Brandon Ingram throws down a reverse dunk

Brandon Ingram throws down a reverse dunk

“What’s the difference between Ingram and Travis Outlaw” - this dumb ass sub just a month ago

"Bust." /sub/nba, October 2017

Becoming what every Laker fan has been dreaming of

D’Lo - traded to Nets -> Oh Lakers gunna regret that, he a future star

DAE Travis Outlaw??

"Bust." /sub/nba, Every damn time

He's evolving

D'Lo - 2nd pick -> BUST

Ingram - 2nd pick -> BUST

Ball - 2nd pick -> BBBUST

This isn't even his final form


Finally someone is taking over where Kobe left off with the reverse dunks, nobody else on this team does that.

shooting a career low 3p% with a lingering knee issues having him out indefinitely but somehow nobody talks about that

WhAtS tHe DiFfErEnCe BeTwEeN iNgRaM aNd TrAvIs OuTlAw?


You called?

There goes my hero

Was only a matter of time after seeing him progress after the ASB last year.

Ingram is a matchup problem and keeps getting better and better going to the rim and finishing. That and a solid mid-range game has him looking pretty good right now.

Extremely far from it

I always defended Ingram, dude is a baller.


Kuzma did a nice reverse similar to this

if you succesfully defended ingram, you a big baller yourself

Out indefinitely after yet another knee injury, but no one seems to talk about that.

Was there a thread saying this lol

That was nasty, right?

And a huge ass dick. He will legitimately be the whole package

Another player that the subreddit geniuses deemed was a bust.

Grown man move

Had a Celtic fan tell me he wasn't athletic - he only appeared to because he took long strides.

Suck my 6"10 fruity laker dick

In 2 years he will be a beast if he fills in and gets his shot together. With those broad shoulders he can drive at will and with the extra weight he will have the power and with the shot, he will have the step or the shot.


He'll be like a slightly smaller Giannis who can also shoot

I too hate this sub

where are all these ingram is a bust assholes now wtf

That's a dunk we've seen some random people do...but to do it through some pretty hard head contact is seriously impressive