time in the world, and there was no critical hurry impending (I mean, multi-hour weather delays have been nothing this year), but he was gripping anyway.

You really painted a word picture there, that you was awesome!

I got you

FINE. I'll dust Buster.

Ahh see that's their first problem. They should have used real turf.

And literally made it worse.

The guy in this video, Eric Harlow, has a bachelor's degree in turf grass management from Purdue.

He was previously a groundskeeper for the Phillies & Nationals. #FunFact #TheMoreYouKnow

Damn, poor dude. You can see how fast he is trying to do it, hell of a lot of pressure on him.

What was he cleaning up?

This is the highlight of his career How many grounds keepers will ever be on national tv?

Get out of here with that sound logic


The guy at the end dusting off his hands like "Well, that's a job well done" makes this gif fan-fucking-tastic.

What happened? Why did he have to do that?

the groundskeeper

because only 1 groundskeeper is required to maintain 57,600 sq. ft of playing field so no delay of game happens

At least this guy has some job security as apparently nobody else has any clue about how to fix something like this.

Got a video of him fixing it? Got up and made food, watched the rest of the game.


No kidding. At one point the announcers joked about giving him a Dr pepper. Hopefully he got one after all that work.

Another guy that used to install turf and myself discussed this in the previous thread: more than one person there makes that whole thing a clusterfuck. The fewer people moving around infill rubber and the fewer hands digging at it the better.

Lineman doing his lineman thing tore a strip of turf up.

To fix it, the refs put the rubber pellets that are supposed to be on top of the turf below the turf.

Because the turf is velcroed to the concrete underneath (TIL), and because the refs put a bunch of shit between the two sides of the velcro, the turf could no longer stick to the concrete, thus making the situation worse.

Then a groundskeeper came on and fixed it.

Yeah we couldn’t believe it took them what seemed like 10 minutes to send another guy out to help.

Ok. An old coworker was working the production truck for this game. The headset talk over this was just insane. Every upper camera was on this guy like flies on shit. The associate producers were scrambling to get some info on the turf makeup and land one of the groundskeepers for a sideline interview.

Poor bastard on the field with a lot of people just staring at you working as fast as you can. That dude is drinking HARD tonight. If he texts me more info I’m telling it all here.

The turf is made with rubber pellets to simulate soil. The endzones are different than the green part of the field and held together by a strong Velcro. During a play the Velcro between the endzone and regular turf was separated. The guy is pulling out all the rubber pellets so he can put together the Velcro in the endzone and replacing the rubber pellets

That's insane. They more than likely didn't have a large staff on hand, probably had to scramble to find someone. I've never seen it happen out of hundreds of games.

He got the same number of points you did.

This isn't astroturf. Yes astroturf gives terrible rug burns, but field turf isn't nearly as bad.

I understood all of those words but not in that order.

>Sees he screwed up

>"Welp, my work here is done"


Real turf has issues too. Gets beaten to hell in goal line stands. Also doesn't hold up well to multiple usages (like if you hold events in the stadium - which pretty much all do).

I'd like the stats on how often this sort of thing happens.

I wonder how I can talk you out of ever making that face again

Is that not the lamest request? Wanting a video of a guy fixing turf? I’m in the same boat that I was hoping for turf-fixing footage, I just love that that’s what the people want.

I said the same thing. So much pressure, I can't even type with people watching, and this guy is doing turf surgery with an audience.

At least the ref looked like he wanted to help. He just doesn't know how.

ESPN just did that story a few weeks ago about the broncos groundskeeper. That made huge news here in colorado haha.

There aren't even 8 refs in the picture, only half of one. I kept waiting for the gif to load. 8 referees standing in a circle watching the dude would have at least made for an amusing image.

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It’s field turf for domes.

I'm out.

I can understand the refs standing around, they would probably just make things worse by not knowing what they're doing.

And that's just the refereeing part. They would be even more useless at turf repair.

knitting a stadium.

That's some fucking majestic shit right there.


Refs fucked everything again. Just like usual.

Never interrupt the circlejerk with detailed factual knowledge!

Don't say Velcro

Indiana has a winter


A player in the championship ripped up the turf and this guy had to go out and fix it alone with everyone waiting on him

I feel your credit score shouldn't be an issue if this were true..

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After playing soccer in high school and having to play on turf from time to time, my knees would like to vehemently disagree on the being safer front. Astroturf will rip your skin open in no time, and you'll spend the rest of the day feeling like you're on fire. And we still need more research into the safety of astroturf, there's a potential of it actually being a public health hazard

Fuck you.

These guys are out there doing their best and you make a joke like that? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to do their job? Let alone with a visual handicap that you know full well would have prevented them from seeing the groundskeeper.

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Shitty situation all around. Dude knows football, not turf.

That's a little hard to do in a mostly indoor stadium

Reminds me of a video from a hockey league... can't remember which. A small piece of decal beneath the ice had somehow gotten to the surface. Instead of letting the groundskeeper come out to fix it, the refs tried pulling it up. They ended up pulling a square yard worth of 1-2 inch thick ice. The groundskeeper was furious.

I remember that video. It was the QMJHL.

Game got cancelled because of the gigantic fucking hole in the ice

What was the headset talk like?

“Holy shit get the fucking cameras off of him”? “Someone find another person to get this going faster”? “How did this happen”?

Idk this just seems entertaining ahaha

This guy astroturfs.

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I was a grounds keeper at my University for soccer and baseball almost wanted to get my degree in it. But, working in a hospital seemed a lot cleaner.

Turf is cheaper to maintain, requires no water, and there is even a theory of it being safer for the players.

This isn't anything like astroturf. I've played on it and it's fucking amazing. So much softer than real ground.

Right on. Astro-turf is carpet over concrete. These new fields are a whole different not excuse the pun

What about bloodborne pathogens?

The fact that he was able to do it in a few minutes with that kind of pressure, was pretty impressive.

I thought that was the best use of a plug for the sponsor I’ve ever heard haha.

My favorite part about this entire episode was that, in one of the highest profile events to take place this year at Lucas Oil Stadium, at the Big Ten championship to decide which team could potentially make it into the Playoff, and at one of the most critical points in the entire 2017 season, the turf at the stadium was displaced and the solution was to send one dude out there with a bucket.

This made sense, not fixing this will results in injuries for the athletes in the protective suits.

Didn't see a link anywhere, so here is the video:

Just like that guy who controls the sign for his company

Whys there a fucking rug on the field?

Whats wrong with normal grass?

Yup. Lots of times you work on a golf course. The pay is usually pretty good too.

Can you imagine getting a degree in turfgrass and then getting hired to take care of fake grass.

That just seems so sad.

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The commentary is fantastic for this.

Why, why the hell did I watch that entire video? Am I really that drunk?

you can get a degree in grass management?

Turf is cheaper to maintain

There's conflicting research there.

The initial cost to install an artificial turf field is astronomically higher. And then they typically only last 7 years before you've got to completely strip them and remove and add new crumb rubber. It's a major cost. And a standard football field is less than 1.5 acres. Typically turf requires an inch of water per week to maintain, so that's about 35,000 gallons per week to add 1 inch of water to 1.3 acres of turf. You can do the math for where you live, but the water is probably not as expensive as you might think.

there is even a theory of it being safer for the players

There's a lawsuit involving a number of former soccer goalies who say they've gotten cancer from constantly diving in the artificial turf. And looking at injury statistics, at least in football, natural grass seems safer.

Isn't that neat?

The field ripped up on the goal line. It literally disconnected from the ground and this guy ran in to fix it. They installed these red end zones for the college game since otherwise they were blue for the colts games.

Give this guy a raise!