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This is our hedgehog, Helga, who we've had since March! She loves to burrow into clothes, pillows, and armpits, but sometimes she really gets into it trying to fit in small places.

If you want to see more, follow her on instagram! @helga.hedgehog

Is that a hedgehog.. trying to get into a raw turkey?


haha no, it's just a little pink pouch

Pretty easy actually. They're nocturnal so they just sleep during the day and eat/run on their wheel at night. You should take them out to hang out for a bit every day, and you can just let them walk around, sniff things, etc. They're so cute and funny, definitely worth getting one!

How easy are they to care for OP? I'm planning on moving in with my girlfriend next year and she point blank refuses a dog, but your helga is so cute!

She used to be able to fit into it when she was smaller, but not anymore :P

And yes she is our pet. She's great, they're quite easy to handle and always very cute!

Ah ok, that's good news.. but it also presents more questions. What kind of pink pouch is this?

And I take it this is your pet hedgehog? Hows that working out?

this dude

I'd like to preface this by saying I don't own a hedgehog myself, and I hope it would not be too presumptuous of me to ask if /u/Alfredo18 or another hedgehog owner could speak to the accuracy of the videos I've linked whenever it's convenient.

Anyway, makes a bunch of different videos about how to care for less common pets (ferrets, hedgehogs, etc.). The video I linked is just an introductory one, but there are more on his channel that delve into specific topics like how to bathe them or how to calm an aggressive/scared one.

Again I'm not a hedgehog owner, so I can't be certain if the videos have any glaring flaws, but the reception to them seems to be good. I only remember these videos because one of them was posted to reddit a year or so ago and I binged them because hedgehogs are absolutely adorable.

"I'm not fat! I'm just fluffy! This pouch must have... shrunk in the dryer. Yeah, that's it."

Oh man that little leg has me laughing my ass off.

Hedgehogs poop almost literally non stop. Something to keep in mind, dissuades many would be owners.

It's a bad angle because she's so scrunched up. She may be slightly overweight but she's quite normal based on other hedgehogs we've seen.

Can confirm, I've been pooped on a lot and so have my friends


I love my hedgehog but I wouldn’t recommend them to first time exotic pet owners. They are not all friendly. It take a lot of work to make a hedgehog be friendly or even petable. I know a lot of people get them because they’re a “hot” pet right now. I would start with something less exotic and easier to care for. Hedgehog set ups can be expensive and sure, daily care isn’t -super- hard but socializing is. They’re bad for people with children or any young people who don’t know pet boundaries. They often don’t enjoy sitting with people, need a certain amount hear, a very large cage and good bedding/fleece. When I took my hedgehog to the vet I was told I was extremely lucky he was as friendly as he is. Most hedgehogs, especially when not handled EVERY DAY (and that are from a bad breeder) do NOT unball for most people. They will explore, but don’t expect to pet it much. If you’ve had other exotics and know the commitment involves with this type of animal and am COMMITTED to socializing and giving it the proper environment (Heater, very large cage, no wire anything, expensive diet etc), then I would recommend one. But please don’t get it because they’re “cute” or popular.

At first glance this was pretty disturbing...

Not entirely sure why, I think the bed is just uncomfortably similar in shade to skin.