Came across some EA arcade cabinets

Came across some EA arcade cabinets

Microtransaction, it's in the game

₮h€ i₦₮€₦₮ i$ ₮¤ ₱₹¤vi₫€ ₱₺₳¥€₹$ ₩i₮h ₳ $€₦$€ ¤ƒ ₱₹i₫€ ₳₦₫ ₳¢¢¤₼₱₺i$h₼€₦₮ ƒ¤₹ u₦₺¤¢₭i₦₲ ₫iƒƒ€₹€₦₮ h€₹¤€$. ₳$ ƒ¤₹ ¢¤$₮, ₩€ $€₺€¢₮€₫ i₦i₮i₳₺ v₳₺u€$ ฿₳$€₫ u₱¤₦ ₫₳₮₳ ƒ₹¤₼ ₮h€ ¤₱€₦ ฿€₮₳ ₳₦₫ ¤₮h€₹ ₳₫﷼$₮₼€₦₮$ ₼₳₫€ ₮¤ ₼i₺€$₮¤₦e ₹€₩₳₹₫$ ฿€ƒ¤₹€ ₺₳u₦¢h. ₳₼¤₦₲ ¤₮h€₹ ₮hi₦₲$, ₩€'₹€ ₺¤¤₭i₦₲ ₳₮ ₳v€₹₳₲€ ₱€₹-₱₺₳¥€₹ ¢₹€₫i₮ €₳₹₦ ₹₳₮€$ ¤₦ ₳ ₫₳i₺¥ ฿₳$i$, ₳₦₫ ₩€'₺₺ ฿€ ₼₳₭i₦₲ ¢¤₦$₮₳₦₮ ₳₫﷼$₮₼€₦₮$ ₮¤ €₦$u₹€ ₮h₳₮ ₱₺₳¥€₹$ h₳v€ ¢h₳₺₺€₦₲€$ ₮h₳₮ ₳₹€ ¢¤₼₱€₺₺i₦₲, ₹€₩₳₹₫i₦₲, ₳₦₫ ¤ƒ ¢¤u₹$€ ₳₮₮₳i₦₳฿₺€ vi₳ ₲₳₼€₱₺₳¥. ₩€ ₳₱₱₹€¢i₳₮€ ₮h€ ¢₳₦₫i₫ ƒ€€₫฿₳¢₭, ₳₦₫ ₮h€ ₱₳$$i¤₦ ₮h€ ¢¤₼₼u₦i₮¥ h₳$ ₱u₮ ƒ¤₹₮h ₳₹¤u₦₫ ₮h€ ¢u₹₹€₦₮ ₮¤₱i¢$ h€₹€ ¤₦ ₹€₫₫i₮, ¤u₹ ƒ¤₹u₼$ ₳₦₫ ₳¢₹¤$$ ₦u₼€₹¤u$ $¤¢i₳₺ ₼€₫i₳ ¤u₮₺€₮$. ¤u₹ ₮€₳₼ ₩i₺₺ ¢¤₦₮i₦u€ ₮¤ ₼₳₭€ ¢h₳₦₲€$ ₳₦₫ ₼¤₦i₮¤₹ ¢¤₼₼u₦i₮¥ ƒ€€₫฿₳¢₭ ₳₦₫ u₱₫₳₮€ €v€₹¥¤₦€ ₳$ $¤¤₦ ₳₦₫ ₳$ ¤ƒ₮€₦ ₳$ ₩€ ¢₳₦.

Took me longer than it should have to realize they were all currency symbols.

But ATMs dispense money...

... nba2k17... 2k... 2k games.... no?

Can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet... bravo 👌🏻

Australian here, thanks for translating.

I laughed pretty hard at this comment because it made sense to me before I read this haha

Suffers from the same microtransaction bullshit tho. So relevant.

I'm sorry this machine only accepts EA credit cards. Please call EA Financial Services to submit a application. Only qualifying credit applicants will be accepted. Thanks have a great day.

I’d be in the back of the bus had I not seen the post about it being currency. Now I can sit with both of you.

With a $6 surcharge, plus your bank's convenience fee of $5. Sure, go ahead.

Microtransaction, it is the game. *

˙uɐɔ ǝʍ sɐ uǝʇɟo sɐ puɐ uoos sɐ ǝuoʎɹǝʌǝ ǝʇɐpdn puɐ ʞɔɐqpǝǝɟ ʎʇᴉunɯɯoɔ ɹoʇᴉuoɯ puɐ sǝƃuɐɥɔ ǝʞɐɯ oʇ ǝnuᴉʇuoɔ llᴉʍ ɯɐǝʇ ɹnO

˙sʇǝlʇno ɐᴉpǝɯ lɐᴉɔos snoɹǝɯnu ssoɹɔɐ puɐ sɯnɹoɟ ɹno 'ʇᴉppǝɹ uo ǝɹǝɥ sɔᴉdoʇ ʇuǝɹɹnɔ ǝɥʇ punoɹɐ ɥʇɹoɟ ʇnd sɐɥ ʎʇᴉunɯɯoɔ ǝɥʇ uoᴉssɐd ǝɥʇ puɐ 'ʞɔɐqpǝǝɟ pᴉpuɐɔ ǝɥʇ ǝʇɐᴉɔǝɹddɐ ǝM

˙ʎɐldǝɯɐƃ ɐᴉʌ ǝlqɐuᴉɐʇʇɐ ǝsɹnoɔ ɟo puɐ 'ƃuᴉpɹɐʍǝɹ 'ƃuᴉllǝdɯoɔ ǝɹɐ ʇɐɥʇ sǝƃuǝllɐɥɔ ǝʌɐɥ sɹǝʎɐld ʇɐɥʇ ǝɹnsuǝ oʇ sʇuǝɯʇsnɾpɐ ʇuɐʇsuoɔ ƃuᴉʞɐɯ ǝq ll,ǝʍ puɐ 'sᴉsɐq ʎlᴉɐp ɐ uo sǝʇɐɹ uɹɐǝ ʇᴉpǝɹɔ ɹǝʎɐld-ɹǝd ǝƃɐɹǝʌɐ ʇɐ ƃuᴉʞool ǝɹ,ǝʍ 'sƃuᴉɥʇ ɹǝɥʇo ƃuoɯ∀ ˙ɥɔunɐl ǝɹoɟǝq spɹɐʍǝɹ ǝuoʇsǝlᴉɯ oʇ ǝpɐɯ sʇuǝɯʇsnɾpɐ ɹǝɥʇo puɐ ɐʇǝq uǝdO ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ ɐʇɐp uodn pǝsɐq sǝnlɐʌ lɐᴉʇᴉuᴉ pǝʇɔǝlǝs ǝʍ 'ʇsoɔ ɹoɟ s∀

˙sǝoɹǝɥ ʇuǝɹǝɟɟᴉp ƃuᴉʞɔolun ɹoɟ ʇuǝɯɥsᴉldɯoɔɔɐ puɐ ǝpᴉɹd ɟo ǝsuǝs ɐ ɥʇᴉʍ sɹǝʎɐld ǝpᴉʌoɹd oʇ sᴉ ʇuǝʇuᴉ ǝɥ┴

As much as I think this is wonderful, I think that the AMA tomorrow should have as few trolls as possible.

This is a prime opportunity for an entire community to voice their concern for this game. If everyone is rude to the marketing team of this greedy company then they can turn around and say "those people were a bunch of trolls anyway and there is nothing we can do to make them happy."

We need to voice our concerns in a very well laid out, well thought out response as a community.

Yes, the newest edition of 2k18 is on the same level as BF2 based on progression and amount of time to unlock things. As well as, the micro-transaction nightmare that overwhelms the overall game.


So did I

*40 hours of gameplay required to obtain application.

You need a better bank. My bank refunds my ATM fees and doesn't charge any fees of their own.

But NBA2k is made by 2k...not EA

It's so sad. I've stood by 2k since the Dreamcast. NBA 2k, 2k1 and 2k2. 2k18 is the worst game so far, which is terrible because they improved so many little things to make the game great, but the greed is just too much for them.

Alright guys, bus is full. Have to wait for the next one.

I’m thinking Arby’s

The 💰 intent 💰 is 💰 to 💰 provide 💰 players 💰 with 💰 a 💰 sense 💰 of 💰 pride 💰 and 💰 accomplishment 💰 for 💰 unlocking 💰 different 💰 heroes. 💰 As 💰 for 💰 cost, 💰 we 💰 selected 💰 initial 💰 values 💰 based 💰 upon 💰 data 💰 from 💰 the 💰 Open 💰 Beta 💰 and 💰 other 💰 adjustments 💰 made 💰 to 💰 milestone 💰 rewards 💰 before 💰 launch. 💰 Among 💰 other 💰 things, 💰 we're 💰 looking 💰 at 💰 average 💰 per-player 💰 credit 💰 earn 💰 rates 💰 on 💰 a 💰 daily 💰 basis, 💰 and 💰 we'll 💰 be 💰 making 💰 constant 💰 adjustments 💰 to 💰 ensure 💰 that 💰 players 💰 have 💰 challenges 💰 that 💰 are 💰 compelling, 💰 rewarding, 💰 and 💰 of 💰 course 💰 attainable 💰 via 💰 gameplay. We 💰 appreciate 💰 the 💰 candid 💰 feedback, 💰 and 💰 the 💰 passion 💰 the 💰 community 💰 has 💰 put 💰 forth 💰 around 💰 the 💰 current 💰 topics 💰 here 💰 on 💰 Reddit, 💰 our 💰 forums 💰 and 💰 across 💰 numerous 💰 social 💰 media 💰 outlets. Our 💰 team 💰 will 💰 continue 💰 to 💰 make 💰 changes 💰 and 💰 monitor 💰 community 💰 feedback 💰 and 💰 update 💰 everyone 💰 as 💰 soon 💰 and 💰 as 💰 often 💰 as 💰 we 💰 can. 💰 💰


But they charge you to get your money..

ǝɯoɔlǝʍ ɹnoʎ

If everyone keeps baggin on them like this they will end up changing names like Comcast did and just go by some different name like Xfinity (btw fuck you comcast).

(2018 EA New Release Schedule)

Microtransactions: The Video Game

(See #1)

Hogwash. Plenty of room underneath

Unless you pay $4.95 for the golden treasure chest

Hail Satan!

That's the saddest part of 2k18. The basketball on the court is really good. It's just everything else.

Tomorrow will be a great day. We should all just copypasta that during the AMA.

EA knows what people think of them, it is no industry secret. They know what our concerns are and don’t care about anything but their agenda. The only reason they are doing this AMA is to attempt to repair or mitigate some of the damage that was caused as a result of the backlash. They don’t give a shit about the gamers, they are saving face to avoid a shitstorm from their investors.

Hail Satan EA!


He said fuck off cunt.

Which only has a small chance of containing the application...

Also Time Warner to Spectrum.

Fuck you, sRectum.


sorry sir im going to have to remove you from the train

No they are not owned by EA. They're owned by Take-Two Interactive, the same people that own Rockstar.

I get I️t but.... aren’t these ATMs? These are designed for the consumer to get money, not pay I️t. ( transaction fees excluded )

As I read further down this comment thread, my imagined reading accent got more Russian.

Good Bot

Edit: Guess thats not a funny interpretation of his username. My apologies.

So whats the problem? Just buy another chest!

I understand this point, however we need to give them as little bit of ammo to use in the public eye as possible.

If everyone is rude to them on Reddit, then all of a sudden it won't matter what redditors think of them to all other social media. They can easily turn this story into "we are the victims to a community of trolls who don't understand the quality of our product" instead of "we received some well deserved feedback in a public setting and will move forward cautiously."

All these posts

E: I mean, it’s cool and all that you think you’ll change things but I guess I’m cynical. I don’t think your reddit posts will change the direction of a multi billion dollar organization and the multi millionaire greedy executives who run it. But hey. That’s just me.

E: I mean, it’s cool and all that you think you’ll change things but I guess I’m cynical. I don’t think your reddit posts will change the direction of a multi billion dollar organization and the multi millionaire greedy executives who run it. But hey. That’s just me.

This thread is now about roast beef.

same thing pretty much

Well they want you to feel a sense of accomplishment when getting your cash.

It's almost as if that should just be the game.


But you have to spend $20.00 to unlock it.

"EA games: Charge for Evvverything"

Would be closer to the truth if they were on fire.

The same pay-to-win bullshit they've been doing for years. They have two main characters locked in the upcoming Battlefront 2 game: Luke and Darth Vader. You can acquire them through 40 hours of grinding or pay money to unlock them. They were readily accessible in the first game. There was outrage and EA hit back with the most downvoted comment in Reddit history, with -600k downvotes, saying that it gives players a sense of accomplishment and achievement if you are able to unlock them. People saw right through that bullshit.

Beat the original post by 700k votes hahaha

Meaty lips

EA: Charge for everything

Not me. Who’s with me?

How's about no one asks them any questions and everyone just stops paying them. That would be epic.

Eventually it will blow over and they will take the loot from the corpse of this controversy and your wallet. They win and nothing changes, onto the next scheme that will rake cash like leaves in autumn. See all those ridiculous posts mocking the monetisation of ludicrous items? You won't be laughing at the joke when it comes true.

to be absolutely fair and at the expense of countering this fine and important circlejerk we have going, NBA2K is a remarkably deep game. it's full-featured and arguably worth 60 dollars even if you take out the entire career mode, which is where all of the horrible microtransactions are. it's basically 2 or even 3 games in one. you can't really compare it to BF2 tbh.

that said, the career mode microtransactions are atrocious and i have no problem with people smashing 2K to bits for doing that.

Can't believe I haven't refunded this either.

this is fucking meta

this thread is now about my girlfriend.

In their new game Battlefront II, in order to play as Vader or Luke, you either have to grind for a good 40 hours, or you can pay to unlock them.

The game itself is full price, so you pay full price for the game, but to get all of the content of the game, you have to pay additional money. They tried to smooth this over with the copypasta you will be seeing all over Reddit for the foreseeable future.

"Ive never felt forced to buy one!"

Ha, jokes on you, my bank refunds ATM fees.

Rockstar, the people behind the shark cards of GTAOnline

Why, to give you a sense of pride and accomplishment of course.

I actually have no idea about this whole EA thing. What did EA do? Please explain

There's a singleplayer mode where you create yourself and compete in NBA Predraft games to determine where you get drafted. Within this "MyPlayer Career" is where they get you. Your player always starts as dogshit and the time needed to grind out enough experience to even be good takes days... Unless you have $49.99 USD

This just in, EA has changed their name to EZ, and Games is changing to Pay. Say it with me. EZ pay. But wait, theyre taking it a step further and removing the Z, making it just Epay. Look how much time theyre saving you. Say Epay 5,000 times. Its that Easy!


Yep. Absolutely loved the series but I won't be buying another anytime soon

Back in the day, the whole idea of getting a console system was to play a game over and over without having to feed quarters into a machine. They’ve found a way to get you to buy the system and take your quarters anyway.

Yes. I, too, want to take part in historic downvoting!

Why the fuck does that picture cost $575?

2K just got bought out by EA, did you even read the news this morning?!

the problem with this is now it gets corrected into the wrong format instead of out of the wrong format

I just wanted to +1 you for saying Dreamcast. Whenever I bring it up I feel like I was the only person whose parents bought that instead of a Gamecube or PS2. Shenmue and Code Veronica changed my life.

That was all...completely random comment.

I believe they were bought out by Charter, thus the Spectrum. That is Charter's schtik. Btw Charter is just as piss poor as Comcast.

Micro-tran-saction, it's in the game*

Me to bruh. I was just like "well that's a weird ass font" until I read your comment

I cant decide if I should say, "money is money" or "money is the root of all evil" here.

Satan: "Yo, don't bring me into this. This is fucked up."

Out of curiosity, what is "everything else?" You don't just hit "play now" and choose your teams and play your buddy on the couch next to you?

“Love of money is the root of all evil”

FTFY (And especially Fuck EA)

Everyone is still going to buy the games anyway....

And ATMs also give money, not take it.

Ahhh... Comcast... the only reason EA stopped winning "Worst Company of the Year" honors.

Charles Schwab?

You say that.

It's like comparing my wife shoving 2 fingers in my ass while I'm asleep vs a novelty dildo while I'm asleep

Ill further that analogy by saying I can sleep through the two fingers and her pissing on me without a problem, there's videos. I've seen them and I'm ashamed

Micro-gambling, it's probably cheaper to go to a casino.

Lemme try, lemme try.

EA? More like, We Pay

Haha, nailed it.

Wait... are you serious

They provide a sense of accomplishment when you actually get money for putting in your card.

Just wait for them to go to the vault.. where we can subscribe..

Rumor has it that Vader's a 91