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You're not allowed to discuss anything other than the slave trade in Libya. We don't have the ability to hold two different thoughts in our heads at the same time.

I mean they did an article I think

To discuss the slave trade in Libya.

But cherry picking is so fun. Mmm blueberries my favorite.

You right. Plus Selena has like 100 million followers

Your went cherry picking and you found blueberries?

Csuse that's what I wanted and saw despite there being actual cherries around.


tbf, we've known about the slave-trade for years, Gomezgate is pretty new

I understand the concern and outrage over the slave trade in Libya, but do yall realize that slavery is still a major problem all over the world? I'm just surprised that other people are just now finding out that there is a slave trade going on. It's everywhere, from Romanian immigrants in Italy to Filipinos in Saudi Arabia, this problem has never gone away

So what's the point of going private?

Of course.