Brock Turner got off easy, but he’s now in textbooks next to the literal definition of rape

Brock Turner got off easy, but he’s now in textbooks next to the literal definition of rape
Brock Turner got off easy, but he’s now in textbooks next to the literal definition of rape

Everything about the mentality behind Brock Turner and what he did is pretty much summed up by his father's attitude to the case and the sentence:

It's a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life.

"20 minutes of action" is how he viewed his own son raping see below an unconscious woman.

edit - I am informed that the actual convictions were for two counts of assault by penetration and one count of sexual assault, rather than for rape. That doesn't change what I think about his father but obviously should be highlighted.

PSA: You can still join the French Foreign Legion. Many people have sought a fresh start in life this way. Just a thought, Brock.

This really comes down to whether or not you think someone should get a life sentence for his crime.

I know I'm wading into the territory of "defending" Brock Turner, but please just hear me out before writing a long angry response.

His crime was awful, and his sentence was light. He should have gone to prison and been punished for a long time.

However, the "long time" is the part I am referring to. I'm of the opinion that prisons should be a rehabilitating place where people serve their time for a punishment in order to be rehabilitated and reintroduced back into society. 20 years, whatever. Once they serve their time, they should be treated normally and allowed back in.

The problem with "punishments" like this, and with things like a sex-offender registry in general, is that it will follow him for the rest of his natural life. He will never be allowed to reintroduce normally into society. He will forever be a pariah and an outcast. He will never be able to contribute to society. If that is what you want, then you should support a life sentence of prison for what he did. Because this is the equivalent.

IRL version of taking the black

"Apply for a passport. You must show that you are a citizen of a country and that you have the ability to travel internationally."

I'm sure he's still under probation. His probation/parole officers might have a word with him about free travel.

As it should be. You can't get a sentence like this and not expect that people would rally back in the best, most passive-aggressive and legal way. It's a complete "Fuck You, Brock Turner, you lousy piece of shit. You might not be in jail, but the whole world will know what you did."

Couple of years from now they will sue the publisher and get their names removed.

Inb4 everyone shits on you, but I think you have a good point, the problem lies with our treatment of felons, instead of rehabilitation, they are just cast out and expected to catch up

That's why I asked for a clarification on the difference.