But girl, what qualities was I looking for before?

But girl, what qualities was I looking for before?

I had an ex tell me that I'd never find any like her and I told her that was the goal.

911 yes i have just witnessed a murder

sometimes ya gotta downgrade looks to make more space for personality. not that they are always correlated.

Especially if the girl is of bigger physical size... like shawty, my girl cook clean and suck a mean one and I love her. Go dwell in your misery and leave me and my BBW alone.

Ain’t nothing piss a woman off more than leaving her for a fat woman lmao. Like that’s right, you did all that work in the gym and starving yourself and it still didnt make you less of a bitch.

Sir you have to stop calling us about what you see in the intern...oh dear God we'll send help right away!

At this point, I'd take a 6/10 who actively wants to please me, over a 9/10 who acts like I should be grateful, any day of the week.

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If it ain’t her, she mad.

Edit: if it ain’t her, she ugly.

I find it so weird that people want all of their exes to be unhappy, if they abused you or mistreated you or cheated on you I get it, but it is really fucked up to me when people believes that they'll be the one to define everyone else's happiness. Not everything is about you, and many of your exes will not regret that things ended between you two, and that is how it should be.


Can we bump it up to a 7?

Or she's in the same league and she didn't realize she's not all that

It's not as easy as it sounds to go from bitch ass attitude to decent human being, some people never change.

Actually one of my ex gfs believe that it's impossible to change, and I've met people who truly believe that shit. Just because they can't do it, don't wanna do it, are not willing to put any effort into changing they think nobody can change and that's the reality and nothing else can be done.

Sad. People, if you meet a girl or guy who's like "people can't change, deal with it", that's a huge red flag, because that means they're gonna act like bitches and years into a relationship when infatuation is over they will not make compromises and try to change bad habits for the better of your relationship, and then you're stuck with a potato ass bitch who will make your life miserable because you're the only one trying.

Fucking irritating, people with that logic don't even think "so if you never change are you still the same nigga from elementary school? you still doing the same bullshits nigga?" obviously not, but try to reason with these people...sigh

Honestly I think you've got a 50/50 chance of either downgrading or upgrading if you're upgrading in personality, about half of the time you do indeed get to have your cake and eat it too.

Stealing this

Shit you wouldn't believe how many times I've seen my friends mad because "I look better than her and she can't fuck him like I can".

Oh so your only worth is in your looks and sexual prowess, huh?

Well aren't you Mr Good Looking!

Emilia Clarke is way overrated so that is actually a perfect example.

My husband says that his ex once told him on Facebook that she thought he had standards because she saw him with me. She was a racist and said that because I’m not white. He replied with “I do have high standards and I finally reached them”

The girl you love should look more beautiful to you than any Emilia Clarke or some shit.

Who you settling for? Who better for you than the boy, huh?

The way I see it 5/10 the median sexiness of the world. I'd say that really median sexyness is actually quite nice. That means that a 1/10 is ugly and a 10/10 really get the juices flowin but in the grand scheme of things, most people are fives, or close to it. I mean if we distribute the people by sexyness on a bell curve I'd say you get a good approximation of real sexyness.

Hell if I get a 5 you're telling me that I'm better than like half the guys of the world, and damn that's only on looks! I make a mean lasagna!

In the mean time may we refer you to /sub/murderedbywords? They may have some home remedies to help stem the bleeding.

See, I'm already hated

But I'm a bad bitch! He should desire me! Who the fuck wants a "bad bitch" as their partner when they 45? And ain't nothing more pathetic than some over the hill 40 something chick trying to act like she 22!

911 yes i have just made a mistake

Besides, it's not all about looks anyway. It's about someone who you enjoy spending time with, who makes you want to be the best version of yourself, who you want to make happy, and who makes you happy.

A 7 probably means something very different to you and I

Literally what evolution had done to us

You're not stealing it off him if that makes you feel any better

If a girl can tolerate me for more than one consecutive day, she's goddamn gorgeous

And she automatically assumes it’s a “downgrade”.

Please hang up and call the police. This line is for emergencies only.

This shit is so true. Tried putting up with a selfish-ass bitch for years. Told me she wasn't going to change. Got the fuck out. Better lonely than miserable.

Yeah I mean who you want to sleep with a couple of times is not necessarily the same person you want to dedicate parts of your life to, not that attractiveness and personality are mutually exclusive or anything, but I think for a lot of people the priorities changes when it is about someone they actually want to start something real with.

And I don't understand how anyone can go into a long term relationship with someone based almost entirely on superficiality, because a fat ass isn't going to make up for a complete lack of chemistry, and physical attraction can't replace an emotional connection.

Although I guess everyone would prefer someone who has both the looks and the personality.

With some people you just match, so what would be a bad personality to someone else might be a good to you. Then you have the crazy ones that no one wants, but sleeping in a shitty hotel can sometimes be better than being homeless.

I didn’t recognize it for the red flag that it was, but when I was 22 my 27 y/o bf would smirk about how he ruined his exes lives, they never got over him... I think it aroused him more than I did but I was dumb as nails at the time and thought that’s just how people in the “real world” felt about breakups... idiot

I'm only 25 and I'm embarrassed by how acted when I was 22, I definitely dont aspire to stay at that level of immaturity when I'm 40.

and I told her that was the goal

in my head... years later... while lying in bed awake at 3 am on a Sunday night when I need to sleep but can’t stop replaying this scene over and over agin.

sometimes it's not even ex who talks shit, even girl friends do that about someone you like

This is usually the case. Once or twice I've seen the lads learn a lesson about appearance not being the only factor. More often, they stick within a type and range. Their exes will still go on a spree either on social media or gossiping to others about how they had to settle. They do the whole Taylor Swift business of putting the other girl down like that makes them look better.

Either that or “I fuckin hope not” depending on how mad the breakup be.

"Big women are beautiful"

"OMG his new gf is so fat, what a loser"

the same woman probably

Apply aloe directly to the afflicted skin twice an hour to soothe any superficial burns you may have sustained.

We’re gonna need more aloe.

one consecutive day


I think what skews those numbers is the fact that (in America at least) 70 is a passing grade or average. So while 5 is in the middle, some may still it as less than average.

Damn, I thought that first sentence was a compliment on first read. Like she saw a picture of you guys and went 'damn, you go Mike, you finally have standards' not so much the case

For sucking at life. Think of the “nice guy” phenomenon - ugly dudes who seem to think humans have a set amount of “points” to allocate towards characteristics like looks, intelligence, athleticism, kindness, etc. They see a hot guy and assume he can’t ALSO be smart, kind, or intelligent (when, in fact, it’s possible to be all four).

For the “nice guy,” the coping strategy is almost the opposite. The recognize they’re not hot, but assume it’s because they chose to max our their kindness and intelligence instead. Nah, son. You lack all four. You’re not smarter just because you’re ugly.

911 yes I think I may have bad short term memory loss

She's just protecting her inner core by lying to herself.

Yes i'm with my husband and father of my children, who's white. I'm hispanic.

Saying 'she should please me' sounds like an odd way to say that. Maybe instead she cares for your feelings and wants for you to both be happy?

Yeah, I think if someone has multiple exes and can't find anything nice to say about any of them then that is a big red flag.

How bout a girl that's got a brain, and always speaks her mind?

If you're happy , it's not a downgrade

Dude wtf? I told you like 30 seconds ago.

Has this become the complain about bitches on twitter subreddit tho?

Leave her for a fat white girl and you can expect being murdered within the week

Although I guess everyone would prefer someone who has both the looks and the personality.

Which honestly isn't that hard to obtain. People think if a person is good looking, there's a stronger likelihood they're a bad person. Sometimes true, sometimes not.

Frankly, it's just a coping strategy IMO.

More like, I prefer to drive a solid Honda then a Ferrari with engine problems all the time. Ain't nobody got the time or money for that. And if I don't have the Honda I prefer walking. Fuck that broke, cheap ass, good looking 'Rari all day any day.

I can't go back now, full size ass ruin me for all others

It’s a criticism of her acting abilities. Not her earning abilities. What a bizarre way to sidestep my previous statement.

Lmao, 17 day old u/used_tunapacket now using all his alt accounts to try and sway voting. Poor guy.

Literally comparing women to objects.

I'll make my judgement after Solo.

Replace ugly with "makes less money", "is smaller/weaker", "looks like a dork" etc. and I've heard it a shit ton, personally. People don't always cope in healthy ways. This particular coping mechanism isn't gender specific in my opinion.

If she plays Portal coop you're probably golden.

what I really said was you’ll never find someone who loves you as much as I do

That's like basic-level abusive behavior, bro

I'm on good terms with most of my exes. A couple don't deserve happiness and should die in a fire though, TBH.

Seriously. Stop tying up the line. We're already stretched thin dealing with the shawty fire burning on the dance floor.

Looks fade anyway.

Relationships where the person is someone who treats you well, supports you through thick and thin and makes you laugh are far more meaningful then just aesthetics.

Some poeple are just superficial and focus on all the wrong things in a relationship, and I dont just mean looks, they get all desperate and stay in relationships with red flags, or make themselves into idiots for a person who doesn't respect them. No relationship works without sharing the same values and finding a person who treats you right.

You think that’ll make her pissed? Try leaving her for a white girl and watch the hamster go crazy

911 yes I'd like to report dat ass

I have little hope for that movie. Firing a director a week before the end of shooting does not bode well for me.

Yes, there's no half-assing it after that.

Why not both?!

Once I'm done with a relationship, I'm done so it's worse when someone still feels something for you. It's really sad. I mean, take your time in resolving your feelings but let's move on and wish each other happiness.

Probably. Means she's fun to go out to eat with cus she will want to go somewhere other than a vegan cafe.

Yeah I feel like 6 is average and 5 is q little below average.

Hes happy and you're just bitter😬

You just gave Drake a cool bar.

Totes ma goat! So many people talk all this mess about what they deserve and what they want and what they're owed and what's waiting for them. Yet the only thing they offer is a shitty attitude and a bunch of annoying Facebook shares.

Man, I fucking love that song

To be frank the only thing I’m excited for in that movie is Childish Gambino knocking Lando Calrissian out of the Park.

That is the premise for a great Patrice O'Neal joke and a lot of his philosophy. RIP

I’d be grumpy too on a diet of blueberries and quinoa!

Cause I love me, I love me enough for the both of us

The assumption that attractive people are often worse human beings comes from the fact that it's far easier for them to fuck someone over without consequences because being attractive makes it effortless to replace people.

Basically, anyone with a lot more options than you have will likely value those options less.

Sure, there are angry ugly people and niceguys out just talking shit to cope, but let's not pretend being well-liked for no reason and not having to earn social points doesn't set pretty people up to more easily take advantage of others.

If this weren't true, strip clubs wouldn't exist.

But that’s two tricks then

a bunch of annoying Facebook shares.

Fuck you. Me posting Rebecca Black every Friday is an important public service.

Steal from the stealers

I think the Rock was the highest earning actor last year, because he has a really high earning ability, although his actual acting ability would usually not be considered the best

I don't understand that though, so 100s of random dudes across the world DM her and then what? can we get an AMA from a guy who DMs insta thots?

I'm almost out of grapes and ice cubes, how am i gonna eat dinner

Glad to hear you're mature now, /u/do-aliens-fart


“aw shit dawg what up 👀👀”

Yknow I thought your wording was a little off but got it when you explained it. I've been with guy who have no interest in my pleasure and really only care as long as they get off, but I've also been with guys who actually cared about me and wanted to make me feel good

what I really said was you’ll never find someone who loves you as much as I do and she acted just as arrogantly as you.

adjective: arrogant

having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance