CA working on new SDV content (including singleplayer) to be released with multiplayer update

CA working on new SDV content (including singleplayer) to be released with multiplayer update

I was excited about just some new sprites from his last tweet... but THIS. Now this is proper cause to get super excited. I don't care how big or how small it is - I'm just super happy he's still working on brand new content and seems to love doing it. We love you Ape!

Man it's crazy to compare CA giving us free content updates for a cheap game to EA's money grubbing microtransactions on Battlefront II

You've no idea, I thought that Stardew was going to take a backseat while CA works out his plans for his next game and other things, but this is a great surprise. I've wanted more singleplayer stuff for a while since I've done 2 farms and everything's more or less played out. Give me anything at this point and I'll eat it up haha.

I hope we can grow a variety of tea leaves and make tea out of those and flowers as well as make perfumes.

Anyone else hoping for an automatic milker? I have auto feeders, sprinklers, and the jumino hut... and i spend so much time just milking goats and cows :(

Terraria is another game like that. I bought in 2012 I think for 5 dollars or something and it paid itself really fast (to be fair I played the pirated version before that anyway). It's my most game played on steam and they had an update this year I think, and it looks like there will be another. Indies ftw.

Can we talk about what the boat might represent? Open sea fishing? Travel to another area? A new periodic vendor like the cart?

Personally I’m really hoping for travel to a new area such as an island, though I wouldn’t mind fishing either, I like fishing. If it’s just a public vendor like the cart that’d be a bit tame. The appearance of the boat suggests that it’s somehow... for lack of a better word, magical? Could be a little cabin/living space that you can enter and explore, with new stuff in it.

I feel exactly the same. I have experienced literally everything possible to experience in this game now, so the thought of any new content gets me so excited because this is honestly one of my favourite games ever. The best part is that he genuinely didn't have to do this, he's just doing it because he loves this game.

Now this is something I would pay money for. It's crazy how many of these 15$ games have ten times more content than some triple A games.

For now if you're on PC, Better Ranching makes collecting from animals a lot easier and Animal Sitter straight up collects directly from them (note: I haven't used the latter for a while now, you may need to check compatibility with SMAPI 2.1).

That was Chucklefish's project. Not CA

My excitement CANNOT be contained for this. What glorious news!! If he includes new areas/activities, or even better, some new characters to meet and interact with, I will lose. My. Mind.

See that E.A? 😏 Now that is how it is DONE. Thank you Eric! From the bottom of my heart. You are AWESOME

I like to get animal sitter but not use it until I'm married. Then it's like my spouse and kids are taking care of the animals for me and actually makes them useful for something.

You’re totally right. He is not involved in that magic school game, but he did say he is working solo in a project in the Stardew Valley “universe”. CA solo project

omg yes this is why I've been constantly checking this subreddit.

I think an island with a few characters that's based around fishing would be cool; when the game was releasing on the Switch I heard a lot about how the fishing system wasn't fun for some people, but I really really like it and I'd like it to become the focus.

I have been wanting more plants. I think Herbs would be a great addition. They could be added to any recipe to add even more energy and stamina based on the kind and quality of the herb! One can dream lol!

Pretty sure he's made it clear any updates will be free, but this is also likely the last update that adds content since he's started working on a new game.

Free multiplayer and dlc for one of my favorite games. What a time to be alive.

Shovel Knight is another one. The cost of the base game has increased, but if you already own it then all DLCs are free.

I got Terraria for 99 cents in 2013, took a risk on what looked like a 2D Minecraft - I have over 90 hours in it now, totally worth the risk lol

Probably because we all know about the forthcoming multiplayer but new single player content is a brand new announcement and a surprise to us all.

I just discovered Stardew Valley on my Switch. I also enjoyed Cuphead even though I kinda gave up. And I've bought rocket league on 3 different platforms. These games are more worth the $60 than recent triple A's imo.

The iridium level cheese is pretty nice as a stackable healing item, if you enjoy spelunking.

It's a mystery boat. :)

Maybe a new character pilots it? Or maybe it's Willy's boat?

How do I give CA more money? I feel like I got way more than $15 worth of entertainment out of this game.

Will the Fangamer guide get an update?

"Yeah but I too am rich" - CA

Hopefully this means that I'll finally be able to live my dream of having Boats and Hoes.

Ooh yes that would be so cool!

It's why I've stayed subscribed even though I haven't played the game since probably February.

I mean that's true, but if you want to make a pointless comparison and compare Stardew Valley's net income per employee vs EA's net income per employee... CA's doing a hell of a lot better.

Maybe it's how you travel to other people's farms? Kind of like the train station in Animal Crossing. (Although, I guess we could also use the train for that)

Fishing feels so much better on Switch than it did on Mac/PC.

I went Joja on Switch just to avoid the fishing bundle, but I ended up winning the fishing competition for the first time ever in Year 1. Whoops.

Is that an iridium boat? I don't want to get my hopes up in case that it isn't a massive update but what if this boat is the reward from a new wing in the community center, kind of like the bus? It could be used to explore islands, go deep sea fishing or maybe even exploring underwater areas...


So as this is being released with multiplayer content it will arrive on the PC first (the first platform to get multiplayer) and then the Switch (first console to get multiplayer).

What would be REALLY nice would be for the new single player content to be released on ALL platforms as soon as the PC gets multiplayer. I can dream ........ :)

This is pretty awesome! Free content is great, and honestly if they charged a small DLC cost for it I would gladly pay for it considering how much enjoyment both me and my 4 yr old son get out of this game!

People have been saying this since the wizard tower was released and yet here we are. We don't know if this is the last update. I got massively downvoted and flamed last time I said this but it could be the last update or there could be several big updates in the future.

Well I bought the game a grand total of 5 times, thrice for myself. That’s one way :)

Super excited!