[Buckner] Marcin Gortat responds to John Wall’s comments: ‘Who’s attacking who?’

[Buckner] Marcin Gortat responds to John Wall’s comments: ‘Who’s attacking who?’
[Buckner] Marcin Gortat responds to John Wall’s comments: ‘Who’s attacking who?’

This should be fun for a day or two until Gortat gets shipped to Vytautus.

Lol gortat vs wall who yall got?

Somebody's getting traded, and it won't be John Wall.

I think he just called you out. How do you respond?

Give me the Bond henchman

Probably hire a contract killer to make sure there is no future disrespect.

Apparently you simply can't say anything about anyone. Compliment someone? Fine. Happy for guys getting on the same page? Side eye and beef. Quote a movie? Hire a contract killer to make sure there's no future disrespect.

This shit is out of control.

Well yeah, fuck the media.

I don't think Beal or Gortat were trying to cause shit with J-Wall at all, like they said. And Gortat said that him and Wall even discussed about the matter, and thought that everything was good.

“I talked to him a few days ago,” Gortat said. “I thought we verified that. I told him that it was nothing personal and I definitely didn’t think about him when I was writing that or whatever I was saying. We never thought about attacking him and I thought we had this verified.”

wall being a bitch imo


Gang signs John Wall

What are you saying?

I don't believe him. Wall is one of the most honest players (like it or not...) in the NBA. I think he would've said something if what Gortat said was true.

I also am hesitant to give Marcin the benefit of the doubt after all the drama he's brought to us...

Only sports media could take an innocuous statement about ball movement and turn it into beef.

Can’t wait until LaMelo has beef with Gortat as well

Based upon what?

Ya i agree. Wall said if they have a problem they should come talk to me and it’ll be over. Im sure if Gortat actually talked with him John woulda been like “ya we spoke about it and handled it”

Cmon cuz don’t act like wall ain’t a top playmaker. He been off his game this season due to injury.

what a literal take, congrats

Also, Wall had thoughts on the recent “everybody eats” line — first used by Bradley Beal following the win over the Raptors in which Washington shared the ball for 30 assists, and interpreted by several fans and media outlets as a shot against Wall.

“That was funny to me. That’s a joke. If you want to say team win and put it in exclamation points or everybody eats and all that. I’m one of the top point guards that passes the ball more than anybody. I hear a lot of times I pass too much sometimes,” Wall told NBC Sports Washington during his first interview of the circuit. “I know what I do for my team, I know what I bring every night. Like I said, if any guys have a problem with me they can talk to me face to face as a man. And if you can’t do that then I lose a lot of respect for you.”

Now obviously that's not the biggest deal in the world, but it's not how i'd want my team leader to carry himself

You don't even know if this dude is telling the truth, how is Wall being a bitch.

gortat knew what he was doing man. "great 'team' win!!!" come on. you don't have to read between the lines for that one.