BREAKING: More than 3,000 absentee ballots in GOP areas are still out; Westmoreland County has now decided to count all of its absentee ballots into the early morning hours instead of waiting until tomorrow morning as initially announced...

BREAKING: More than 3,000 absentee ballots in GOP areas are still out; Westmoreland County has no...

If we fucking pull this off....

If we fucking lose this seat...

This is exactly why we need to step up our "get out the vote" game. We never should allow Dems to one up us so easily.

It doesn't matter. We're well within rigging distance for Dems. They'll make sure they have enough.

We work harder on all other fronts. No matter the result. All hands on deck.

And Trump needs to go big on his national vote fraud initiative and put shit like this to a stop pronto. Or we're always playing defensive with moving field goals and crooked refs.

Maybe this will be the kick in the ass to get all the Rinos on Trump’s agenda

How can we work harder? Every time we lose we pretend like it was all voter fraud and corruption instead of a complacent voter-base.

I was thinking same thing.. Flipping a red district in PA to blue (or almost flipping it?) is a kick in the teeth.. Wake the F up GOP...

I don't understand why someone who voted for Trump would want to put a person into office that is going to vote AGAINST the Trump agenda?? I am missing something..

Why the fuck would you downvote this you idiots.

Doubt it saccone needs like 60 % of the absentee votes

They decided to do the counting tonight

The point is that we can't just blame voter fraud and rigging every time and expect to have improved election performances.

Agree.. it may pull him tighter but not over.. Recount looms

They would just recount until he get the right result, works for Washington state.

If all it takes is loosing this one then it will be well worth it since they have to run again in January

It's probably a mix of both.


It would be nice if they woke up. But as long as they have theirs we can all go to hell.

He needs closer to 70%.

The 3k figure is absentee ballots handed out, not returned. If even 2k were returned, Saccone would need approx 71% of the remaining vote, even with GOP leans, these areas did not sway that heavily with regular voting.

The fact that a Dem, even a "centrist" one is creeping in on a territory Trump won by 20 points seems very suspicious to me. Seen a lot of voters complain that the staff and machines at polling stations were not on the level....

Either way it is going for a recount.