Breaking a glass with a megaphone

My expectation lasted exactly .5 seconds.

I feel like I didn’t even have time to expect anything

When you wait to make a move on your crush and some fucker beats you to the punch

Always such a let down when you see this sub's name and figure it out before it happens

You expected the unexpected.

Was the joke “Crush” or “make a move”?

It could actually go either way, if you think on it.

I expected a megaphone to smash into the glass... didn't expect the direction it came from though.

Reminds me of this

I feel like this is exactly what I should have expected

It's pretty expected when it's in the title not gonna lie

Deaf from above

I was so pissed for the first fue moments of the video, that one is a classic.


That's what I thought too. Then I realized it was supposed to break from the sound from the other megaphone sitting there. The gif just was too short

Eh, neither.

Then is it still unexpected?

It's a little complexted

I think the title did a good job, by setting up the expectation that the glass would break from excessive noise. The clip itself was too short to set that up. "Breaking a glass" would lead us to assume physical trauma.

I know what you mean. First time I saw it I was raging at the start.

Oh I know. They are extremely fragile little things. I have a beautiful dwarf lop rabbit. She's named Nibbler.

Oh I know. They are extremely fragile little things. I have a beautiful dwarf lop rabbit.

Rabbits can die of fright, often of heartattack


OP is a spam account/repost bot. Definitely should be reported.


Gotta love

Disclaimer: My YT is down for the day, so there’s a 20% chance this is the wrong link. Plsdunblame me!


Why'd you have to go and make things so complexted?


Always make the move. If you get rejected, take comfort in knowing that rejection does not hurt nearly as bad as the longing.

Not sure can call this unexpected when the title describes exactly what happened

That was unexpected

Hey, everyone. Please report this post. OP is a repost bot/spam account.

When hesitate to phone crush and crush with megaphone no hesitation


Tbf, I saw this on /sub/all on mobile, didn’t check the sub name, and got a good chuckle out of it because the title set up the expectation pretty good and there was a short pause before the gif started playing.

And the megaphone to the right wouldn't have been able to smash the glass anyway, to further the metaphor.

That was the most unexpected part.

Well I fucking expected it so Im super dissapointed

I can painfully relate :(

Sounds way better the way you sing it


wow that really was unexpected