Boycott "Red Hen" in Lexington, VA.

Boycott "Red Hen" in Lexington, VA.

I think it's funny that her server later tweeted that (paraphrasing): "She left of her own accord. She wasn't thrown out." What do you think being told "you aren't welcome here and you should leave" is? The manager threw her out, not the staff.

Is Red Hen part of a chain? We don't have them around here so I don't know. If they are a chain, I think the higher-ups should catch some heat for the manager's actions -- even if they support her, they should hear from non-libtards that this sort of thing is unacceptable.

I think the Red Hen is gonna have a bad time for a couple of days 🤷‍♀️

She impresses me more everyday, she definitely has class in this classless society of ours.

No, Red Hen is a tiny private local restaurant rather than a chain. But there are plenty of other better, more welcoming restaurants in Lexington.

No Neo Nazi's Allowed, orRepublicans.!

I'd be honored to have a high ranking official visit my business, regardless of red or blue. It's a civics thing.

We don't boycott things, we simply find somewhere else to go.

What's with it and small businesses being allergic to money?

Idk, I left them quite the disparaging review about finding hair in their food and their ranch dressing tasting like watery sweet vinegar.

Bad publicity doesn’t help a restaurant.