Brutal Head Kick

The lighting is rough..that would suck having shadows playing tricks on you while those head kicks are flying

It's more romantic.

You know it's bad when the ref is calling for the medic before he even hits the mat.. Wow...

"whelp I just killed him"

Why are they fighting in the dark?

Fantastic reaction times from the medics, too! /s

Dude his legs went stiff instead of buckling. I don't know much about CNS injuries but that seems serious.

The other guy looks so worried. Good sport

I really liked the concern he showed though, usually a dude goes down and the other guy jumps on top and starts wailing away before getting dragged off. Its good to know these fighters don't want to actually seriously fuck someone up

Judging by his posture, I think this guy may have suffered a head injury.

Ya I feel like they have an old maglight taped to the ceiling.

You win.

They're just both insecure about their bodies.

I'd be worried I just killed someone, not something you want to think about the rest of your life

Yeah I hear when someone 'postures' like that it's a bad sign.

His tooth has moved on to bigger and better things

The ref called it as soon as that kick connected. The ref knew, the other guy knew, the people in the cheap seats knew it was lights out. Usually you try to lay in a couple more hits if someone goes down just to make sure the ref calls it right away so he doesn't have a chance to get back up, but this was pretty fucking clear from boom that the fight was over.

I actually heard once that the reason medics don't generally move super quickly to respond is so they can maintain their composure and keep control of the situation when they get there. If they ran up to the scene and were all out of breath it'd be harder to immediately be able to ask questions and give instructions to bystanders.

Seriously? Were they waiting to see if maybe he hadn't died yet? I expected to see someone scaling the walls trying to get the poor man help...nope.

Solomon Rogers will definitely be feeling that one for a while. Is it just me or does it look like his tooth launched of towards the left as well?

I'm sure that if we slow this down at 1000 frames a second, we could see a cartoon ghost leave his body and then jump back in when he wakes up 😂

...he dead

Yeah but with 2/3 fresh C batteries.

Yup running is everything you don't want, you're out of breath, (and you might need to carry the dude somewhere if shit hits the fan), you're not focussed, you might trip and lay down next to the patient (or on the patient), thus, fast walking, no running. Sauce: am medic.

There are no reports that Rogers was seriously injured from the kick, which is a miracle considering how horrible this looks.

Yeah seriously like his head was injured or something!

No it is not. The severing of the neck releases the pressure that can build up which is cool, because if Mortal Kombat taught us anything, it's that fatalities are dope.

Instead we have a man who didn't go out with a bang. We have a man who will only exist in his thoughts, while his body atrophies in a bed, unable to communicate with the rest of humanity, until he finally shuts down.

What happens if you kill or handicap someone for life in these sports?

This. A kick like that to the side of the neck could cause lifetime injuries.

I misread that as “praying for his opponent’s death” and was very confused for a second

Dude just got sent to the shadow realm

no it is not. the opening of the skin or skull releases the pressure that can build up which is good. closed head puts a lot of pressure on the brain and can become VERY serious. (former EMT) EDIT: Of course there are scenarios where an open head injury would be worse as in actually injury to the brain. but in general, closed are really serious due to pressure build up.

i didn't even know there were lights on

And a partridge in a pear tree.

You know it's bad when the other fighter is genuinely concerned

Well then I guess it's better than a beheaded injury.

In the U.S. legal system there is something called the "assumption of risk" this is to protect schools and coaching staffs because there is a certain risk that comes with any sport. I had to look into this because i injured a kid pretty bad in intramural soccer last year EDIT: for context of the incident To clarify. I did not do it on purpose. The kid was my own goalie and it was a total accident. I was on defense and he dove for a save and was on the ground. The ball was still in play and several offensive players were going for it so I went for it. The goalie who I thought was several feet away and still on the ground managed to dive head first from his position and take my knee to the back of his head. I honestly felt terrible while we waited for the ambulance to come take him somewhere he could be life-flighted

They both wear t-shirts when they swim in the ocean.

From an article about this fight:

The beaten man fell face-first to the canvas, frightening everyone in attendance, including Ilnicki who didn’t even celebrate and immediately started praying for his opponent’s health.

He got kicked 90 years into the future lol

I had to look into this because i injured a kid pretty bad in intramural soccer last year

... but after the ref refused to give a red card, the kid got up and shrugged it off.

It's called posturing, and it means he suffered a closed head injury.

Seriously I feel like that's part of the reason that dude felt so bad. I mean mainly because he knew he just fucked his whole month up but also because he knew that kick literally shadowstepped into his face.

Rogers has since commented on the event on Facebook, so that should answer your question.


"If you guys find my gum shield let me know,” Rogers wrote on Facebook. “Dan told me they found it in Bilston on Tuesday, but I’ve heard that it’s found it’s way to Brazil,”

“It happened, got to laugh at it, had a brain fart and cost me the fight.”

Met a beautiful woman tooth, Settled down, had a few kids, and retired happily

Totally true. The scene feeds off your energy, so if you're not calm, nobody's calm. About the only time you'll see a medic run is out of a house with a kid in cardiac arrest. I've had partners that get spun up and it sucks

This is called decerebrate posturing (also called fencing response in sports context), which you can see by the extension of his limbs. It usually means there's damage to the brainstem. It pretty much means guarantees he has a severe concussion.

Teeth fly to avoid damage

How would his head get injured in a MMA fight, though?

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, not Manic Medic Asphyxiation.

And a dirty lens

I know, right? Dude probably hit him in the teeth because that's all he could see.

Well I guess that's better than an opened head injury.

Anyone know if he was actually ok? I mean I know he’s not ok but did he survive that? That was one brutal blow to the head. His tooth said “good day, sir”

Beats the fuck outta me!

ba dum tsss

The guy that got hit ducked right into the kick. I think he was thinking it was going higher and he'd duck under it, but his judgement was off and the kicker adjusted. I don't think the kicker thought he would catch him that square. I'd be worried too. That was a perfect connect. Ow.


Thanks for his name.

Here's with slomo and several different angles. Still can't find out his current condition.

Nah, you get like six freebies.

Thats good to hear. But if he keeps taking hits like that he may have to deal with cte.

It was nice the ring lights were so dim so the guy could catch up on some sleep.

It’s hard to tell if he died or not. His shoes were already off.

I just looked up a few articles, one said it was his MMA debut.

Geez, what a debut.

It's not always because of brain injury. Sudden head trauma can cause this too, even without lasting damage



Promotions: Fight Night 7 probably wasn’t a fight you were ever going to go out your way to see, but it produced one of the scariest knockouts of 2107.


He was seriously just like "oh fuuuuuuuuuck that felt like it hurt"

He went straight into the Fencing Response, his whole body just locked up. Clearest sign or brain injury you can get.

That man was lights out before the other guys foot touched the ground.

They are fighting in a cage and I counted 10 seconds before he came into frame ... did you want medics sitting the rafters with a parachute? Their response was fine.

Grand opening, Grand closing

His brain is mashed potatoes from that kick alone!

No it is not. The severing of the penis releases the pressure that can build up while receiving road head, which is good.

Ahh, wouldn't be a reddit knock out thread if there wasn't a link somewhere to the ol' fencing response.

Dude didn't get his sense of humor knocked out.

“If you guys find my gum shield let me know,” Rogers wrote on Facebook. “Dan told me they found it in Bilston on Tuesday, but I’ve heard that it’s found it’s way to Brazil,”

More angles here

I'd like to know how the guy is doing.. nobody has posted anything about his health. Did anyone see if he was carted out of there, or if he walked out?

Could also be sweat

We call it the upside down, nowadays.

Reddit loves its fencing positions

omg is he ok?

No they don't. You heard that in 5th grade once.

can confirm. almost killed someone by accident. still thinking about it every day.

That's what we tell football players too.

Killed outright? Harsh.

Had a car accident - just missed another car very closely. It's very likely that both of us would have been either dead or at least seriously injured.

How does it make me feel... well let's see. Definitely Guilty. Depressed. Idk. It just makes me feel really really bad. I mean I should be lucky I'm alive, right? But.. no, not really. I totally fucked up that day and I just can't stop judging myself about it. I hope the other guy can deal better with it than me.

A little more than 3 years now.

Amazing how your body just locks up, kind of like it just paused the movie called your life.

I don't think he thought it was a kick, to me it looked like his opponent feinted like he was going to throw a punch, but threw the kick. Watch his opponents hands before the kick, to me it seems he is making it look like he is coming in with a wild punch, but he throws that kick.

Seriously. He had a "holy fuck, I think I just vegetabled someone" look on his face.

Well I guess that's better than a road head injury.

Only article I could find. It appears he is okay and posted on FB. Almost every "news" story is just a repost from another site.

Or at least some little birdies circling around his head. Is that so much to ask, nature??

This guy has never been to a Sunday league game. Straight savages with nothing to lose.

This is terrible but I chuckled

he’s got the “I’m sorry. You’re okay. Mom is going to kill me.” face that would happen whenever you hit your sibling too hard and thought they might die.

Because we minmaxed adaptability, not combat like every other scrub. There's a reason why our faction has total control over the economy aspect of the game.

wakes up two months later Doctor - "You suffered a severe brain injury, you'll never fight again, and what's worse; you're a meme."

It kind of looks the the fighter was posturing. You see how his arms stiffen straight down, kind of rotate out, and his back tenses causing him to fall forward instead of crumpling? It looks like decerebrate posturing, I'm no CT scanner but that's indicative of a severe brain injury.

Really? We all know it's both. They like to make love in the dark because they're insecure about their bodies.

Fencing response is not in sports context, as far as I am aware, it's actually the term used.

Did he die...L...O...L....????

What the fuck is wrong with you?

“Bub”???? What the fuck is wrong with you.

Is that his tooth flying out?

Drop your hands, get kicked in the head

Welcome to the Ghost Realm, my dude.

Found Wolverine

The guy decided to take a nap instead of fight. R.I.P. (hope the guy is ok :( )