BREAKING: Prince Ali submits candidacy for FIFA presidency.

BREAKING: Prince Ali submits candidacy for FIFA presidency.

hope he wins. he's too rich to be bribed

Prince Ali, fabulous he!

You're never too rich for anything my dear.

And because he's not implicated in it. Good sign, no?

Ali Ababwa!

he was one of the people who wanted to publish the garcia report

and it would take a whole lot more money to bribe him

I heard some good things about him.

Me too.

Genuflect, show some respect, down on one knee

Could the moment we've all been waiting for really be coming? Who knows...all aboard the Prince Ali hype train anyway!

Could the moment we've all been waiting for really be coming? Who knows...all aboard the Prince Ali hype train anyway!

TIL these lyrics are far more complicated than 8 year old me understood.

brush off your sunday salaam

Now try your best to stay calm

Or, he is rich for a reason... -_-

Yeah he's a Jordanian prince.

He's helped the growth of Football in his home nation and has made efforts to help women play the game and get rid of a discriminatory rule.

He took up the leadership of the Jordanian Football Association, where he mounted a campaign to expand women’s involvement in football in the country by allowing the wearing of the hijab and special uniforms. Prince Ali was instrumental in persuading Fifa to lift its ban on the hijab in 2010.

He's called into question the awarding of WC to Russia & Qatar

As Fifa vice-president, he pushed for the publication of an internal report into irregularities in the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

He want's to change FIFA from a cash grabbing organization into one that gives back to the footballing community as it's supposed to

running on a platform of transparency and grassroots development, and has promised to drastically increase the proportion of Fifa’s $2bn (£1.3bn) annual revenues that are returned to member associations.

He wants to continue to grow football in less traditonally powerful footballing states, and cut down on the power of the FIFA president

Prince Ali has said he wants to upgrade the role of member associations, particularly in the developing world, and downgrade the power of the job he is vying for, the Fifa presidency, to make it less imperial. He has pledged to serve just one four-year term.

This is a man I can get behind to be the leader of world football, I hope he gets elected.

he was one of the people who wanted to publish the garcia report

because it would make his rivals look bad?

Then come and meet his spectacular coterieeeeeeeeee!

I heard some good things about him. Hopefully he wins

Strong as ten, regular men, definitely!

He's also rich enough to bribe.

Prince Ali, fabulous he

...saviour of FIFA!

Genuflect, show some respect:

Down on one knee.

Now try to cease all your chatter,

Anything's better than Blatter,

Just hope he's immune to all that bribery!

Yep, he was the Anyone-But-Blatter candidate in the last election, this time he'll be the Anyone-But-Platini candidate. In his defense, he could be the perfect candidate but you wouldn't know it because the options seem to be: More of the same, Surely he can't be any worse, Tokyo Sexwhale.

well this comment is filled with hate, racism and idiocy all in one!

A hundred bad guys with swords!

I think FIFA needs new faces. This Organization is corrupt through and through and it can only get better. Most of the people in FIFA right now probably aren't "clean" either otherwise they would have probably gotten rid off.

He faced the galloping hordes!

iirc he started women's football in Jordan. So there's that.

He's hugely into football. President of the Jordanin FA and forunder of the West Asian federation. He's also FIFA President reprsenting Asia and some other stuff. All in all he's very devoted and invested in football and football ideals.

On top of this he's Jordanian royalty and loaded, hence he's probably less likely ro be bribed and in a good position to make changes in the middeleast/Asia.

Other notable things: Ali championed the removal of the hijab ban from football and was very much for piblishing the Garcia report.

Aaaaah, thats why they call him a Prince

they call him the Fresh prince of Jordan


Prince Ali - fabulous he - Ali Ababwa

Genuflect, show some respect:

Down on one knee.

Now try your best to stay calm,

Brush off your sunday salaam,

Then come and meet his spectacular coterie!

He will be doing the bribing.

Who sent those goons to their lord?

Also that he rides a monkey that has been turned into an elephant on to the stage

Don't be ridiculous...





He's got a magic carpet for that.

Is that a representation of him bribing the smaller FA's?

Why is it a mistake when it has absolutely no effect whatsoever on the players wearing it?

The no hijab rule turned away many women from even thinking of playing football. Getting rid of the rule has allowed many more women to play football. I don't see how it's a bad thing at all.

Used the text of the tweet as my title.

I secretly hope this is going to be played when he wins the vote. Also that he rides a monkey that has been turned into an elephant on to the stage to give his first speech as elected FIFA president.

Wait a minute, I though he already ran for presidency and lost? I remember Figo and another guy stepped down and backed Prince Ali.

Really? I don't know much about the subject, so excuse my ignorance, but I always thought they were one of the more secular and progressive Arab Royal Families. Haven't they helped loads of refugees unlike their Saudi counterparts?

Actually if you think about it, it's kinda true.

If I were the FIFA president and someone offer me a $5m bribe, I'd probably give it a serious thought because I'm dirt poor. But him? He probably earns that in 2 days, it's way too little for him to even consider. To bribe him, you'll probably need billions, literally billions of dollars, and that immediately narrows the scope on who has the capacity to bribe him.

It's not about who is or isn't more likely to be corrupted. Rich or poor, doesn't matter, everyone has a threshold to corruption, everyone has a price. But when your net worth is incredibly high, your price is also probably gonna be incredibly high.


That's a cool word.

I learned 3 new words! And also that brushing off a Sunday salaam makes no sense.

"I'm the one who bribes!"

That's a terrible reason. It's not FIFA's responsibility to tell women what to wear. The only question that should be asked is whether or not the hijab has an effect on the player's performance. And it obviously doesn't, so there's no reason to ban it.

I can't support a larger role for national associations at all: the majority of them are just as corrupt, if not more so, than FIFA itself. Especially in the developing world...

Muslims go to the mosque on Friday? And "salaam" is a greeting? Still love the song though.


Using "BREAKING" in headlines and titles should still be considered a no go. Fuck this.

I just came here to watch the Aladin video

On top of this he's Jordanian royalty and loaded, hence he's probably less likely ro be bribed


Yes the rich and powerful are so much less likely to be corrupt and corrupted than us mortals.

It would have made the sport illegal in 2 dozen countries.

I'm just going to leave this here.

Better for who?

That kind of logic will get us President Trump :-(

Honestly, doesn't look much worse or better than most western nations.

Never met any Jordanian who hate the king.

If you took that from the article you are cherrypicking it. They don't recognize marriages between Muslims and non Muslims. They take children away from divorced women. They deny the ability to gather, they run the media forcing every editor to be registered with the government. They allow police officers to torture people routinely and not one has ever been convicted. Come on

I fucking love this song! Probably my favorite Disney song.

Could someone please ELI5 why this guy is good for the fans/players/FIFA Lawyers? aka is he a new Blatter?

No, because in those countries women can't take off their hijab.

I don't think you know what you're talking about? You know this is Jordan, right? A ton of Jordanian women don't wear the hijab.

I have no doubt believing Trump wouldn't be corrupt. Which is a shame, since the bribers would probably be more sensible...

And yet people on this sub still trash talk him like they know everyone about him just because of his ethnicity.

I'm all for Tokyo Sexwhale. that name has to win.

Jordan is not a dictatorship, it's a constitutional monarchy like the UK. They elect a Parliament.

I am literally embarrassed to have the same flair as that dumbass.

2500 years of history says you're talking bullshit.

I had to say that as part of a rap once. Fuck that word.

He's got a magic carpet

With a chrome spoiler and a 2 ton subwoofer