BREAKING: Dutch police shoot man shouting 'Allah Akbar' after multiple incidents. (This is not the Paris attack.)

BREAKING: Dutch police shoot man shouting 'Allah Akbar' after multiple incidents. (This is not the Paris attack.)

Since you did not provide the sauce, I looked for it myself.

LiveLeak video of it.

Apparently he brought a knife to a gun fight and lost.

I can't keep up with these attacks anymore.

(This is not the Paris attack.)


Once he got shot he really wanted to give a hawaiian hello to that snackbar.

CNN is reporting that the man shouted "God is Great"

Why can't I hold all these peaceful attacks

It's kinda funny but really sad that concurrent terrorist attacks have to be differentiated now

CNN: Breaking: white police shoot middle eastern man for praying.

Why aren't I 50 peaceful attacks ahead, you might ask?

I think the counter just broke

I now consider the phrase "Allahu Akbar" to be hate speech.

Cannot keep up. The attacks are hourly, now?

You da real MVP!^

I love how he bellows. Just like his wife, the goat.

Sure they do, we're not British.

Geez, I didnt even get a chance to reset the countdown clock from the Paris attack. They dont even give you a chance to go to the bathroom between attacks anymore.

His screams were literal music to my ears

Dutch police have guns???

Truly his motives are mysterious!


We have a MOAB bot! I think I'm in love.

Just piss standing up, only muslims and cucks sit down.

Some brave patriot has called in a MOAB strike! God Emperor Trump lays waste to your opponent! That's 1,555,200 pounds of FREEDOM dropped so far! At this rate, ISIS will be WASWAS in 15,481.2455768 days!
OOOOHHHHH YYYEEEAAA... allahu akbar muther fucker...

"Allahu Akbar" is a message of peace and love you biggot. How dare you criticize the man with the gun


Should have executed him

Do they happen to serve hot dogs at this aloha snackbar?

A "person" shouting Allah Akbar and they only shot him once, a big mistake. Could be wearing a bomb vest or god knows what else (holding a grenade).

Always shoot to kill or it could mean the lives of you and your colleagues.

but bro what about diversity


The clock is about to start going negative.

NOS: Breaking: white supremacists dressed as police shoot asian chef who self identifies as opressed victim

He's lucky he was only shot and we didn't drop a MOAB on his ass.

If I know my country some liberal judge is going to throw the cop in jail for murder.

we will never know.....

Based cellulose shoe merchant

In case you cant see the video, he absolutely shouts "Allah Akbar" at least 3 times after being shot.. and I think, he says it just as the video starts.

I'm sure "Allah Akbar" I saying that right? anyhow, I am sure it was in his language, a way of saying "this knife is stuck to my hand, I come in peace!"

We should just start buying bulk extras

Instead of challenging open borders and refugee policies or looking into radical islam, I'm sure they'll try to ban knives as well as trucks and box cutters and machetes

Those screams are like ambrosia for the ears

Diversity makes us stronger! (but only skin deep diversity, mentally everyone must be the same.)

Best thing I've seen all week.

More than one incident.

The cameraman is speaking Turkish. I believe he said

"bu oruspu çocukları ne yapıyor lan? aradan da vurdular lan? sokağın ortasında AVRUPA!!"

which means

"what are these bastards doing man? also did they just shoot him from there man? in the middle of the street EUROPE!!"

Whatever is bolded means I am 100% sure that is what was said. We need more information about this though. Since Turkish was spoken, I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually in the Netherlands, but I'm not too familiar with how police and police vehicles look in the Netherlands so I really don't know.

spez: filled in the missing word. The guy called them bastards!

Who the fuck is still voting for these policies? Jesus Christ people are dumb

People downvoting you aren't picking up on your sarcasm

What does "multiple incidents" mean?

Like we're going back to the middle ages



Alternate angle:

Things worked out OK!

Yea but they were covered in some weird Walnut Sauce

LOL, Allah certainly wasn't helping out with pain control for that whiney bitch no matter how many times he screamed for him.

Neither can the media. They ought to just set a recording on repeat saying "Not all Muslims. It's a religion of peace."


Get this bot a brick and a coat!


I don't think Allah was impressed with his jihad skills. Not gonna earn any virgins that way - not even the goats.


Oh, no. I'm talking about when Europeans are fleeing Europe because their countries have been taken over by a different culture.

The counter needs to be reconfigured to "Islamic terrorist attacks currently in progress."

LOL, yeah, but exactly how many. Was he going around stabbing people? Has he been in trouble with the law multiple times? All of the above?

While I understand your sentiments, I don't believe that's going to happen.

The terrorist will get off with free medical care and 20 hours of mandatory community service, though.

How long until there's a European refugee crisis?


The peace we have received is streets ahead Troy

And bicycle locks. That's not going to go over well in fietsland.