God, someone posted that video about him with a semi-recent interview with him. He looked and sounded like a shell of a man. Poor guy. He had some solid films like The Mummy and my personal most+least favorite, Bedazzled.

George of the Jungle!

Not my Mummy

He could use the money last I heard he's paying $500,000 a month in child support lol...

He will always be Encino Man to me.

I hope he finds solace in that reddit fucking loves him. And often our opinion matters more than other organizations.

I love his awesome smile and I can't wait to see it soon ok screen!!

Damn. Is he accepting any applications for new children?

He was awesome on Scrubs.

He actually got a part as one of the main characters in some new TV show that's apparently doing pretty well right now (sorry I don't remember the name of the show I don't really watch TV anymore). He's actually doing a lot better than he was in that interview now.

Blast from the past was enjoyable as well.

That's absolutely disgusting. That's not child support, that's Hollywood wife support. Child support should be the shared cost of food, clothes and other essentials for the child in a sane country.

It's worse... I remember seeing it here a couple years ago, how he had to go to court to get it reduced to $900,000. I'm not sure about the situation now, but there was a point where he was paying a million dollars for child support... it's absolutely disgusting and I don't even know how his ex wife got away with it.

Are you my mummy?

Monkeybone? Anyone? Just me? Okay..

It's called The Affair. He plays a corrections officer.


I fully support this movement #bringBackBrendan

Anyone ever rode The Mummy coaster in Universal Studios Orlando? Some of the stuff waiting in line for it and him at the end of the coaster made me kinda like him.


Even Brendan couldn't have saved that movie...

I hope his kids grow up to hate her and love him.

We're talking about Brendan Fraser as far as I'm aware.

Hopefully. Because if she's this much of a cunt to rob the man of everything he has, and then some. Then she's likely filling her kids heads with lies about their father, trying to portray him as a terrible person.

Lets be honest it's a cult not a religion.

I just love his personality and smile. Cheers me up every time I see him

Watch out for that treeeeeeeee

Where do you think we are? so good

"My name is Dr. Jekyll"


As seen in Athens, GA.

Tom Cruise doesn't belong anywhere except in a rubber room.

A 60 year old washed up old fart trying to look young and convert people to his weirdo religion.

Shut the fuck up already, Tom.

Yea, still the best ride there. There was no line for it when I went, thought it was going to be shitty, ended up blowing the new Harry Potter ride out of the water.

thats what having to pay 50k alimony a month to your ex wife and 300k child support a year does to someone, it wears them out.

That can't be true...

Would have actually gone to see it if Tom Cruise wasn't the star.

Don't get married unless you're willing to share half your stuff (including your bank account) with your wife. If you have kids and she gets custody, she can argue that they still require the same quality of life they had when married, so she gets even more of your money, enough to keep the kids at that level.

Yeah but why would he bother reading when he can jump right into sharing his opinion?

Seriously, gets you right in the feels. He was so charismatic and lovable in that role.

Airheads. I used to masturbate....constantly!

Had no idea she was married to Daniel Craig

it's somethin that you need to have, 'Cause when she leave yo ass she gona leave with half

I offer myself as tribute!

They're trying to make a film franchise out of old horror movie IP for some reason. Obviously it's not going very well.

I don't know what the heck the OP was talking about. Maybe the first few minutes were a bit awkward from his nervousness, but he really opened and got comfortable soon after and the interview became that much better. Like he said himself, he's still "getting back into the game." I was actually really happy to see him smile and joke around! He looked happy to just be back on the scene again! Here's hoping more roles and bigger parts in the future.

Exactly.. it makes absolutely no sense to me.

How'd you manage to pull 470 million out your ass? His net worth has been around 25 million.

Did you mix up Tom Cruise and Brendan Frasier here?

I don't want to even watch the new Mummy for that reason. No Brendan, no money.

Child support is paid as a percentage of your salary during the divorce/court proceedings. The exact amount depends on the state, but Charley Sheen, for example, went to court and had the amount lowered as he had much fewer jobs and a lower salary at that time.

Let's be really honest, they're not that different.


I was so confused that Cox took that patient dying so hard that whole episode till the end. It was completely out of character for him to get that upset over losing a patient.

Not sure if this is more about wanting Brendan, or about not wanting Cruise.



Wtf how do they determine that the child/children need 500k/ month?! That's so ridiculous

The US really need to update their laws...

That's not how it works. It is different in every state. Think of the US as a larger and more cohesive EU. Every member state has different laws for most things.


Are you thinking of Billy Zane?

No argument here. Especially considering his character was only built on a few episodes of a half hour sitcom, not many seasons of an hour long drama. Scrubs is not a lowly rated show, but it's still an amazing underrated show. It was so well made. Due to some of the slapstick stuff, some people automatically discount the value of the show when in fact it is very intelligently done. And the soundtracks are amazing, too!

What the fuck are you talking about?

Back in 2013 when Brendan was trying to get his alimony lowered, his wife said that he was only worth 25 million. This is the woman trying to get as much money as she can out of him. She only thinks he's worth 25 million.

Where the fuck did you come up with 470 million? Dude was barely in the zone for 1 decade, if you can call releasing a few big movies 'In the zone'.

And Blast From the Past!

Brain Candy

Weeeze the Juice!

You sir, can burn in hell. Encino Man is a masterpiece!!!

Could easily spend one of those payments on a hitman and take care of that pretty quick.

He's creepy as fuck. Good actor though.

You're talking about it

When I read that a Redditor had bumped into at the local mart and told him about /sub/savebrendan to which he replied "I don't need saving"

Also a favorite of mine is the conversation after a patient died: JD: 'Hey! Remember what you told me? The second you start blaming yourself for people's deaths, there's no coming back. Dr.Cox: Yeah, you're right.' Shows that he wasn't an asshat who didn't care. Same with Kelso sating goodbye to Ted when he left the Sacred Heart


But... But, it's not even a continuation of the mummy films Brendan was in.. It's a completely different universe. Obviously, it's not a good film, but judging it based on Brendan Fraser not being in it doesn't make sense. Does nobody realize this?

His death was one of the saddest moments on television.


Is Mr. Fraser honestly aware that he still has this huge fan base?

Edit: Typo

He's the star of my all time least favorite movie! Monkeybone!

Athens woot woot!

God their kids will be so attractive if they have them.

Is far as i know he doesn't have an online social presence and for the most part keeps to himself so there's an honest possibility that he isn't aware.

Or... Don't live in the US... Where everything is ridiculous. Sorry but true.

Huh, that actually exists

Porque no los dos?

I saw a billboard advertising, "The Mummy" the picture was of Tom Cruise and it looked like Christian Bale. I got excited until I remembered it was Cruise who was cast in the movie.

He is

Do hashtags work when you paint them on???

I have only spent one day at Universal in my life.

Ride that ride four times! Love it.

He doesn't pay $900,000. He hasn't been in anything substantial in years- he wouldn't be able to even afford it.

As someone who is a huge fan of the original Universal Monsters, I really wish more people would realize this.

In that show The Affair, he comes across as his old-usual self though.

He played Jordan's brother in Scrubs. He had a very heart wrenching cameo in one episode.

Think of all the stuff you could have used that karma for. #praying4u

Oh my lucky stars! A Negro!