Brett Connolly wants to get a puck to a young girl.

Shitty dads

Oh god, her face when she doesn’t get the first two. Poor baby :(

For reeeaaallll!!! They knew what they were doing, they knew if they gave it straight to the girl that would stop the puck train, keep giving to the wrong kid and he'll keep throwing pucks... Now that I think about it... Best dad's ever lol. Jk, that poor girl almost made me start crying, she handled it like a champ though

I don't blame the kids, I blame the asshole dads in this case

It seems like this gif has had the opposite of the effect this sub intended. Everyone is busy being angry at the little boys and the adult boys.

She has the best reaction!

little boys are dicks lol

adult boys

Such accuracy. The guy catching them looks positively giddy to get those pucks for the boys.

If he don't throw it again then I was going to cry.

I hope those dad's see this and realize.

Her sad look at 12 seconds in though.... GUT WRENCHING.

No kidding, I think it was pretty obvious with the 2nd puck.

The way he stands there all smug with his arms just makes me want to slap him. And then he points at the girl after he grabs the second puck, like "you'll get yours." He knew exactly what he was doing. Prick.

I was at a Kings/Hawks game last year, and my wife and I were at the glass watching the warmups, near one of the goals. A puck comes up and over and I don't even try to reach down right away, I just step on it and then pick it up, and realize some little girl probably would have had it if I hadn't stepped on it, so I gave it to her. Both her and her dad said thanks and were really nice. Another puck drops down in pretty much the same spot, and I do the same thing, only this time I hand the puck over to my wife. When I turn to give her the puck, there's a mom holding her hand out, like my job is to distribute pucks to all the children in the arena. She gave me a really dirty look when I didn't give the puck to her little boy. These weren't pucks getting deliberately tossed over like in this post, there were shots deflecting up and over, so I didn't feel too bad about it, and also, I just wanted to give my wife a puck that had been shot by Panarin, since she's a Chicago fan.

She's the happiest of the three of them.

This brings up so many feelings of being a girl surrounded by and over-shaddowed by boys growing up :-(

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I don’t blame the little kids too much but it’s so sad to see the dads. They prioritize both sons before allowing her to have one even though they were all meant for her :( it’s easy to see just how those boys are gonna grow up. That’s gonna be a lotta behavior to unlearn as an adult.

Same guy caught all 3 and handed to BOTH the other kids first instead of the girl. What a piece of shit, stealing the moment instead of letting the kids catch them.

Probably never even occurred to them that the girl would want it. Boys first in sports always

Those shit little boys and shit men behind them. Nice manners... the future is fucked.

The same guy caught and handed the puck to the first two boys.

Doesn't matter if you're liberal, conservative, or anything else. The sports dad trope is real af.

This is nothing much for Brett connolly, but it is something that little girl remembers his whole life.


I have all of the feels

The Dad on the right sure as fuck knew who it was meant for.

He can clearly tell Connolly intends for the girl to get the puck, the adults were ass hats.

You aren't obliged to give away shit.

I really appreciate the tenacity of Connolly here - he could have just given one puck and left it at that, and felt good about himself for making a kid's day, but he was serious about wanting to make sure she got hers.

Good Job, Brett. Good Job.

The way she quietly ate her disappointment without getting angry at them for not giving her the puck hurt my heart. So resigned. :(

I don’t think the dads were aware of what was going on till he banged on the glass. They figured it out then and handed the girl the puck on the last one.

Rewatched it and the same Dad snagged that first puck too.

Give the puck to the smallest child first! Also, I love how the player with his gesture is like " damnit it's for the girl!"

Poor girl, this makes me so mad. If he's obviously wanting to give the puck to the girl, Why give both to the boys? Like yeah they deserve it too, but giving it to the boys first is teaching them to be entitled. Teach your kids some manners instead.

Holy shit those dudes are twats

So the parents are standing there watching a little girl get sad because their sons snatched up both pucks, and they're okay with it?

I don't know what it is about sports parents, some of them are the worst.

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same. this gif brought so many bad feelings happy she got a puck in the end

I don't even mine the children, they don't really do anything wrong. It's the Dads that see what he's doing twice and are still dickheads about it.

Yup, this ticked me off. The players don't often come back and toss another puck. He made it clear who it should go to. What a dick.

Somehow I doubt the kids would catch them, wouldnt want a kid getting a puck in the face.

Penalty Box for the Dick Dads ...

The player clearly pointed to the girl before throwing the puck over.

Seriously! I remember crying because I wanted to go to the Red Sox game that my brother was getting taken to but the adults kept telling me that he was going because he was a boy. 🙄 the worst.

Yes! The instant quiet look of resignment, not even questioning or protesting... she's been passed over before and she "knows her place". The boys get theirs first.

If he didn't know Connelly meant for the girl to have it, a fair dad would have gone from left to right, one for each child. Not boy, skip-girl-next-boy, then lastly girl.

He fucking knew. And he went: firstborn son first, next son second, and I guess we'll hedge our bets on how much patience Connelly has to get a third one for the girl, good luck sweetie.

I think you're being downvoted because of your borderline condescending tone coupled with an overly assertive opinion based little / no facts

This is nothing much for Brett connolly, but it is something that little girl remembers his whole life.

Gender reassignment incoming.

Except when you account that the dad also decided the little girls emotions were a tool to be used. Repercussions he didn't take into account or decided didn't matter.

They played on his desire to give the girl a puck and his inability to take the pucks from the boys.

By giving it to the boys first he had to keep getting them until all 3 of them had one.

IF you wanted to pretend it was strategic and not just a guy being a dick.

Aw. I want to leave work and go hug my girls. More so than normal.

I relate to her so much

Yep. I liked hiking and camping and fishing and basketball, but guess who never got to go do any of these things? Guess who did? My brother. He doesn't even like getting his hands dirty, and I was out there picking worms out of the mud and catching grasshoppers.

I'm over it now, but man did it suck then. Now I just do whatever I want.

Yeah! You are right, I'm also going to cry.

And her face when the third puck failed to clear the glass

when the third puck failed to clear the glass

My nieces played hockey when they were about that girls age. I have two boys who hate it. Also, she is pretty excited about getting that puck, so why would you just assume that the boys play hockey and the girl doesn’t?

i hadnt checked what sub this was posted on, so i felt really sad for her and then at the end i was really glad she was finally happy and got her own puck :)

My period started. I want to cry for no reason.

No. Dad catches it and hands it to him.

The player made it quite obvious that he wants to give the puck to the girl...

Parents can be disgusting

i instantly checked how long the gif is when i saw her sad face... if the gif would end there, my day would be ruined.

No, once Brett Connolly dies she will forget the whole thing

They knew what they were doing I guarandamntee you

She's not his kid

The only other post is Trump.

Welcome to being a woman little girl. This happens all your life and you usually don’t get the puck :(

I think the Dads were just clueless. Once he realizes it was meant for the girl he signals to Connolly and points at her.

It's not like the little boys did anything wrong. They just took the puck as it was handed to them.

Micro aggression sexism. When you are constantly reminded that sports are for boys in subtle ways.

Toxic masculinity at its finest.

I understand. My point is that there are grown as adults roasting little kids and condemning the future of America because some little kids were being immature by not sharing a puck they were really excited to catch. They’re kids!

Those dads are shit

I think the girl even realizes the dads were dicks. Notice how when she finally gets a puck, she's showing it to her mother

I hope those boys aren't her big brothers, because my little sister making that face is basically an instant trigger for me to cheer her up by any means possible. That puck would have been in her hands immediately, even as a little kid just seeing her smile at me like I was an ultimate hero felt like a shot of heroin. I'd do anything for her.

Ahhh I was right there with you but the dad genuinely looks clueless. When he goes for the third Puck he points at the girl with a look of realization. He's just unaware.

Even the crushing disappointments?

Damn, this is so sad... My heart is broken

He pointed to the girl before tossing the first one. Adult was a dick for not giving it to her first. He knew what he was doing, all 3 happy

I mean I understand the kids reactions, they probably didn't understand the situation that well. They just got handed pucks.

Now the dads, the dads knew.

Heh parents do your fucking job.

thank you u/fapped_anyway!

They’re little boys. They want a hockey puck too!

That's his most common feeling, so yes

Wtf it’s called mademesmile not mademerage. Patience people!

Yep, for me the biggest thing was boyscouts. The boys get to go outside, make cool shit with their hands, learn actual wilderness and survival skills. While my parents made me join girlscouts, where I learned to sell cookies for prizes, bake, and make lace table runners. Not that any of those things were BAD to learn, it just wasn't the shit I was into, and I had absolutely no opportunities to actually do what I liked because... Girl.

Not all men, just these particular men.

Or, the dad knew, he wanted to maximize family's puck yield. He will sell all of them.

Probably meant the dad

He gives me hope for humanity, the rest of those sodding pricks don't.

It was pretty obvious he was throwing it to the girl. Shitty ass people behind her giving it to the other kids

The parents hand the pucks to the sons.

And neither is the other boy. That's what makes it clear he wanted to make sure the boys got it first, because they're boys.

The dads, I mean.

Fine I'll start looking for videos of my dad

Pfft, silly hockey guy. Girls don't sport.

No future isn't "fucked" over two boys wanting to catch the ball, they are also kids and wanted the ball same way. they didn't even notice her reaction or even if they did, it wouldn't change anything.

Judgmental people like you, who demonize kids over one gif are actual problem not those two kids, and even if they were "shit little boys", your generalization is still worse than what they did.

Why do you assume that boys care more about sports?

Edit: and not even 2 comments later I’m a “little bitch” that victimizes myself. Way to prove my point.

Edit 2: now I’m a doubly dumbass for calling someone a misogynist. You can’t make this shit up, folks. The irony is too real.

Edit 3:

You're a bitch, because, well, you're just a bitch and I'd probably kill myself if I knew you IRL.

All for asking why they assume boys like sports more than girls and then saying they assume women don’t watch sports. When I got called a bitch, I said they’re digging a misogynistic hole. Now everyone I love should kill themselves for knowing me. But no, this totally doesn’t prove my point whatsoever.

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LMAOOOO you're the stupidest woman I've ever seen on this sub.

Those rich dads are dicks.

same here i missed out on so much.. Never seeing a real NFL game or any major sports really. As an adult i had to go by myself. My dad never misses a game on TV though. :( My niece won't end up like me i invite her to every thing i can get tickets for she doesn't really like sports but enjoys the surroundings.

When I was that age I knew exactly when I was being a little jerk. I doubt seriously they were oblivious to what they were doing

Penalty box for the Dick Dads !