Buster Keaton goes into the movie screen in Sherlock Jr. (1924)

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Buster Keaton today is widely associated with his stunts, but he was also a very creative filmmaker.

It's crazy to consider how challenging it must have been technically to make this whole sequence fit together.

You can watch the whole sequence here.

Some symphonies still do this as a fun thing! I think it was the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra that did Jurassic Park last year.



I love seeing the orchestra down below the 'screen'. I imagine it would have been fun to have live music during your film.

Or if he's actually in those scenes, where did he go after jumping at the screen in real life?

I don't understand how this works. Are there thin props in front of the screen he's standing on?

Youre not linking anything youre just typing the word β€œhere”

Buster Keaton is probably the best actor/film maker of all time