Came in a little too hot on the landing...

Came in a little too hot on the landing...

I'm afraid his goose was cooked...

Damn... did he survive?

Only someone as cultured as /u/RegurgitatedCumBuble would know this.

"Nice skidmarks, Steve."

That's one of the most English things I've ever seen

He's trying to woo the ladies.

He's trying to woo the ladies.

Launchpad approved.

Launchpad approved.

French, actually

I've been trying to make a pun for about 5 minutes, but so far it's been a wild goose chase.

Fun story likely lost in the comments.

When I was about 12 I was out one Saturday morning (not) learning how to golf with my grandfather. It was a nice September or October, still warm enough for green grass but one of the last weeks the course was open.

At one hole was a decent water hazard and it had frozen over during the night. Out on the ice were the geese, flying south for the winter. As we stood at the tee admiring the scene there was a sudden flurry of honks. The noise was louder and louder, frantic and incessant and boy did that bastard of a sound echo.

We locate where it's coming from just as this goose comes up and around the pine trees on the opposite side. He's coming in hot as hell and tries to land on the ice, clearly not realizing that it's frozen. Bastard hits sending a cracking sound and skids and slips along , bowling into god knows how many of his buddies, sending them scattering and screaming angry.

For the next ten minutes we watched geese try to fight while stlll waddling helplessly on the ice before they decided enough was enough and flew off. We even had a slight backup with people upset until they saw what was going on and laughing with us.

That story passed around the clubhouse for years, I even had someone try to tell me it when I went back to visit family twoish years ago.

It's their first flight off a cliff, they are supposed to reach sea where parents await them. If they don't die on impact, predators will readily find them. It's like food raining from the sky for them at that time of the year.

So, the ending for this bird is most likely tragic.

You can't just go pointing out your own relevance. That's not how it works around here.

"A little too hot?" Looks like he timed the approach just about perfectly to me. I want to play shuffleboard with that duck.

Hitler bird next to him is unimpressed

Edit: whoops

They do survive the fall, but then a fox mom comes and kills them to feed her pups. So the answer would be yes and no I suppose haha

He's probably on a mobile client like me. The gif loads independently with no title.

This thread should be marked NSFW, depiction of a handbrake turn

That's when the devil summons me. He tells me that my Oreos are ready. "Trust this fart" he tells me. So I do and it turns out to be a shart. When I look down I discover a brown 666 in my underwear, the skidmark of the beast.

An Englishman would have a better-tailored suit.

Well that's awkward..

Bird landing....directed by Michael Bay

This also happens when you shoot them

It's similar to a baby; babies bounce when you drop them, but tend to break when thrown against the window.

I was just playing the Ducktails NES remake. Great soundtrack.

Yeah, if it was English he would've formed a queue first.


Is that the new Kingsmen movie?

Maybe you're just tired.

Damn cloaca was sealed shut!

My toes are curling at the imagined assburn.

That's not how you do it either.

writes down "Skidmark Wahlberg" on a sheet of paper

said paper is folded up and put into an ominous book

book is placed on the floor, in the very center of a transmutation circle drawn as a pentagram

the pentagram glows red, absorbing the book into the nether...

Suddenly, a box of Doublestuf Oreos appears in its place

" I am dangerous....Ice.....Man....."

EDIT: Completely butchered that line...

" That's right.....Ice...Man.....I am dangerous "

That's what it says...

What a Maverick....

too soon :'(

Paging SkidMark Wahlberg.

That's not how u page someone.. /u/Skidmark_wahlberg

which is why penguins don't fly, they can't land for shit

-David Attenborough

This kills the bird

Sorry I'm late, I was catching up on laundry.

Oh you Jester

That was such a fun game. I remember renting that game over and over again when I was a kid.

The incident causes jam in runway #3, as you can see two airbuses and one smaller jet are delayed.