BREAKING ✝ GERMANY: Maria L. 19 years old. Raped and murdered by a 17 year old Refugee. She was literally working in a refugee center helping them...

BREAKING ✝ GERMANY: Maria L. 19 years old. Raped and murdered by a 17 year old Refugee. She was literally working in a refugee center helping them...

german sub is censoring and banning everyone who complains about the cause of why this is happened.

I blame her parents. I don't want to sound harsh, but what they did is raising a lamb that thinks hungry wolves are just misunderstood. Political correctness kills.

Just wait till the "cultural enrichment" is mandated by government.

"The scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown, but has just enough time to gasp "Why?"

Replies the scorpion: "Its my nature..."

It's the parents faults, but ultimately its also the fault of the Government, Merkel and the Education system.

And if the German people re-elect Merkel next year... they deserve everything.

They already have sharia police in parts of Germany. They have their own courts. The insanity is happening. This will NOT happen to America.

Funfact: no mention on German news atm

When an entire religion feels you have no right to be alive, why would you allow them into your country?

No it replies "Allahu ackbar"

"Its just like Christianity" - every liberal ever

Those poor fucked idiots...

Yeah, just like Mohammad, Jesus was really big on raiding, rape, and murder. (He wasn't)

Seriously? That's so messed up... they fear more the tarnishing of their precious narrative than the lives of German citizens... especially bright, optimistic, contributing volunteers. I truly hope the German people will wake up and fight back for their home and citizens. Be safe out there fellow pedes!

Because it's 2016!

They deliberately don't report on this.

Remember that 27 year old Jogger from 3 weeks ago? Found raped and murdered. No words from the Press after that.

They let shame overrun reason and logic. The next year will determine whether Germany, France, and the rest of Western Europe will survive into the 21st century or die a slow, tortuous death due to fear of being labeled racists by a bunch of limp-wristed cucks and the globalists they put into power. Britain spoke, America spoke, now it's their turn.

You people really don't get it, do you?

IDEALOGUES do NOT respond to facts. They do not respond to evidence contrary to their narrative. They reject reality in favour of their own naive ideological beliefs, whatever that particular person may believe in.

IDEALOGUES are a danger to everyone, including themselves. They would rather rip apart the very fabric of a prosperous society in order to see their own ideology dominate.

Well known that both Swedish and German media have been covering up crimes based on the fact that the perpetrator of said crime was a "refugee" or "minority"


Fucking scorpion.

A young woman doesn't belong around a group of single males who have a shortage of women from their own culture to date and marry. Period. No exceptions. Human nature is simply too dangerous in that situation, no matter the foreign culture, but many young men raised in Sharia law and war torn regions are preconditioned for horrible abuse of women. Euro-pedes, we've got to redpill as many women as possible, even brainwashed Euro-maidens don't deserve this consequence of their stupidity.

Sexually frustrated young men with no prospects of marriage and meaningful work are statistically dangerous. End of story. Naiveté about this from government, parents and education system is far beyond inexcusable. They all have innocent blood on their hands.

We'll be back there in 30 years to liberate them from their oppressive Islamic government.

Fucking Germany. Just cannot help but start every World War.

She was literally working in a refugee center helping them...

Don't feed the dangerous animals the one armed park ranger said to me (so I don't).


If anyone says this, tell them, the Crusades were an counter attack against the invasion of Europe by Arab Muslims.

Seriously, I've heard this from Muslims a bunch of times. Wow. How long ago was this?

No. it's the fault of the murderers

If you are not going to be ethnocentric, don't worry, your conquerors and killers will be.


Did you just assume [Current Year] Shitlord scum? Check your calendar privilege before you're sent to a re-education center.

Yes this time political correctness did seem to kill. But blame the parents? I blame the "refugee" who did this. I blame Merkel for brining the harm to the girl's country. And I blame the German media for hiding the harm from the citizens through dishonest/veiled reporting. The parents are going to live with the mistake of letting their daughter work at this service area for the rest of their lives (although the victim was 19 and therefore could make her own choices). However Merkel, German media and the Refugees this girl helped will all forget her by next week.

If the German people re-elect Merkel next year I say we give the go-ahead to Poland to invade and annex. They are kinda owed it after the shit they've dealt with throughout history from the Germans. Honestly getting annexed may finally let us all be rid of this pathetic German shame.

Sarcasm of course..... sort of.

Her father is a leftist attorney with the European Commission. This is nearly the definition of tragic irony.

Edit: Feel free to look up Clemens Ladenburger yourself.

Didnt even notice...

If they just keep bringing them in they are set to make the soviet rape of Germany look like an accidental touch.. :/

I really really hope that the German people can throw out their illegitimate government and get a true nationalist.

I've seen they're teaching these fucking parasites how to pick up German women. They're trying to quite literally destroy your culture and replace it with some sort of Islamic/German hybrid.

But I watched Zootopia and Disney said if you're nice to the wolves and foxes they won't kill you

Wow, I feel bad for Germany. I mean, I get why some of their people do it... they literally were the Nazi's, so they are over-compensating, thinking they need to. Germany, you guys are revered for your technology, and your ingenuity, and many (if not most) of us don't associate you guys with Hitler's Germany. We love and admire your country, and the last thing we'd want to see, is a fallen Germany by the hands of tyrants. I hope your people wake up, and start turning things around.

And the guy will walk! Just wait for it...

If it a white male they run the story for weeks and the PM calls for a national prayer

I'm old enough to have lived in NYC in the bad bad days. Shit just like this would happen on a daily basis (Cent. Pk. Jogger, to name one, but she was white, nobody said nothing about the black and brown vics getting tossed off rooftops after getting raped and murdered, esp. in Brklyn and Bronx, these cases didn't even make the papers, basically Nobody. Gave. A. Fuck). In fact, DJT made himself some enemies and friends by taking out a (full page) NY Times and NY Post ad calling for the death penalty for the Cent. Park rapists. Then NYPD cop Eddie Byrne was cold-blood executed in Queens by drug dealers while sitting in his patrol car. Maybe that was the final straw.

I gotta tell you, these fucking liberal hipsters living here now are without a clue. They wouldn't have lasted a single day back then. Trust me. Not in a zillion years would anybody open a presidential campaign office in Brooklyn. Cab drivers would refuse to even drive you there.

To this day, I still don't understand why it took so long for the streets to become safe. There was this huge problem and nobody knew what to do about it. I believe that it was a problem of not wanting to say that it was because most of the crime was committed by blacks, and to a lesser degree, hispanics in shit crime-deluged 'hoods. But on the other hand, in the white 'hoods you had some mob crews (Canarsie) in Brooklyn responsible for 250 bodies. It was insane.

Although Giuliani pretty much killed the mob, it's theorized that drove the street crime homeboys out of the city entirely by making life too difficult for them to stay there. So "they" migrated to nearby cities like New Haven, Albany, Hartford, Newark, etc. which then became crime-infested shit holes, but then crime dissipated there too.

Point is, this is not a particularly European phenomenon, but an American one too. And it only stopped when we let cops do their jobs, and sometimes brutally. And accepting shit like Diallo and Dorsmond and Louima (look them up) as collateral damage or casualties of war.

Now Germany's got this same problem but with Arabs and Afghans. But they are so so far from where they need to be to deal with this shit. I just don't see the Germans willing to make the same assumptions that NYC did.

But you gotta ask yourself, there's plenty of these types that raped this German girl all over NYC, huge neighborhoods of these people like Atlantic Ave., Jackson Heights and Ozone Park but they don't pull this shit. How come?

I've come to conclude that it's the threat of violence, either by cops or "regular ppl" that won't stand for it and will take matters into their own hands. But it all boils down to some kind of retaliatory violence. At least I think so.

But if anybody's got a better theory, I'm all eyes.

Totally - I have been saying this for years while people are busying assaulting Christianity (and Catholicism in particular). A number of the crusades are the very reason Europe didn't turn Islamic in the middle ages.

As a parent I also have to blame the parent for this. With proper teaching, ethics, etc, you wouldn't have a daughter who is so blind to the fact these people are savages. It's really like walking into a lions den. I'll send my prayers regardless but the onus is on the parents.

No, they are so cucked it's like gazelles at the watering hole in Africa, the lions attack and the herd doesn't even remember the next day. It becomes a way of life.

German men are total cucked fagots.


And he'll get a larger stipend from Merkel for his emotional distress.

Good, let them. It will only open more people's eyes to the fact that there's an agenda with a manufactured narrative at play here.

I was personally fully red pilled last NYE when they were censoring the Colonge sexual assaults, and it wasn't the assaults themselves that did it, it was the blatant censorship that followed

You'd have to be pretty old to have been a real nazi. Most alive today that "were" Nazi's would have been Hitler youth which was mostly forced anyways. I really hate when people act as if anyone is responsible for what ancestors may or may not have done.

(99.9999% of us if we traced our ancestry had nothing to do with slavery in America for instance, yet everyone with white skin is somehow responsible for the >1% of the richest whites and Jews in the south that owned slaves at the height of slavery in America.)

It always makes me sad how we will go on a witchhunt for some 95 year old Hitler youth guy, but we have a known nazi collaborator (soros) and we nearly had him in the white house.

Try /sub/the_frauke

I can't even imagine how I'd react to a daughter of mine taken from me like this. And on top of it all, she was a kind and helping person. And the effort to conceal this and protect the same cultures that perpetrate this is far more than the effort to protect German citizens. Germany is indeed a disgrace and an embarrassment.

Islamaphobic frogs!

That is so fucked. There has to be a breaking point.

She was raped by an Afghan refugee, and she works in the refugee center as was found out by her Facebook account.

It's all over the news. Just a couple of examples from mainstream media:

Jesus. No hope for these people, NO HOPE FOR THESE FUCKING PEOPLE.

We are the wave of clear-sighted common sense thought.


Uncuck the West!

It's Christmas and Reddit is about to go through its annual fits of "omfg some said merry xmas not happy holidays - fascism!" all the while calling us islamophobes because we don't want a backward ass religion running us over and stabbing us.

This year, I say we call this shit for what it is: Christianophobia. They are too afraid that a message of tolerance and love will lead to forgiveness and microagressions will be invalidated.

I mean, fuck it, left thinking is pretty much sharia at this point. The people outside of the Trump rally in San Jose are basically just sharia police. What is the difference?

You stole the first thought out of my mind. Her parents must feel really fucking stupid now. I hope they do anyways. Who the fuck knows though. They probably still think the refuges are misunderstood.

Yeah, I'm getting cynical.

This. The "white guilt" narrative that the left is trying to push is sickening. I wouldn't be surprised if "Nazi guilt" was actively promoted by liberals in Germany.

Another victim of "Islamophobia."

does the afd have a sub btw? what's a good german sub?

[CURRENT YEAR] is only [CURRENT YEAR] on the white privileged euro-centric Christian calendar, SHITLORD!!! For the under privileged islamic "refugees" it's [CURRENT YEAR]-700 or so! How dare you expect them to conform to your privileged norms when they infiltrate your country!,??,?,?!

german majority doesnt read that. there is one big news in germany called "tagesschau". a lot of people are only watching this and they didnt even mention it. its the same news that tried to hide the new year eve rape party in cologne.

idk fam i think at least one country has to go down in order for the rest to get woke. And germany / Sweden seem to be ideal for this, preferably Sweden.

don't worry, i literally found like 1 or 2 german sources reporting it, nothing else. disgusting

They only listen to brute fucking force.

Well the Polish and Germans aren't THAT different looking, at least from my last travels through their respective countries. Poland seems like the first country to be like, "Piss off we won't apologize for our skin color and we won't take Muslims...... And we love being Catholic".

Really great people, always have had a blast when I've been there.

What if I told you merkel couldn't care less about native Germans? She ONLY cares about muslims. Would you be surprised based on everything that's been shown?

A war killing the oppressive Muslims in Europe? That sounds like the most just war since the Crusades :)

You probably should have watched the Angry Birds movie instead. (I haven't seen it yet, but the plot sounds pretty based)

Dues vult my brother

Istanbul was Constantinople. Until it got over run by slobbering murdering raping barbarians. I mean culturally enriched by the Religion of PeaceTM.

I have german family, many of which are beautiful girls. Some of them are so naive I could easily see this happening to them. They think the refugees are great! They are so indoctrinated to feel guilt for ww2, that its manifested in them being the most pathetic, cucked peoples on planet (behind the swedes).

Merkel is to blame for this.

Allowing human animal filth to enter the country because of weakness.

Incredibly wrong. Read a real history book. Germany & Austria could not wait to get to war.

Please wake up my Deutsche brethren. Halt these migrants


Another white girl raped and murdered by someone who is supposed to be a "refugee".

Let me tell you, If i were a refugee in someone ELSE'S country, I wouldn't be asking for so much special treatment or disrespecting the culture.

But these swine do far more than just disrespect the culture or ask for to much special treatment, they are literally killing off and raping the people that are so kindly taking them in!!!!

This makes my blood boil. Europe had best uncuck itself before America has to invade again, but this time to save Germany, not to defeat it.

and if they did they call it "einzelfall" (isolated case)

... Did you not pick up on the sarcasm....

Centipede every time. The scorpion will sting itself to death. Seen it happen.


Many history books are wrong here. We can see history repeating to some extent.

Agree with this. One whole country has to go down. Remember the last time Islam invaded Europe, it also took a few countries lost before they reacted.

We're ready. Bring on the stinky camel jockeys.

I like it, it cuts right to the core of the problem: white German guilt.

..and then invited to the whitehouse for a medal from the not soon enough to be gone pos potus.

Great song about Istanbul how it is not Constantinople. Also, muslims destroy every famous landmark because some dead guy said to. We lost the library at Alexandria and a number of other things like the hanging gardens due to war and destructive barbarians- throughout history. Yet now, because their dead prophet said anything not of their beliefs must be destroyed. Non muslims deserve to be killed because we are lower than dogs. We've already lost enough. Thank GOD for Trump and we are winning! Europe better start getting serious about taking their own countries back from those who seek to destroy everything they are, in the name of whatever. Those that aren't them deserve to be raped and killed because those peaceful people^ read it in their handbook.

Scorpion needs grammar lessons.

"She deserved it, this is the result of the policies her parents voted for"

-some liberal asshole


This is the only sub even reporting this story at all btw. Nothing on worldnews (big surprise)

You're doing good work fam, at least someone trying to get the truth out.

German govt has a 'gentleman's agreement' with the media. Even with the small pundits. You literally only get state-approved news, otherwise you might catch onto their agenda.

Wow, that looks pretty awesome actually. Good job.

We seem to be seeing why the crusades really happened. History repeating.

You are dead on about the old NYC. Had an older guy tell me about working on the subways back then and finding decapitated heads in there and all sorts of sick shit. Now everyone thinks NYC was always this place for dreamers and artists. That peace didn't come from hugging everyone and feeling good, it came from tough enforcement.

How will he deal with the cognitive dissonance?

A) Face reality and address the real world problem

B) Further embrace cuckoldism and delusion

It's because the BND determined its fake news, no need to worry or think citizen. Big Mother Government has it all under-control.


Unexpected scorpion jihad

Come on you know the cuck answer to that.

Across every paper and new site in Germany

'Muslims fear of fallout after rape and murder'

They have victimology down to a science. And all the white guilters eat it up.

Liberals act like rape is the #1 problem in CURRENT YEAR AMERICA but literally do not care whatsoever about the actual real life rape/murder culture perpetuated by a hateful foreign ideology.


Whenever I have to explain the reason I'm against mass third world immigration, like I have to, I just say two words.

The rape.

kids sometimes the "racists" are right

The scorpion vs The centipede, who will win?