Can we get a sticky reminding people to turn on 2 factor authentication?

Can we get a sticky reminding people to turn on 2 factor authentication?

There seems to be an awful lot of "my account got hacked and gajin isn't helping me" posts these days, even though most of this is entirely preventable if you use 2 factor.

Could also be prevented if they used a safe password, and/or didn't use the same password across multiple accounts.

The purpose of this subreddit isn't to teach basic account security.

Bro my password is super safe. I put 123 at the end. No one will EVER figure that shit out

The sticky won't help these people, they're only coming here to vent. It would be sound moderating though.

supersafepassword123 unironically probably would be a decent password supersafepASSword123 if you want to upgrade it in an easy to remember way

And you srsly think Sony does not sell your data like every other money hungry company? Ahahahahaha lol.

not anymore.

If memory serves a few years back (mabye 5) they had a massive hack and oodles of Sony account details (including cc) were stolen.

I'm skeptical. I've seen a lot of claims about failures at all levels of support/anti-cheat/account compromises and when everything is chased up the user either disappears or the story changes.

People that cheat in multiplayer games are generally sociopaths and will try and manipulate everything.

What I'm wondering is, why isn't the two step authentication mandatory? People would do it if they could not play until it's done.