Brother-in-law adopted this 14 year old, not wanting him to end up dying alone in the shelter. He looks so happy!

Brother-in-law adopted this 14 year old, not wanting him to end up dying alone in the shelter. He looks so happy!

Your brother-in-law is a good person. Give that old guy all the cuddles and treats.

Watch that little guy live to 22

We thought one of our dogs was going to die when she was thirteen.

She lived until she was 18.

That’s great! My wife and my current dog is 16.5. We’ve been thinking he would die for years but he just keeps on living 😎.

Old dog adoptions are the only adoption pictures that get my upvotes. If you are getting a dog, get an unloved one. Not a puppy.

I'm not an emotional guy, in fact I thought I was mostly dead inside, but my wife wanted to start fostering sick dogs from the humane society. So we went to pick one up and I immediately fell in love with this overweight, old, one-eyed chihuahua named Chico.

He didn't do hardly anything but sit on the couch next to me for two weeks til one day he started looking a bit ill. Right as I was telling my wife we need to take him to the vet he started weezing and frothing a bit at the mouth. We quickly got in the car but he died in my arms on the way to the vet.

I have so much respect for people who adopt or foster older dogs. I wish I had the emotional capacity to handle doing it and not having mental breakdowns when they die.

I'm going to live till 104, then die, like the city of Detroit.

-Ryan Reynolds


So, you have a dog/wife? How’s the sex?

My partner and i just recently adopted a jackihuahua, from my brothers friend who is dying. Hes on permanent medication, has severe seperation anxiety and is nearly 7. I knew if he went in a kennel, they wouldnt be able to look after him how he needs and would either die from the stress or would be put down cause nobody will adopt an older dog. Massive respect to anyone who adopts

We did the same thing with Lucy. 13yo... Been with us for 4 months. Old dogs rock! Lucy

We did the same thing with Lucy. 13yo... Been with us for 4 months. Old dogs rock!

Don't small dogs actually usually live longer? I mean 22 would be crazy old, but it's more likely for a smaller dog than a big one, right?

I just put my dog down 2 weeks ago. Dachshund mix. He was 3 weeks shy of turning 20.

He spent those two weeks feeling warm and loved, and left the world knowing that. Thank you for changing his life x (goddamn someone in here must be cutting onions 😢)

I can't wait until the day that I can buy a pace with enough room for multiple dogs because I plan on adopting as many death row/senior dogs as I can, reasonably. It breaks my fucking heart to think of these poor guys living their lives out in shelters.

Your wife is 16.5?


He doesn't look a day over 8 or 9... That boy could have another 5 years, easy!

Oldest I’ve personally seen was an 18 year old toy poodle and a 20 year old schnauzer. Meanwhile big dogs are lucky to get past 10.

Thanks. It was a long time coming. Wasn’t like I was blindsided. But he lived a long, fairly healthy life.

I am sorry for your loss :(

His name’s Ramsey. They don’t know how much time he has left, hoping for a few years at least! All of the people at the shelter loved him, but said that people repeatedly passed him up because of his age 😩

I really want to do this when my husband retires but he says he'll never be able to handle the heartbreaks of losing them. To me it's worth it to give them a good life before they go.

I adopted a senior Yorkie rescue as well; love my feisty old man. They’re such good pups!

Thank you for doing that... it probably helps your brothers friend immensely to know that his dog is going to be cared for. Massive respect for you and your partner.

I had an old Chi (who I found on the side of the road about 4 yrs previous). She died in my arms. It was so hard but I'm glad she had the life I gave her for those 4 years.


I'd just tell him, you know. Feel bad because dog you grew to love has now died or feel bad because dog died with no love because you never grew to love it?

I’m not OP but I can tell you that for some people, it’s just not about us and our potential suffering anymore. It’s about giving as many dogs as possible as many minutes of joy as possible, because they deserve it. We can pick ourselves up again and surround ourselves with friends and family to heal, but dogs only have us. They’re here such a short time. If I can make a few older Dogs’ lives more peaceful in any way, then I’m doing it, and I’m doing it for them.

He was “old” for the last 8 years of his life. Almost deaf. Almost blind. Everyday was great when I could hear his paws on the wood floor scurry over to me. When he started going deaf he sometimes would sleep until I got right up on him, which always made me uneasy. “ is today the day?” But the old bastard kept on living.

Yes indeed. I’m beyond grateful

We have a bad ass dog in the shelter now that's had a shit run of luck. He was raised in Korea as a meat dog and rescued to be adopted here and have his owner die. He's an awesome beast and needs an awesome owner. I'm gonna probably go pet him again now.

We have a few bigger dogs that are just amazing. No they're not perfect but they're worth adopting. I want to hang out and show people how great the dogs are.

Frankly I should move into adoptions.

That’s 2 long for such a little guy

I wish, my 3 year old has lymphoma and we are on the second round of chemo. I don't think I'll be putting her through it again. She's such a good dog. I would be happy if she mad it to 4

Adopting any dog is a good thing to do. Of course it's harder to find homes for older pets, and adopting one is wonderful and kind, but puppies need homes too, and not everyone's a suitable home for a senior pet. Don't discourage people from adopting just because they're not prepared for an older dog!

I'm not an emotional guy, in fact I thought I was mostly dead inside

Was this line included in your wedding vows.

Seriously, it's weird how we do that for dogs but not humans. We dont really know how bad the dogs are suffering because they cant communicate it well, and usually end it when theyre REALLY suffering. But we know when humans are suffering terribly and still dont let them peacefully die in a hospital, assisted suicide is a taboo even though we're conscious enough to articulate how much pain we're in

Wow, you should be grateful for the almost 20 years with a friend.

That's my philosophy. Love them till they have to go, and then find another one to love. So many of them go through life unloved.

What a muffin! She looks like she has some old lady sass! 😍

I adopted a 9 year old gsd without knowing they usually only live to 10. No regrets. 12/10 the best decision of my life.

I also wonder why no one ever brings up the cost? I have never adopted a senior animal, but have raised many & know what those later years entail. How do people deal with this?

He looks really good for a senior pup!❤️

She’ll tell you when she’s ready.

Lola was a force of nature. She had cancer when she was 13 and the vet said she had maybe six months. Not long after we had the opportunity to rescue our third dog, Charlie, and I’m convinced she decided she wasn’t going to die because she hated Charlie.

This is my favorite picture of her.

I'm so sorry. Cancer is pure evil. I do hope your dog beats cancer once and for all.

It's like 80 human years. It's fine..... totally fine.

I did that with my cat, velvet. Wanted a kitten but fell in love with her (she was 12). She was super shy so no one wanted her, but I'm shy too so we got along. Like OPs bro in law I couldn't stand the idea of her dying alone. Got 8 good years together

Right, Ireland has no sick dogs. Makes sense.

Adopting an old animal is incredibly fulfilling. I'd love a dog, but unfortunately can't dedicate the time to giving a pup the love it deserves. Instead, I adopted a 10 y/o black cat who likes to watch TV with me. He's much happier now at 13 than he was when I met him. I love my sweet boy.

If you're ever looking for a low-energy pet, try an older one. They've got so much love left to give.

I have a heeler. He's 10 (fostered him at 9, adopted on his 10th birthday) and even the vet was shocked when I told her how old he is. She thought he was 4/5. My handsome boy, Andrew

Thank God. My baby girl is 15 now and it seems like age is starting to catch up with her.

I'm still not ready. I need her longer.

I just had to do it today with my Aus Shepherd, he was 9. The way I’ve dealt with it so far is like this quote from South Park by Butters

“Yeah and I am sad. But at the same time I'm really happy that something can make me feel that sad. It makes me feel alive ya know? It makes me feel human. The only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt something really good before. I have to take the bad with the good. So I guess what I'm feeling is a beautiful sadness.. I guess that sounds stupid..”

I think my fella is 17, dad thinks 16, whatever.

The oldest dog ever was a blue heeler whom I think lived to 26!

Adopting an animal isn't the same thing as buying one. Buying a puppy from a pet store or backyard breeder is what creates and sustains the demand for puppy mills, not adopting puppies from a shelter. Those puppies are already there, usually as part of surprise litters, often even born in the shelter. I mean, should shelter puppies just have to sit and wait to reach adulthood before being adopted? That would take a ton of resources that the shelter could be using to take in more dogs, sponsor spay and neuter programs, run better checks on potential adopters, and provide better care to the dogs they already have.

How long does he have left? What is his name!?

Well, duh, I don't think anything has ever lived to be 1,124,000,727,777,607,680,000.

Thank you for that laugh.

The aluminum foil guy?

My first dog I adopted was 9 years old and blind in one eye. We call him our old man. My second adoption was a puppy. She has increased my old man's energy and health tremendously over the past 5 months we have had her. He gets a lot more exercise now and is just generally happier as he chases her all over the house. 
Needless to say, I'm glad I got a puppy and so is my old man.

My first dog I adopted was 9 years old and blind in one eye. We call him our old man. My second adoption was a puppy. She has increased my old man's energy and health tremendously over the past 5 months we have had her. He gets a lot more exercise now and is just generally happier as he chases her all over the house. Needless to say, I'm glad I got a puppy and so is my old man.

In a few states they can choose to leave, in all of them, you must tell them it is ok to go. People, as dogs, hang on through the pain because they think we need them. Just tell them how much you love and respect them and you are able to stand on your own gives them comfort that fighting a losing battle is pointless and painful for those you love. Making that decision for your pet is hard, but that love will never die, the pain should be minimized.

I inadvertently downvoted you because this comment made me sad. I had to go back and fix it. :(

And on the other hand, some homes are not fit for puppies. Love for all goggies!

I guess we're just actually willing to go the extra mile and put our dogs on medication if it means they'll live longer. Just like taking care of our dog with diabetes and giving her meds to help with an irregular heartbeat.

I grew up with a tiny yorkie like this guy. She lived to 19! Tell your bro in law to expect a few more years with the little guy.

Tf? Here I was thinking a dog being 14 is old as hell. Sorry for your loss, I lost 2 dogs a year ago. I do still miss them a lot but it gets much less painful to think about and more "aww, she was the best <3"

Idk if I didn’t get my dog as a puppy he’d probably be dead right now.


For most people adopting old pet is a problem. I hope you know why it is. Noone wants to see their pet die.

He doesn't look a day over 35! Handsome little dude!

Your BIL is a good person.

Pets from me!

I was thinking the same thing. That might be another reason why people choose to adopt puppies. Although there’s no guarantee a dog is going to live any length of time. I’ve never had a dog, but I’ve had multiple cats. One lived to be 17, one died at five, one died at seven years. But you’re right, caring for an older pet can be cost prohibitive. It would be nice if places that adopted out older dogs were able to give you low-cost vet insurance. Of course that’s impossible as I know shelters are barely scraping by. I often wish I knew someone who had the time and love to give a dog but not the money. I would totally “sponsor“ an adoption in that situation. I do donate to organizations, but this is different.


My first dog was 10, labeled a "couch potato" and was asleep when all the others were barking up a storm at the shelter. I was like "yep, that's the one".

Maybe they were saying they don't give medical care to the dogs in Ireland.

Are you still going to foster or did that put you off from it? Either way you and your wife are great people! Once I get my own place I plan on adopting senior dogs, I can’t wait to give them a good life too! RIP Chico <3

Because it’s not about me. It’s about giving someone else the best thing I could possibly give him/her: the opportunity to live a better life.

I will grieve - I have lost pets in the past and grieved tremendously, and I know I will again. But I find that emotional/mental turmoil to be a small sacrifice because it’s on “me” — it’s far worse to know there was a living being that I could have done something good for, and didn’t.

The time will always be too short for us. But it’s a lifetime for them.