"Bro bluetooth that song to me, yeah put them next to each other to make it go faster"

"Bro bluetooth that song to me, yeah put them next to each other to make it go faster"

Laffy Taffy, Lean Wit It Rock Wit It, Chicken Noodle Soup, Walk It Out...

Throw some D's by Rich Boy

a Bay Bay by Hurricane Chris, This why I'm hot by MIMS and a fuck ton of Akon

Crank Dat is definitely on there as well.

tryna catch me ridin dirty tryna catch me ridin dirty

All the shit from when Ludicrous was good.

Maybe Mike Jones too

"Soul Survivor"- Akon and Young Jeezy

Snap ya fingers


About 11 konvict music songs and some Ne-Yo


Lip gloss by lil mama😣

"Meet me at the club... it's going down"


System on blast, cops just pass Just seen a big ol' ass!!!!!!!

"Let Me Love You" by Mario "Pop Lock and Drop It" by Huey "Freak-a-Leek" by Petey Pablo "Snap Ya Fingers" by Lil' Jon ft. E-40 and Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz

The list goes as much 1GB will give you.

Had Jibbs as my ringtone...but only the one with the shitty bells trying to sound like the song cause I was too broke for the actual ringtone

Thinking I was gonna be the Miss Independent Ne yo was singing about when I grew up😭

The real struggle was your phone having infrared but your friend's phone having bluetooth and having to borrow your mom's phone because it had both.

Do your step

Do yo chain hang low?

i wanna make love right here right now

Goes off in class

Everyone around you laughing their ass off.

Your plan all along


This is the way I live by Baby Boy

You can do it all by yourself

I used to have a Luda song as my ringtone and people called me Black-a-roni and cheese

Kiss me thru the phone and Kiss Kiss

Lil' wayne's best works and killa cam.


So I had this phone when it first came out living in Miami at the time. My ring tone was, every day I'm hustlin by Rick Ross

YESS hahaha this had me stressing back in the day. Especially when youre mid transfer on infrared and you move the phone away and the transfer stops fuck just typing this gets me heated

Shoulder lean

Ludacris - money maker

I remember it was my Razr's ringtone

It's SaturdayΒ  Sticky, icky, icky, icky (Ooh, ooh!)Β 

As they should have, clearly. Artists of that era STILL spending that ringtone money. I bet they thought that shit was never going to end.

This why I'm hot

I still play the Lil Wayne remix from time to time


I still say that shit to this days. These kids have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about SMH I hate time and how it moves forward.

MIDI tones, my guy.

281 330 8004

β€˜08 Weezy is best Weezy

T2 Heartbroken


No way you're British if not

sean kingston

Lemme see you do it.

Well...this thread has me omw to download some songs i forgot about

Tryna take it easy

bed rock

Oh man these were the days.

Back when Nokia were actually sick.

Back when Sony Ericsson was still about.

Back when mobile9 wasn't obsolete.

So many grime songs and anime OPs/EDs on my phone.

Hold tight the Bluetooth mandem.

Hold tight the infra red mandem.

Hold tight that time period lol.


Grindin prolly in there somewhere

I'm reading these comments getting all nostalgic but seriously what have I been doing with my life these past 10 years...

I thought by now I would have my own place, a car, a girlfriend.

Whatchu know 'bout me?



lil wayne- lollipop


gangstalicious-homies over hoes

Green Day- American Idiot

Get the FUCK back, guard ya grill

lmao def Freak a Leek