Can I apply to become a penguin erector?

Can I apply to become a penguin erector?

Boy I thought this was gonna be something entirely different

I mean I don't know enough about penguins to contradict you, but that job sounds like complete insanity.

That's why it's the perfect lie to tell women instead of saying you're unemployed.

2000 flights a day?

That's about 1 every 45seconds all day.

There ain't no airport in Scotland that busy!

In 2017 there were 128,675 takeoffs and landings at Edinburg Airport. That averages to 352 per day. So yeah, not even close to 2,000 flights a day.

You guys thought he built penguins, huh?


It also only gives him about 2 and a half seconds to pick up each individual penguin for them all to be erect again for the next flight.

They should look into to bowling pin setter...

Yeah. I thought he jerked off penguins.

It probably just feels like 2000, lol.

This guy thought ot was something else too

I fink ee’s ‘avin you on, luv

I feel like penguins can get up on their own?


I’m not a penguin, per se, but I am erect.

Eww! Gross-no! He was only there to arouse them.

You could just give em all viagra

I wouldn't be mature enough not to giggle when applying for a job with the word erector in the title

He’s still erecting a penguin 13,376 times a day

So glad I was wrong about the job description. But I did go read an article about penguin mating. I'll confirm for everyone else, they don't need any help.

I believe this is a myth but it sounds like a great pick up line.

My new dream job

I'm not even going to worry about being unemployed, my side hustle is hustling penguins back up so they can get back to hustling for the bustling tourists.

Yeah. Just sounds like some boring normal job now.