Boy genius gets shut down

Boy genius gets shut down

And the number of valence electrons is not something one really calculates, so much as knows.

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-OP after being called out for not knowing how to atom

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people who identify as "high IQ"

He didn't get shut down ...

It's easy to calculate zero all the time :P

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Just look at the Periodic Table and you know it

Does anyone actually take IQ score seriously?

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That's the point of the post: there are no electrons in the nucleus. However, there are electrons around the nucleus, some of which are valence, or "outer shell" electrons. The number of valence electrons is not something which one needs to calculate.

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It has been many years since I took college chemistry, but I always assumed that valence was considered the orbit and state or electrons around a nucleus which formed a shell and allowed them to freely share those electrons with other atoms to form covalent bonds. I am not a chemist, but that was what I was the classes taught me. In addition, I think that calculating the amount of electrons in an molecule was part of the stoichiometry equation. It's been almost 20 years, but I learned this in high school and later in college. I am a dumb ass and I learned that much.

Yes, but it's about looking at the pattern of sub scale scores that really matters. Plus high IQ doesn't always correlate with ones functional and/or adaptive capabilities

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