[Brian Straus] Hearing there's an "emergency" US Soccer board of directors conference call tonight, ahead of Gulati's call w/ media tomorrow.

[Brian Straus] Hearing there's an "emergency" US Soccer board of directors conference call tonigh...

I'd say Bruce will be let go and they will ramble off some meaningless sound bites about reviewing the system from the top to bottom and seeing what needs to be done. I doubt Gulati resigns (as he should).

I’m with you if only because an immediate resignation does nothing; he’d immediately be replaced by the Vice President for the whole 4 months until the election at the AGM.

I also hate the reductionism where Tuesday is a referendum on his 12 years as president, as though the sport hasn’t grown at all in the US in a decade because they missed going to Russia.

He should announce he’s not running again, though. It’s time for fresh blood and reform, and him standing for election would present a limited chance to change.

Hey, now. None of this level-headedness and sensibility.

If Gulati, Arena, Gonzalez, Howard, and, ... I don't know, ... Wondo aren't immediately executed in the most public and humiliating fashion possible, the US will never win another game, and the sport will cease to exist entirely.

USSF obviously has a lot on their plate:

1) Status of Arena (in light of results and the WaPo interview).

2) Status of Gulati.

3) NASL v. USSF (which is scheduled to be argued in just under three weeks).

There will be questions on all three of these issues probably tomorrow.

Found the time traveler.

According to this article by NYT, they have the ability to fire Gulati.

Arena is the easiest by far. He is DONE no matter what. I like him, but he's done

The USMNT qualifies for World Cups in 2006, 2010, and 2014. If them failing to qualify this cycle is an indictment on Gulati, those have to count as successes.

No they do not have to count as success, thats an absurd take. Qualifying is doing the bare minimum. We failed to do the bare minimum.

There is a stable and thriving D2 league, finally, providing more professional opportunities for players.

There is a soccer war in d2, no d3, another soccer war in d4, and a disorganized d5. The latter USSF decised to delegate out to another organization, despite being the only part of the pyramid they have an explicit obligation to regulate.

The US successfully hosted Copa America Centenario.

Basically he cooperated with CONMEBOL for a money grab. Hosting a successful tournament with the amount of US infrastructure at their disposal is, again, the bare minimum.

Amateur and youth leagues continue to grow and expand.

That credit goes to USASA not USSF.

Overall, the success is in the growth of the women's game. The rest happened despite him and not because of him.

Why would a former soccer player with zero management experience be qualified to run the Fed? You need someone with both

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It's all true, I'm afraid.

On Tuesday, I did not wear my lucky Centennial #4, and did not have a shot of bourbon before the game.

Also, on Tuesday I was explaining to a buddy the unlikely sequence of events that would have to happen for the US to miss out, after which I said, "but that's not going to happen."

I have failed the whole country, and it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Therefore, I am formally announcing today that I have withdrawn my name from consideration for the USSF election.

I am sorry.

As long as Gulati isn't in the future plans, I'm not concerned if he is gone tomorrow or in February. I just don't want him to decide who the next coach/TD for the USMNT is.

He's done great things, but there is a time for change and I think this failure was catastrophic enough that he is answerable.

Could this be to fire Gulati, or do they not have the power to do so?

Lol. Emergency? They just missed the fucking World Cup. They have all the time in the world. Doofuses.

/sub/naslsoccer I hear there'll be a vacancy there soon.

I thought /sub/mls was supposed to be shut down too. Still waiting on that. Hop to it, mods!

The USWNT won a(nother) World Cup.

The USMNT qualifies for World Cups in 2006, 2010, and 2014. If them failing to qualify this cycle is an indictment on Gulati, those have to count as successes.

There is a stable and thriving D2 league, finally, providing more professional opportunities for players.

There is a stable women’s domestic league, after a few false starts.

The US successfully hosted Copa America Centenario.

Amateur and youth leagues continue to grow and expand.

US Developmental Academy continues to grow, albeit in weird directions.

PRO exists, which is - despite popular belief - providing tools for domestic referees to improve.

How’s that? And again - plenty of bad has happened under Gulati, even in the areas I mentioned above. And I want him to go. But to act like the sport - the whole sport - has gone negative distance under his watch is silly.

as though the sport hasn’t grown at all in the US

Measured by attendance @ MLS games, the sport has grown. Measured by TV ratings, I would argue that the league hasn't grown as much as people believe, and that the growth in popularity of the league hasn't matched the growth in the popularity of soccer. (Meaning, new soccer fans in America aren't necessarily watching MLS).

I'm trying to figure out how you think has Gulati grown US Soccer. Is it because people pay more for tickets to events?

I don't need specifics immediately, just general ideas would be good.

If we're excluding the growth in MLS, then we'd have to exclude the growth of the Gold Cup, because thats a CONCACAF property.

So what exactly has Gulati done to help USSF grow?

The team clearly gave up on Jurgen in that Costa Rica game, the Hex allows for a lot of failure, but going to Mexico away with Jurgen would have been a very dangerous move. Don't forget that we almost missed out on reaching the Hex.

Not swapping for a different coach is where I fault Gulati. Arena was the safe choice, but his arrogance and player selection have been baffling.

Maybe quitting on two coaches is more of a indictment against the players than the coaching. Top to bottom they certainly didn't play well enough. As you said, we had the talent to qualify, we just didn't get it done.

Am I the only one not fully on board with Gulati going yet? I mean, I am missed at him as well, especially since he botched the Klinsmann/Arena situations up, but I want to see how he reacts to this.

As far as I am concerned, he is here till at least February so interesting to see what he does.

For something illegal, according to the article. They could have no confidence in him as a leader but the BOD's been with him for much of this ride as he and Dan Flynn have earned a lot of income for the USSF.

If he did leave it would be funny to see him be replaced by board member Don Garber. 😆

I thought your posts were a bit until I went through your history... BTW, please don't mail anthrax to Altidore and/or Bradley, we need them for the playoffs.

This sub would meltdown if Garber took over the USSF.

Gulati has done a lot for the program, without him we would be significantly worse, but it’s obvious the job has gotten too big and has changed. Results are more important now because the interest is higher. I’d like to see him stay as FIFA rep, but US Soccer needs a new president and a restructuring. At the very least, the women’s and men’s programs should have their own technical directors who the coaches report to.

I doubt the board wants a change before the North American Joint bid for WC 2022 is accepted. The USSF job has a lot on its plate beyond the Men's team.

You’re the main reason the USMNT didn’t qualify for the World Cup.

Qualifying is doing the bare minimum. We failed to do the bare minimum.

History says qualifying for eight in a row is absolutely the top tier of national team football , as only Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Spain, and South Korea have ever hit eight in a row (we are stopping at seven). That means, for example, France, England, Portugal, Belgium, and the Netherlands have not accomplished that.

It's not reasonable to call it the bare minimum. That expectation is still too high for the USMNT, as we clearly don't have the same level of quality as the teams on that list (except for maybe South Korea).

Hell, Mexico is making it eight in a row in 2018, and it's not crazy to say that Mexico at their best is marginally better than the USMNT.

There is a soccer war in d2

There is no soccer war for D2 status. If NASL had qualified, there would probably be two D2 leagues for now. As it stands, there is a hail mary lawsuit. I live in the Bay Area and have seen plenty of Deltas this season - I wanted NASL to make it. But they didn't. Not a war.

no d3

Give it a year, two at most, and USL will split.

I could keep going, but I think the point stands - Gulati does have a track record of accomplishments. We don't even need to dispute that to say he should have immediately either resigned or declared he wasn't running again. Failing to qualify IS reason enough for him to stand down immediately.

Why are you talking about MLS attendance and ratings when the conversation is about USSF under Gulati?

We would but.. Meh. I'm kinda lazy.

Wow, this could get interesting...

They're long shots because they have jobs, basically. They aren't realistic.

What about Andreas Villa-Boas? I am sure USA is a step above China.

Maybe. AVB is earning a lot of money and coaching a successful team there, what incentive does he have to leave that right now? He tried the rebuilding gig with Spurs and he failed pretty hard at that. I know because I watched that team, and on that experience I'm not sure I would trust AVB with the national team.

Right now, I don't think you really make a choice. We have so much time that just putting in an interim coach is fine, an assistant probably. Wait until January when some coaches get fired, or feasibly until the end of the World Cup/the summer when some more coaches might be out of jobs and willing to move.

Remember that the USA doesn't have another competitive match for something like 18 months. As far as the top team is concerned we aren't in that big of a hurry yet.

If only there was pro-rel in the Netherlands they might have made the World Cup ...

Its really that easy. You don't need to name a permanent replacement right away, especially since the next competitive match isn't until 2019.

at this rate Bruce might call you up to the next World Cup!

I don't believe he has to go. I do believe that he will be watched now like a hawk and be judged a lot more than before and that not only will he be judged by his actions with the national team but also how he deals with the pro league structure and youth development.

I want to see what he does, starting with the national team.