C9 Fan here: GL In Groups!

C9 Fan here: GL In Groups!

It is worlds time, and it is time for us to be allies > enemies(Even though TSM and C9 aren't really enemies). Glad to see you guys got a nice looking group, same with IMT. Hopefully us at C9 can join you guys in groups by passing the play-in stage. Here is to hoping NA gets all 3 teams get out of groups!

TBH I feel like all 3 NA teams could actually make it to quarters this year. IMT and TSM have some nice looking groups, and than C9's possible groups if they make Worlds Group Stage are a bit difficult with Group A and Group C. I am hoping that C9 can land in Group A bc I think EDG is not that good along with AHQ.

GL, cya at worlds, #NAFighting.

How high do you think are the chances for each NA team to get out?

miles ahead

I do think TSM is the best western team but cmon

This isnt an insult but i think c9 wont make it out of A or C. TSM probably wouldnt make it out of A or C either.

85-90% chance TSM gets out, 75% for IMT, and I believe in C9 but others don't I would say 60% chance for them, others would prolly give them a 40%

Sister teams whooo!! I won't be satisfied until I get a C9 vs TSM in the Finals lol, that would be saweeeet:)

Good luck to C9 as well!! Go get em!

I'd say it depends what group C9 gets. Group A, I'd give them around 50% chance. Group C though, I'd give them around 20-25%.

RNG is more inconsistent. They are a better team, but often underperform. Also, it was 3-2... It isn't like EDG stomped them in finals or anything.

The thing I find interesting is that the same was said about SSG last worlds and they popped off. As for RNG, Uzi has some hard carry moments and has never once not made it out of groups.

TSM and IMT are miles ahead of the rest of the West, they're the only teams that have a slight chance of doing anything past group stages