Bullshitter got called out and aborts mission

Bullshitter got called out and aborts mission

Seriously though, what’s the point of these? Why would you care about internet attention, and why wouldn’t you be smart enough to at least delete the other bullshit claims?

I've encountered a shocking number of Redditors that either don't know or don't care that we can all see their post and comment history.

I love Reddit because post histories allow for commenters and posters to be held accountable for what they say more so than on other sites, which I think leads to much more civil conversations.

EDIT: The key phrase is "more so than other sites," I'm not suggesting that this is always the case or that posters can't take advantage of this to the opposite effect.

/sub/casualiama having a post that's an obvious lie? I am completely shocked.

It's kind of weird thoug when you make an innocent comment or something and get a reply where the person scours your post history to bring up something like, oh you enjoy muffins? WELL TWO YEARS AGO YOU SAID YOU LIKE CUPCAKES

Post history is part of what I love too. Not super for the reason you stated but because if a novelty account is particularly clever or a user has a habit of posting good OC or a commenter makes insightful comments you can go back and see the other fun, cool or thought out shit they’ve said in the past.

That guy with the Totally Real imaginary wife was when I first found out about that sub and also dismissed it immediately.

Had a feeling this was fake. Some guy a while ago had the exact same story of killing a guy like that when he was a kid. Does anybody remember that?

Reddit, the pathological liar's paradise.

It's kind of sad so many people think schizophrenia is just like A Beautiful Mind/Mr Robot.

Next week's post

"I got caught lying online with my history available to the public. AMA"


Tumblr in a nutshell. They want to glorify mental illnesses to feel special when in reality we should be treating mental illness instead of pretending they are a joy to have.

If you're going to lie, at least make sure you won't be caught lying, in reddit especially.

I do. If I recall it was from an askreddit where the question was about reddiors who have actually killed someone.

"☆~chronic depression is my AeStHeTiC~☆"

Or when you say something like “man fuck the FCC, they’re trying to take away net neutrality” and someone replies saying “well two years ago you commented on the donald trump subreddit so YOU DESERVE THIS YOU TRUMPTARD” not even bothering to mention any context.

Politics have really made reddit an unfun place.

"You're full of shit. All your posts are deleted... There's no way you got caught. Get a life"

I love Reddit because post histories allow for commenters and posters to be held accountable for what they say more so than on other sites, which I think leads to much more civil conversations.

Lol. Ya dingus.

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I haven't seen anyone criticize Trump supporters for supporting NN now, just criticizing those who supported it before the election but are against it now. I always thought NN was something pretty much everyone on the chans, reddit, etc could agree on, but recently there's been a pretty severe shift.

Honestly it’s also kind of detrimental. A lot of times people just attack someone’s post history instead of their actual argument.

For example, I was discussing possible outcomes of a strong AI or something and when presented with a reasonable argument someone was just like "Why don't you go back to posting pictures of your cock" and I'm just like oh, I think I will then.

I bet next it will be waffles! You big fat waffler!

What does AMA mean?

The robber died....then went to jail?

Plot-Twist the op of this post, the bullshitter, and the bullshit caller are all one person and this was an elaborate plot for karma

There was an askreddit where the question was something along the lines of “people who have killed a person, tell us your story”, kid was home alone with his little sister, someone broke in, he defended himself and sister with a bat. Seem to remember him saying that he still vividly remembers the sound of the guys skull caving in...

Edit: found it

Image Transcription: Reddit

I killed a man at age twelve. AMA!, 167 points, submitted by /u/OP to /r/AMA

He tried to rob our house and thought my mother was alone. I hid behind a door with a metal baseball bat, and when he opened it I hit him over the head with it. He fell down, but grabbed my leg so I hit him again.

He died later in a hospital. I didn't find out he had died until I was 15, my mom and a therapist told me he went to jail.

/u/N/A, 259 points

You're full of shit. You've got about twenty ama posts in the last week.. One day you're fifteen, a week later you're thirteen.. get a life.

/u/N/A, ? Points

And now you've deleted your old posts.. Very Clever

I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit! If  you'd like more information on what we do and why...

In my world AMA means 'against medical advice.' What does it mean here?

Not before they get +10,000 upvotes

Im 2 and i killed a man at 7 months, i thought i was alone so i hit him with my bottle

Astroturfing shift

You post way too much, I can't find ur benis.

Was talking to someone in askreddit who was talking about having movie style split personalities. Even after I made an in depth thread saying how I wasn't even calling them for the way they described their symptoms, they still took facts super personally. If you have another person supposedly living in your head, if that person is capable of holding a conversation and has their own story/experiences... You are some kind of fucked in the head but you don't have split personality disorder. Split personalities don't have unique memories and they aren't literally different people. It's more like PTSD, where certain stimuli bring out intense character traits that are otherwise not present.

Frustrates me so much to see people spreading bullshit for such selfish reasons

Maybe he wants to get caught

He's not even a real space cowboy. Look, this hat comes right off.

It’s in my posts, not my comments. Here you go have 🅱️enis

I hardly ever post but I do comment a lot when it’s a 4 day weekend and I have shit else to do.

I killed my parents... Through disappointment.

Meh, not really. It seems to be mostly the same, with out histories available and easy to delete. If you weren't allowed to delete posts it would be better for that purpose.

Ask Me Anything.

a phony,, you're a great big phony!

Some people seem to just get off on telling really elaborate lies on a consistent basis. The number of posts to this sub alone that I've seen which are like this is a little disconcerting. There are people that are just straight up compulsive liars and weave these stories just to satisfy their own desire to lie.



What does AMA mean?

He means the robber died but his parents told him he went to jail to don't let him know he killed a person. Poorly structured but that's it

They were obviously just jealous of your immaculate cock.

The thing about the_donald is that they so aggressively ban anyone that doesn't fit their rigid ideological purity test you can usually make assumptions about a member with a high degree of accuracy.

You have to admit, though. Reddit is much more civil than other sites that are notorious for their cancerous comment sections like Youtube or Facebook, but I don't think comment history is the only thing that contributes to that.

The familiarity is the only reason I even came to the comments. Glad I wasn't the only one.

Against medical advice

Gonna upvote cause this is hilarious. Not gonna click, cause i am on a train

That would work for posts but people bring U.S. politics into the comment sections all the time.

It’s more when someone says as a black man I believe in race science. Then you look into their history and find that they are not black and post racist shit, you can tell they are not acting in good faith. I have no interest in arguing with bad faith racists.

If your involved in a death they 100% interview everyone even if the person is a 10 year old kid (and especially if their the ones that did the killing)

Good human.

WHAT does AMA mean!?!

I misread the title as "misses abortion" and was expecting so much more drama than I got.

I like the ones that call anyone that looks at their history a "no life stalker." Butthurt cop-out of cowards that refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions.

If you're going to get caught lying, surely Reddit is the best place? I'd rather be caught lying to fake internet strangers than my wife, boss, family, friends, the police, a judge, my doctor, etc...

See, even that's a lie. I'm not married.

Didn't think about it that way, you're absolutely right though.

ikr, we need a politcal tag, like the nsfw tag, and be able to block it all

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Nah. His mom told him to stay at the neighbors and he waited there for a while and everyone was so nice!

I didn't say that this was the rule or a constant occurrance, but realistically I don't think most people are going to take the time to edit their post history for the sake of arguing a point that they've contradicted in the past (unless they enter the conversation with the intention of karma whoring or trolling, in which case I agree that Reddit is no better than other sites, but I just feel like I see that less often than on, for example, YouTube).

I’m not a schizophrenic and it still pissed me off. This guy is writing a shitty fan fic starring himself, being completely melodramatic and Reddit is eating it up telling him how brave he is for coming to terms with himself and showering that fucktard in all sorts of praise.

I am just wondering how many (other) people are going to go through your history for pictures of your dick now

Jokes on you my reddit history is nothing but TRASH

As an actual schizophrenic that shit pissed me off to no end.

I was just scanning while on my 5 minute bus ride at work. I didn't know it was going to legitimately be your penis... Nice cock.

Some guy a while ago had the exact same story of killing a guy like that when he was a kid.

It's a right of passage for when a boy becomes a man. Don't you remember when you killed your first intruder with a baseball bat?

I mean, I kind of warned you lol.

No, it's not the only thing. A lot of that is also related to general reddiquette and the persistence of moderators, but I think sometimes post history makes both unnecessary.

Idk they seem to be called out more often than not.

I think it’s more useful when you find the person you’re arguing has a history of posting racist shit or lying.

True and I think you have point. There's a lot of division there, but in a way you kind of added to that same environment you're talking about by bringing up politics rn when like the earlier stuff was about post history and, like, muffins and whatnot, you know?

Humans want to be or at least feel special, as if they are somehow unique and different. It's amazing how often I will get downvoted or yelled at for pointing that out even nicely in general.

I know it's the a whole joke/meme with the "special snowflake" bullshit but I really think there is some truth to it. Most people (myself included) are not special, we're average. I think some people really take that to heart and it screws them up, they can't deal with not being special.

Before the internet (yeah, I'm fucking old,) these people existed. I know 3 off the top of my head from high school. Outrageous, obvious lies that couldn't possibly be true. As they get older, the lies become subtle, but always end with them being the hero who saves the day, or solves some problem. I think it's from being ignored, or overly criticized as a child.

Some people have so sad lives that the only place they get recognition is the internet

This isn't satisfying enough. We must go deeper...

/u/Ceilea and /u/_kingcobraa_ are actually both members of a bullshit awareness advocacy group, and this is part of a campaign.

I use it for when someone posts something stupid. You can see if they do it all of the time, or maybe they can be reasoned with. There have been a lot of times I just left them alone after seeing their history.

Yep. When I see a novelty account or something that I like, I often to back and read their other stuff. I also tend to give a cursory look over where someone else posts if I see someone I really agree with in some of the smaller subs, if I'm deeply bored.

I'm on a train and clicked anyway. Worth the stare from the 70 year old lady sitting next to me.

he grabbed my tiny baby leg. so i hit him again.

Yup I saw that one too

A lot of people can't get attention in real life so they do it online. A friend of mine pretends to be different people online, especially on chatting sites like Omegle just for the fun of it and the attention.

Prostitution for the attention. Ya know.

It means 'against medical advice'

Whats it like to be on the spectrum while being a karate master?

That dude was scamming people over GoFundMe as well. It's fucking disgusting how people will try to take advantage of others generosity

Why would you care about internet attention,

Because the urine-filled Taco Bell cups that line their bedroom don't offer positive reinforcement.

It means 'mixed martial autism'

MRE's with Seal Team 6, whom I trained in hand to hand combat. In my sleep. With my dick.

The 'politics making this website unfun' statement rings a very loud bell though.

then the rest of the train stood up and clapped

I don't know why anyone would lie on this site, too many of y'all are little detectives.

It's a hollywood thing honestly. Mental illnesses are attached to charismatic people and portrayed in interesting ways, making them seem better than they really are. The common trope seems to portray geniuses and intelligent people as mentally troubled while in the real world 99% of geniuses and such are well adjusted, mentally healthy, ordinary humans.

Or if a hot girl posts a really good picture and you wanna see all of them